Take YouTuber E511 with a Grain of Salt

1936. epithesis
Strong's Concordance
epithesis: a laying on, an assault
Original Word: ἐπίθεσις, εως, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: epithesis
Phonetic Spelling: (ep-ith'-es-is)
Definition: a laying on, an assault
Usage: a laying on; an attack, assault.

I've used the following video by E511 as part of my ongoing work to expose the false teaching in the churches today about REVIVAL AWAKENING etc all part of Dominion Theology.  However, there are issues with E511 that we Saints must be made aware of.  Please read my comments to him below:

E511 : Love your material. Some of the best out there to expose this the false teaching of DOMINION THEOLOGY and this RIGHT VS LEFT PARADIGM that the church is caught up in.

I am currently using your material in my Blogs...However, sadly I will be making a disclaimer statement with your material (Please correct me if I'm misrepresenting you) as follows: Begin Quote:

"This E511 is a mid-trib believer (false belief the Rapture takes place during the middle of the tribulation) and teacher which is contrary to the word of God clearly laid out in 1 Thess 4:16,17 KJV, 2 Thess 2:3 KJV, 1 Corinthians 15:52,53, Revelation chapter 4 KJV; Revelation 12:5 KJV also found in my blog

Sadly, E511 has not read or understands Revelation Chapters 1 - 6. The SEAL JUDGEMENTS in particular. I guess he believes we will witness the AC and the unimaginable horrors of the 2 - 6 SEAL JUDGEMENTS. No wonder he is always praying for preparation. Ask why does God tell us his children we're not appointed to Wrath? Isn't SEAL Judgements 1 - 6 where a large part of the world is destroyed by war, plagues, famine and complete removal of geographical landmarks enough? God forgive you E511... Instead of preparing people for the Tribulation, teach them the deception going on like you are and to LOOK UP our redemption draws nigh, we're not appointed to wrath

Please take E511 and other teachers of his kind like Mike on all point preparedness with a grain of salt, meaning his main point in teaching Dominion Theology and opening minds to the reality of the fake Right Left Paradigm, HOWEVER, He is preparing you to get ready for the Tribulation. When you are saved by Faith through Grace you are saved and sealed. E511 wants you to be getting ready and doing works it appears." As with all bible teachers, take their teaching and compare with a King James Bible (another issue E511 has) Yes Bible Translations do matter, read:

(4) Why Bible Translations are important LINK


  1. With so much error being exposed, one's 'rapture' theology, to me, does not determine their place of reliability, in the material they present. I'm not overly concerned or committed about the timing of a 'rapture.' These issues have been debated for almost 200 years. There is a lot of, what I perceive as speculation. Your handle, 'thirdheaventraveler' causes me more concern that anyone's rapture eschatology.

    1. Thank you Unknown. No doubt that your concern over my "handle" speaks unimaginable volumes regarding your "true" condition as the quintessential fence sitter...

    2. Part 2 response to Unknown: As all fence sitters - you and your kind do not read the Bible nor understand scripture when spoon fed to you... Why is this? Let's look closely at John 8:42-47KJV... The reason you can not see the TRUTH is because you as your father Satan and your Pharisee brothers do not have the TRUTH in you. Thank you for having the courage to post your nonsense so that readers can learn how foolish and vain are those who "darken counsel by words without knowledge".

    3. I can't find anywhere else to put this that says 'reply'..Anyway: brother Andrew: Joshua, his channel is Servus Christi (you tube) has a NEW video about how the Megachurches have destroyed the visible church. I've seen LOTS of his videos, he calls MANY wolves out, and I believe this is his BEST work yet. DO check it out and it'll also give you much information for your own quest of exposing the mess that the visible church is and the wolves that are leading their flocks straight to the pits of Hell. (How that breaks my heart!) It's only about a half hour long, and WELL worth it. I've seen it twice. God bless you, and I am SO enjoying your videos! You're a blessing indeed, dear brother!

    4. Thank you, dear Meme. Yes, I know of Servus Christi on YouTube. I will check out his latest. He does an excellent job in exposing these false church operations. I really applauded his stance against John MacArthur who is very popular. The big problem I have with Servus Christi is he does not believe in the PreTribulation Rapture which is really sad because so many are led to believe the Church will go through the time of Jacob's Trouble. But nevertheless, thank you for the information. I appreciate your comment and inspiration. God bless you.

  2. Part 3 and final response to Unknown: Your lack of knowledge extends beyond Biblical understanding. Your lack of knowledge regarding historical facts is glaring: 200 years the debate regarding the Rapture? Do you realize this debate and questioning has gone on for over 2,000 years. Research Biblical Archaeology regarding the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians. In conclusion it might be good for our readers to know that a fence sitter like Mr Anonymous is a person Jesus refers to a neither HOT nor COLD... Read what happens to these:

    Revelation 3:15-16
    King James Version
    15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

    16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

    Enough time wasted here... STDOMS

    1. On this "Mid-Trib" and this "Pre-Wrath" versions of the Rapture: I recently heard that these didn't even really get going until into the 1990s. I cannot figure out how, as isn't the beginning the wrath of Christ, and the latter the Wrath of God --so that'd make this "Pre-wrath" the Pre-Tribulation in reality? (Oh Goodie, a video with Jonathan CON ahh Cahn..) I believe that it is he who spread far and wide, that 2 Chronicles 7:14 is FOR America. Makes me so cranky! Well, I'm older after all.. haha...
      God bless, brother!
      AND your name is just fine.. He should be more concerned about his Doctrine than who uses what for a user name, amen??

  3. I would like to see servus Christi look into E511 ministries, On point preparedness, and Good fight ministries, they are all tied together. Pushing against OSAS and making it clear to watch your step or you'll lose your salvation.
    Along with their outlook on the End times. Making very bold statements.

    1. Yes agree, servus Christi does a good job of exposing false teachers. Sadly, I found that servus Christi is a false teacher himself. He teaches against the PreTrib Rapture and worse he teaches a tortured, confusing yes/no/yes losing salvation and ultimately is himself a teacher against OSAS.


      And you're right, there is a group of them including on point preparedness and good fight ministries who push against OSAS.


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