The Powerful Trickery of John MacArthur at Grace Community Church

 Making National News, Pastor John MacArthur makes a stand against the Governor of California's COVID19 Restrictions for church gatherings.  Please see the Video links below.


Clarification:  As an American, I fully endorse and applaud John MacArthur and his church's stand against the tyrannical reprobate Governor Newsom and his dystopian directives against the US Constitution by singling out church assemblies.  As a Christian,  I completely find today's church buildings to be completely apostate and not biblical, it is nonetheless the right of these people to gather in a peaceful assembly as guaranteed by the US Constitution.


Terms: Whenever I use the word church I’m referring to the body of Christ. Whenever John MacArthur uses the term “church” in his video and interviews he’s referring to the 501C3 Building that he runs like a corporation to make merchandise of his flock. Please read my Blogs in notes below that clarify my stance.
Also, there are literally hundreds of videos and studies exposing John MacArthur in numerous ways as a false teacher and heretic.  He as all of these false teachers of today uses a perverted Bible translation. Please see my link below regarding Bible translations.  Here's another one that is especially disturbing that exposes John's belief regarding the blood of Jesus that is completely not what is written in scripture

Here's John MacArthur's false teaching and damnable heresy on doubting salvation and eternal security 

More of John's latest unholy alliance 

Here's heretic John Mac proving himself

John MacArthur exposed for teaching that Leaven in context of Matthew 13 is the increase of the gospel spreading and the church thriving and flourishing in the end.  This is outrageous error :  

See in study of Manna - Leaven 

Here's John telling his flock to test everything and then pumps out more false teaching

The Irony of John MacArthur teaching his followers to "Judge Everything" #EndTimes (

Without a doubt, God has always used adversity to purify his church. John is using this current scourge to prove his building operation is under attack.  His entire sermon which is seasoned with false doctrine. He uses a perverted bible translation. His entire sermon is built upon "his church operation" and not on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  I will give specific examples below. If John MacArthur would tell his flock the truth he'd tell them that their beloved "church building" is under the absolute control of the government because of their 501C3 status and they must render accordingly. See Blogs in my notes below that explain.

Something very disturbing is now trending in the church (the 501C3 Apostate operations run by heretical CEOs calling themselves pastors) that the awoke church (the body of Christ) can clearly see and must address in accordance with 2 Timothy 4:2 and Titus 2:15 KJV.

Usually, whenever I run across something disturbing I will attempt to address it as soon as possible. However, this latest stunt by MacArthur had me baffled because of the complexity and depths of this particular deception here. On the surface, any true Christian would rejoice with John's stance against tyranny, but if we look at the entire picture there's great deception at work here.  In these last days, it grows more perilous. We must be sober and vigilant and awake.  Certainly, this needs to be classified as another perfect case history of the Hegelian Dialectic. Please see the Blog, Hegelian Dialectic in Notes below regarding.

Now that we may understand the reason behind this maneuver of John MacArthur, let’s look at the end game which John MacArthur is the good cop standing in the gap of the bad cop when in reality he is one of them. (See the Hegelian Dialectic Blog below.) Research for yourself he's a member of the ecumenical club. People will run to John thinking he's standing against the very system he is, in fact, a part of and will undoubtedly be instrumental in bringing the lost along with him.

Here's an update today August 14th. John has HUGE WIN in court. 2 interesting points. It's a partial win but nonetheless, John comes out as the champion against the very Beast system of which he's a part.

John MacArthur Defeats California Governor in Court, Church Can Meet, Sing, and Worship Freely (but wear masks and maintain social distancing).

Update August 15th 2020 California high court over rules lower court- upholds ban on indoor church services. We see where the battle lines have been drawn clearly which galvanize each side of this political struggle. Since the 501C3 church belongs under government control, John MacArthur and his building operation must comply. More proof that God is using the COVID 19 pandemic to drive his children out of these 501C3 apostate operations called churches.  Please read my Blogs to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of this dilemma.

  Here's the proof John MacArthur is pushing a political agenda. Telling Christians how to vote and getting phone calls from President Trump

 John MacArthur's false teaching on the mark of the beast is not damnation? Definitely sounds like someone who will lead the goats to the antichrist.!

Here are some quotes from John's sermon in opening video above listed here. My response is written in red. 

John's quote:  "We cannot expect them to understand the church, the Bible, the gospel.” 

No true Christian can understand your church operation, your bible translation, and your misguided gospel that strays far away from 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV.

John is referring to his brick and mortar 501C3 apostate operation as a church, he’s referring to his perverted Bible translation and not the King James Version Bible as the Bible, and John never truly defines the gospel but mixes in some truth of the gospel with heavy doses of the social gospel, curing the evils of this world and transforming this world (preserve and prevent corruption).

"We understand that the world does not understand the importance of the church. The world doesn’t understand that it’s not just essential, it’s the only hope of eternal life for doomed sinners. "

The church building or the church (body of Christ) is NOT the only hope for the eternal life for doomed sinners! Jesus Christ is the only hope for doomed sinners. Again here John is by craft making his church the very essence for the salvation of mankind.

"Christians believe in a holy law which provides complete freedom, a joyous freedom which is slavery to righteousness. Christians believe in a kingdom on earth with a capital in heaven. "

No John! A true Christian only believes in "Jesus Christ" as the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6 KJV) to provide complete freedom (John 8:36, Galatians 5:1 KJV) and NOT a holy law (Romans 6:14KJV).  A true Christian believes, knows the kingdom of heaven on earth will have its capital in Jerusalem during the millennial reign of Jesus Christ.  You saying our kingdom on earth with a capital in heaven is pure dominion theology at its finest. 

