Ecumenical Alert and Apostasy of the Acts 29 Deception!


 The other day I listened to a Catholic Radio station proclaiming the Acts 29 initiative.  Firstly, I wondered why they'd reference a scripture that was not in the bible (there are only 28 chapters in Acts).  This is clearly adding to scripture. Notwithstanding the intent of the "new church" adding a "new chapter" to the church age meaning of the Acts 29 initiative, this is both heretical by adding to scripture as well as producing something new that is NOT BIBLICAL.  The church has been established by Jesus Christ and all written and done for and by the church is written in canonized scripture.

The deeper and more sinister evil behind the ACTS 29 program is pure ECUMENICAL apostasy.

Understanding the Truth. A Lamp in the Dark

BEWARE CHRISTIAN!  Even seemingly solid Christian websites are falling for this ACTS 29 false doctrine.


  1. I’m not a fan of the Catholic Church but making a reference to acts 29 which on face value I would assume they are just continuing the what acts had started, would not in and of itself be adding to the Bible unless your being legalistic about it. If they intend to add to scripture well then they are obviously 100% wrong. There are plenty of bigger fish to fry in our world then pointing out things you disagree with that aren’t inherently wrong.


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