The Awesome Way God Taught me To Come Out Of The World

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Why does God demand His Children to Be Separate From This World?  Because God is Holy and throughout the entire Bible He demands his children to come out from among them. 2 Corinthians 6:17 .
(Note: I'm not advocating moving into a cave to be a hermit, Jesus prayed that we not be taken out of the world, but NOT OF THE WORLD.  John 17:15,16.)

Any good Christian knows about those 200 versus.  We are little lambs who need our great Shepherd and we follow him.  Sometimes we run a muck and  we have to be nudged or worse, body slammed, when we are getting out of line.  In Life there are Wolves and there are Lambs.  When we fall prey to wolves, trust me our Lord steps in at certain points with nudges to our heart strings or by allowing us to suffer the consequences.. If we continue, then stand by, he will spank us, Hebrews 12:11

About two years ago I found myself  in the midst of  promising immense financial possibilities and dizzying power.  I kept telling myself that I'd stash cash away for God's work to do the many wonderful things God had placed on my heart like founding a single mother's support line so mother's won't abort their babies or commit suicide in this Asian culture of hiding shame at whatever cost.  So I continued working with these business people. (Note: I'm not saying money is evil. It is the love of money and seeking it at whatever means or outside of God's will is what's evil.) 

Although I know God allowed this time for several reasons like being a witness to these pagans and heathens etc, and for me to learn things unable to discuss here, but in reality I kept fooling myself into thinking I could work with these people.  As time progressed things got more and more uncomfortable for both them and me. It became a continual battle. By this time I knew my days were numbered before I'd be asked to leave or I would resign.

Then one day while sitting at my desk the Holy Spirit clearly (in that still small, quiet voice) told my heart (inner spirit man) that I'd soon be fired and to prepare for this.  I was fearful at first because I needed the money and secretly the devil had snared my heart, becoming addicted to the power, prestige, and the wealth that I saw on the horizon.  What is horrible looking back was that little by little I had started compromising more and more of my values along the way.

A month later almost exactly to the day, I had a bad argument with one of the businessmen and that night I couldn't sleep. At about five o'clock in the morning I finally got out of bed and as I was trying to get my bearings in the dark room, I was hit with a powerful vision (a mental image with the words)  "I (God) am separating My Sheep from the Goats"  I am and will ultimately do this."  Then over and over again I kept hearing mental thoughts of "SHEEP and GOATS".  This continued for a few hours.  

As my morning progressed I was drinking my coffee and reading scripture and decided for my morning devotion to watch a video my sister in Christ had sent me.  I turned on the video at about 8 AM and the first words out of this pastor's mouth were:  "You listen to me. God is separating His Sheep from the Goats."  I almost dropped my coffee cup.  I listened to the entire hour long sermon and tears flowed for sure as this great man of God plainly laid out how nasty and unrighteous goats are and sheep need to follow their shepherd and not hang out with goats.

The same day at exactly 1555; I looked at my cell phone time because my wife walked into the living room and asked me why I was so emotional about the video I had watched earlier in the morning.  I hadn't noticed she noticed.   I told her all about it. She was concerned when I told her I had to separate because of the financial security.  I hadn't at that time noticed numbers although I knew numbers were important to God. (note: I'm not promoting numerology which is a sin;  Biblical numerology can be found on: )   But the Holy Spirit told me to "Mark the Time" and to "Note the Time" i.e. the numbers 555.   I did.

Later in the day at around 2000 hrs I got a call from the director, telling me there was a late meeting and for me to come and meet with a group of people in a 5 star hotel lounge.  When I got there, I was repulsed to find myself sitting with a group of men who were talking of grotesque and explicit sexual perversion. Mind you there were families sitting within earshot from our table.  The man on my right was smoking and set down his cigarette lighter on the coffee table next to me.  I looked down and the cigarette lighter was white in color with large black numbers 555 on it.  I was stunned.  I couldn't get home soon enough to to research the significance of the number 5.   I did and found that 5 is basically representation of God's Grace and Redemption.  A number repeated 3 X signifies great importance.

A few months later, I was fired for completely crazy reasons. As I sat down at first bewildered and confused the Holy Spirit directed me to lift up my head and praise God for my redemption and for delivering me from the jaws of the Lion.   I went through the motions, but in truth I was devastated and even tried to reason with some people to get them to change their heart.   (Imagine this, the horror of how low we will stoop and how blind we become and the power of money and the lures of this world).  I was treated badly and told to remove all my belongings from the office and turn in my key. 

This couldn't have happened at a worse time. My wife was having a baby. We had incurred debt, pinning hopes on money coming in from the venture.  Although I receive a retirement it doesn't go far if we're not extremely frugal.  We were living in a small apartment that was infested with rats and mosquitoes and had no AC.  In Vietnam this can very unpleasant.  I prayed and prayed. And the only thing God kept telling me was don't worry, my grace is sufficient.

Less than a month later, exactly May 5, 2012 (555) ) I was asked to come back, they figured they probably needed me, but by then the Holy Spirit had taught me enough and I had been weaned off the tit of the world to a great extent and refused. I didn't realize the date until I sat down and drafted an official resignation letter and dated it (fifth month, fifth day and 2012 = 2+0+1+2=5 = 5 5 5).  

During the very hot summer I came down with Typhoid Fever and my wife and I and the newborn baby were really struggling.  The baby had heat rashes and couldn't sleep in the sweltering heat.  I cried out to God over and over again.  I had also burned some bridges in other work related ventures.  Finally, thank God we were able to move after one year in that place.  I've gotten teaching work again. Thank God.

Today is Eleven months, Six days (336 days = 12 (Governmental Perfection) ) after the day I was fired.  I was cleaning the floor and started thinking about the events of this past year and felt twinges of anger about how treacherously I was dealt with.  At this point The Holy Spirit told me that every single time I yearn for the world I would feel anger. When I truly let go and let God I will feel great joy to be apart from it.

When I sat down to do my morning bible study. I came to Ezekiel 42:20 :  "He measured it by the four sides: it had a wall round about, five hundred reeds long, and five hundred broad, to make a separation between the sanctuary and the profane place."

The Holy Spirit quickened me to study this verse.  5 is used to MAKE SEPARATION BETWEEN HOLINESS AND THE PROFANE PLACE.  5 is God's grace that allows us to be separated.  4 x used means God's Character.  Lesson here: It is God's very nature to be Holy and to make his children holy and he will separate them by his great grace and redemption by the power of JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savior AMEN.

Praise God!  Hallelujah!  Please dear one, give your heart to Jesus and when he takes you through times of testing and correction, ask him to give you his GRACE to sustain you.  He is getting us, His bride ready for the wedding.. THE GREAT WEDDING, THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB Revelation 19:



  1. Thank you Sarah. Praise God, yes I believe I really had the opportunity by God's great grace to get a front row seat and experience how God works in the lives of his saints, to lead them, guide them, teach them. Our Shepherd, Lord, Master, Savior The Lord Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith is the Chief Stone. Praise God!!!


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