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Russia Looking Hard At Israel's Abundant Natural Resources

This information obtained from Calvary Prophecy  this refers to end times Bible prophecy as written in Ezekiel 38, whereby Russia will have a "hook in her jaw" meaning seeing something they absolutely can not resist from attacking and plundering Israel. But thank God,  Russia and her EVIL alliance will be destroyed.   Please see Terry (Calvary Prophecy's author) comments below: Israeli energy revolution begins with first gas on stream The first gas from Israel's offshore Tamar gas field was piped 90 km to the Ashdod power station Saturday, enabling the big facility's conversion to the use of domestically produced energy. More of the country's largest electricity and industrial plants will be connected to the Tamar gas rig in the course of the year. DEBKAfile: The impending exploitation of big Israel offshore gas and oil fields, including the giant Leviathan well, takes the Israeli economy into a new era and transforms its s

Bride of Jesus Christ- Make Yourself Ready!: The Meaning of the Parable of the Ten Virgins – So...

Bride of Jesus Christ- Make Yourself Ready!: The Meaning of the Parable of the Ten Virgins – So... : The Book of Matthew chapters 24 and 25 are an extensive prophetic teaching on the end times by Jesus Christ. The parable of the ten vi...

Israel now stands alone; Obama's visit, Bible prophecy

Image God told us thousands of years ago in the Bible that Israel would one day stand alone before all of her enemies. Ezekiel 38; Psalms 83; Zechariah 12;  has said exactly as God said it would be; Israel would be standing alone.  After Obama's historic visit to Israel, these prophecies have been fulfilled.  This is very significant. For Israel's enemies:  They will be destroyed. For Israel:  Soon they will go through God's Judgement (the time of Jacob's trouble, aka Day of The Lord, aka The Tribulation,  to bring them back to their Messiah, Jesus Christ. For the Christians, the true believers and followers of Jesus Christ, the very soon Rapture to go home with Jesus during the tribulation. For unbelievers and false Christians: The time of the tribulation.  They will have 1 more chance to accept Jesus Christ or they will accept the mark of the beast 666, follow the antichrist and be doomed forever to the lake o

Best Good Friday Lesson I've ever read

The Omega Letter Intelligence Digest Vol: 138 Issue: 29 - Friday, March 29, 2013 What's So Good About ''Good Friday''?   According to Christian tradition, the Friday before Easter is called ''Good Friday'' because it is the day that Jesus Christ was crucified. GOOD Friday? The Crucifixion most probably did not actually take place on a Friday, anyway. The Scriptures make reference only to the 'Sabbath' and there were two Sabbath days during that particular Passover week. But it is on Friday that the world remembers, whether it wants to or not, that a Man was crucified on a hill called Golgotha outside the walls of Jerusalem for the sins of mankind. If the world wants to remember it as a Friday, at least it is taking note of the event. Arguing about whether or not it actually took place on Wednesday or Thursday seems irrelevant to the central point. Particularly in light of the way it remembers that day, as "Good" Friday. But

To The Enemies of Israel

To the Enemies of Israel: 1 Samuel 17:44-54: And the Philistine said to David,   "Come here," he said, "and I'll give your flesh to the birds of the air  and the beasts of the field! " 45  David said to the Philistine, " You come against me with sword and spear and javelin,  but I come against you in the name  of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.   46   This day the LORD will hand  you over to me, and I'll strike you down and cut off your head. Today I will give the carcasses  of the Philistine army to the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth, and the whole world  will know that there is a God in Israel.   47  All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword  or spear that the LORD saves;  for the battle  is the LORD's, and he will give all of you into our hands."  48  As the Philistine moved closer to attack him, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him.  49  R

Justice and Judgement; God is perfect and just, therefore...

     Something for serious consideration.  Today in the false churches we're overwhelmed with all about how loving and good and kind God is. This is all true, HOWEVER, what is not taught is the flip side to this coin.  God is first and foremost a God of "justice and judgement"  Genesis 18:19; Psalm 89:14. Knowing this, please understand that if you are not covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, I mean saved by repenting of your sins and asking Jesus to be your savior (John 3:16), you are going to fall under the terrible and swift and eternal judgement of God. Here's something else to ponder: An excerpt Pastor Francis Riley:  ....(some)  totally ignore the Biblical truth that God is first and foremost a God of “justice and judgment,” Genesis 18:19; Psalm 89:14.   By this I mean that everything God has done since the beginning, everything He is doing today, and everything He is going to do in the future, has been done and is carried out according to “

The Holy Spirit...Let's get it right! By Pastor Riley

The Holy Spirit….. Let’s get it right!                                                                                                                                               By Pastor F. M. Riley                                                                                                                                March 25, 2013      The words of the Lord God Himself to His church,      “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.      Howbeit, when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth : for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to come.      He shall glorify Me: for He shall receive of Mine, and shall show it unto you.      All things that the Father hath are Mine: therefore said I, that He shall take of Mine, and shall show it unto you.”