“We believe in a King who became a slave.” Nowhere in scripture is Jesus referred to as a slave.

" the world does not understand the importance of the church for the hope for doomed sinners." where there's hope for their spiritual lives so they may be transformed. why would they close the church where only people can be truly free from fear"."Where only hope may be found", "(where your building) "is the light on the hill". "where you must influence the world" "where you must mingle" with the world" "where salvation is confessing"

 John please show me the biblical scriptures to support these statements. Since it's obvious your flock doesn't read their Bibles, let me inform our readers that scripture is clear that Jesus Christ alone is the hope and Jesus Christ alone is where we find hope and to be free from fear and not a church building.  My Bible tells me that the light is Jesus Christ and that we never are called to influence the world but to be a living testimony.  We're not to mingle with this world. Salvation is NOT confession to faith, but by belief alone.  Read Ephesians 2:8,9 and 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. KJV.  Read how a Christian is to strive lawfully and not by your works:
 How Christians are to strive lawfully

 "where civil authority has tried to trample into God's Kingdom"   

 The civil authority has tried to trample into God's Kingdom?

"where the Roman Catholic Church refers to 'holy salt' 

More proof of your subtle Ecumenical brainwashing John. 

“If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.” Salvation comes to those who confess Jesus as Lord."

Romans 10 to confession is not written to the church. Study dispensations and why Paul made a set aside from Romans 9 through 11 for the Jews. See Blog above regarding salvation. Salvation is by faith alone through grace and not by works. 

"Paul’s prayer for us (referring to Ephesians 1) is that we would be enlightened to understand what it is to be a Christian; and what it is to be a Christian is to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord."

My Bible does not say these things John.  Why wouldn't your followers who are supposedly reading Bibles not point this out out you?

"and we feed His flock as He would feed His flock, because He does all of those things through those undershepherds He’s placed in His church.:"

Read Blog links above in light of the preponderance of evidence against your false teaching and repent for making this statement.

of Hebrews 10: “And let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds,” – that means we need to be together – “not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.” The closer you get to the end of the age, the more meaningful assembling together is. No one should forsake that. The habit of some doing that is cause for deep and profound concern. We need to encourage each other, stimulate one another to love and good deeds.

Read Blog above about Brick and Mortar operations and the dispensational teaching (Hebrews in this context is not written to the church but rather the Jews) and... proper exegesis of Hebrews Chapter 10 which does not mean you have to be sitting in a church pew. 

"The church is the only preservative in society. We have to be rubbed into the world. That is to say we have to mingle."

Show me in scripture where we have to be rubbed into the world and we know you're referring to your church and other apostate church buildings to mean the church.  

"There is no believing person who has made another person righteous by influence or example. Sooner or later the light of the truth must shine. Example alone isn’t going to change the sinner. Salt, in a sense, is negative. It retards corruption. Light is positive, it displays the truth, it delivers from corruption. So we are salt in our character, we are light in our message."

 This would have been a perfect example to say that only Jesus Christ is the LIGHT. But John has to again by craft alude to his church building as the light.   Also, where is the character of mankind liked to salt in the Bible?  


"Through all the history of God’s redemptive work in the world, civil rulers have worked against God’s people, have sought to overrule God, to abuse their sphere of power by stepping into the world of God’s kingdom and trying to take authority."

Where is this in scripture that God's Kingdom can by stepped into by man's power? 

Brick and Mortar Buildings called Churches are not Biblical

Bible Translations are important.

God is using COVID 19 to drive his children out of these 501C3 Buildings

The Hegelian Dialectic

The Return 2020 Wake Up Call


  1. My mom said a college degree won't get you thru the pearly gates. I read that Baptists get their education from Jesus not from educators. I was baptised in a Baptist church when I was a young girl 1960 or 1961.

  2. You are taking John's statements and bending them to fit a narrative to how you have decided to label him. Do you know the true intentions of his heart? How could you? I have never once thought he meant the "church building". The Bible is very clear about gathering and fellow shipping. It's like you are seeking for things to criticize and further divide Christians. That's exactly the thing our Gov't does. I wonder what your "true" motive is, jealousy, a spirit of division. I would examine myself if I was you and not worry so much about others like John.

    1. Lynne: You obviously haven't read my Blog but just picked up on me calling out his false teaching.. Go back and carefully read what I wrote. next: Read carefully these scriptures: Titus Chapters 1 and 2 KJV, 2 Timothy Chapter 4; Leviticus 17:11 and Hebrews 9:22 KJV.
      The reason
      you fail to see the truth and blindly follow a false teacher is you do not possess the truth within you otherwise you'd see the truth and understand. Read John 8:42-47 KJV And read John 10... The Pharisees had the same problem you and your kind experience. Next, you need a Grammar lesson. Since you obviously don't read your Bible,, you also never learned proper English. We use Was in the first person singular (I) and the third person singular (he, she, it). Were is used in the second person singular and plural (you, your, yours) and first and third person plural (we, they). Therefore you need to write: "If I WERE YOU... not "If I WAS YOU". This is especially important when you're writing in hypothetical situations, if I were... is the only correct choice...


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