The True History of the King James Bible - all modern Bible Translations are Satanic

Why I read only the King James Bible

A Lamp In The Dark  (The Vatican's struggle to stop the Bible printing in English)

All modern bible translations are garbage and full of lies and deception. Do NOT fall for these fake false books of pure filth.

Bible Translations matter:  Read more:

Modern Bible Translations are Satanic. Why The King James Version Bible is the true word of God
Understanding Bible Translations.  Why only the Textus Receptus Antioch source for Canon KJV 1611 and NOT the CORRUPT Vatican Alexandria ( Codex Vaticanus,  Sinaiticus - Septuagint - Souces for NIV, ESV, NASB, etc and other perverted modern translations version is true:

The absolute worst modern  perversion is found in this following  link here below is most deceitful and tricky.

Final Authority By Dr. William Grady

Defending the King James Version Bible only
Examples of major modern bible translation errors
Examples of modern Bible errors


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