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Powerful Testimony of Brother Brendan Flynn including a very good look at Calvinism

I’ve written this for my two daughters their husbands and my two sons to explain why I believe Calvinism is not biblical as they have been asking questions about the teachings of Calvin. I think the best way to explain why I believe this is to put it in writing with God’s word. Before I get into this, I’ll say a little about myself. My name is Brendan Flynn, I’m a born-again believer. I was brought up in a very strict Catholic family where we all went to mass, benediction, confession, received the sacraments, and everything else that went with being a devout Catholic. I’m one of twelve kids; (the third youngest) one of my brothers is a priest in Angola and one of my sisters is a nun in Canada – she was my primary school teacher before she went to Canada and became a nun. I left home when i was 19 to work in the oil industry as a welder that was March 1976. I went to Nigg Bay, north-east of Inverness. I stayed in a work camp while I worked there. It was my first time living away from ho