Save Our Churches! The Perfect Example of Hegelian Dialectic

 What is the Hegelian Dialectic? — Steemit
 note: the word synthetic in logic means:
having truth or falsity determinable by recourse to experience

 A few weeks ago I blogged about how God is using the CV19 Pandemic to drive people out of the Brick and Mortar Buildings.  See Blog here:

For more background please read Blog about why I as a Christian do not "go to church":

Today I found the following plea from Liberty Council to issue an Emergency Injuction against IL Gov J.B. Pritzker to prevent politicians from bulldozing the churches and further draconian actions against God's faithful.  Please see letter addressed to me in notes below.

I take 3 major exceptions to Liberty Council's letter:

1.  Liberty Council is either completely oblivious or willfully ignorant or my bet completely complicit with the sham of falsehood that politicians are violating the 1st Amendment of parishioners who attend a 501C3 church building.  Please read Blog above on why I don't "go to church" to understand that the US Government placed churches under the complete control of the government with their tax free 501C3 non profit operation and therefore a church building is not under the control of the body of Christ but rather the US Government. Anyone who's even half awake can see this is beyond a 1st Amendment issue.  

If for some unimaginable reason someone can't believe this, it was only a few days ago that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of California's laws to shut down churches. Link:   And for those who don't understand American Government, the primary responsibility of the Supreme Court is to interpret the law, to define, defend and uphold the American Constitution.   

2. The purpose of the Hegelian Dialectic in context to this issue is "driving people hard back into the 501C3 Brick and Mortar Beast System which is ultimately building the kingdom of the Antichrist.  See Blog above on why I don't "go to church" for a detailed explanation. And let's add in here the old adage "never let a good crisis go to waste" -> Liberty Council is also doing a huge "funding campaign drive". SHOW ME YOUR MONEY!!! Let's make merchandise of low informed non bible reading sheeple.

3.  Liberty Council asks me to pray - quote:
"Please pray the Supreme Court will deliver our churches from persecution!"

Why would I as a born again Christian pray for something that is far from God's will?
firstly:  God couldn't care less about the apostate 501C3 brick and mortar buildings that are operated by reprobate CEOs trained in heretical seminaries who call themselves "pastors".   secondly: I believe God wants his children out of these false operations. thirdly: My Bible never tells me to pray against God's will. God never promised that the body of Jesus Christ, his true church (not a building) would be delivered from persecution, but rather we the body of Christ  will go through persecution. Romans 8:18KJV , Romans 8:35KJV ,   2 Corinthians 1:3-4KJV,   Romans 12:12KJV,  John 16:33KJV, etc...

  It's time to wake up Christian.  Come out from among them.  

Letter to me from Liberty Council

Yesterday, Liberty Counsel asked the U.S. Supreme Court to issue an Emergency Injunction against IL Gov. J.B. Pritzker to prevent the politicians from bulldozing the churches we represent or taking any further draconian actions against God's faithful.

The Supreme Court has ordered Gov. Pritzker to respond by 8 pm tonight.  Please pray the Supreme Court will deliver our churches from persecution!
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It's hard to recognize our country these days. Every week brings new reports of abuses against houses of worship led by elected politicians sworn to uphold, not destroy, the U.S. Constitution.  And make no mistake, any politician trying to impose their will upon churches is in direct violation of the First Amendment.

Saturday, the City of Chicago sent a formal warning to Elim Romanian Pentecostal and Logos Baptist Ministries declaring them to be a "public nuisance" for violating the governor's 10-person limit imposed on churches. The letter threatened "Summary Abatement," which in Illinois law includes destruction of the buildings.

The letter declared, "I have the power and duty" and "I am authorized to seek to enjoin such nuisance" and "I am exercising my authority to order the abatement of the public nuisance" including "Summary Abatement."

There is nothing wrong with the buildings. These thugs are opposed to the churches! Yet, Gov. Pritzker considers abortion clinics, liquors stores and scores of other non-religious gatherings to be "essential." But churches are last on his list for re-opening - at least 12 to 18 months out.
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The city first blocked off nine blocks of parking in the neighborhood and towed their cars, forcing the neighbors who didn't have their cars towed to walk for blocks in the freezing rain. But the churches do not use street parking. So, at least three police cars blocked the entrances to their private parking lots. Then the police charged the pastors with "Disorderly Conduct" for holding church. Now they are threatening to bulldoze their buildings.

The letter sent to the Romanian churches over the weekend is breathtaking! To declare these churches to be a 'public nuisance' for holding a service of more than ten people is reminiscent of Communist Romania, and not America. Our Romanian pastors are familiar with these heavy-handed government tactics but never imagined they would experience the same in the Land of the Free.

The Supreme Court has written that at a minimum, the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment requires that neither the state nor the federal government may force anyone "to remain away from church against his will." But Gov. Pritzker apparently views himself above the law of the Constitution, so Liberty Counsel is asking the Supreme Court to stop him.

We need your help...

Liberty Counsel has several federal lawsuits protecting churches in Kentucky, Virginia, Maine and Illinois from abusive anti-Christian, anti-Constitution governors. Additionally, we are working with thousands of pastors and churches around the country seeking help in defending their churches and parishioners from other local and state tyrants. Our attorneys and staff are working around the clock on these cases, each of which is designed to protect your freedom.
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Our budgets are stretched thin from our continuing fight defending "Baby Parts for Sale" whistleblower Sandra Merritt from Planned Parenthood, as well as all of our other, ongoing legal battles defending nativity scenes on the public square, the right to life and the right to observe family values.

We need your generous financial help more than ever.

The freedom for which we fight is yours!

Please, give generously today. Select here.

In Christ,
Mat Staver,
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


  1. I agree whole heartily with you! This is the same mentality of Constantine, and how he brought government and religion together to stop persecution! Bring them all under the same "umbrella"!
    There is not one verse which informs us that Persecution will stop and needs too!
    The Anti-Christ system is just the opposite of scripture!
    But we have experienced persecution from so-called believers brother Andrew, it is truly those who follow after a religious belief system that will hate the One True Narrow way of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
    Praise the Lord for this truth!


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