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The Last Call

                         The Last Call AT Midnight, The Bridegroom Will Step out of Glory!! AT the sound of the LAST TRUMP    And it will sound!!!     LAST TRUMP  .      MUSIC   Purpose To lay out evidence along with scripture to show we are in the very last hours of this age. The age of Grace. And Scripture showing those who have repented and sought Jesus will Vanish. This Blog was laid on our hearts to complete now.  The calls and pleas of The Watchmen have been made over these past few years in earnest all over the internet. And just as the doors closed to the ark, and it started to rain, The Rapture of the true followers of Jesus Christ will soon happen and The Time of Tribulation will begin.                                                   DEATH SENTENCE Note: No yardstick to sin. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) Gateway to Hell  Picture     JESUS Said Hell Is Real

Taking The Unjust Steward in Luke 16:1-9 Literally for our instruction

Most commentary I've ever read about  Luke 16:1-9 are false as they teach this to be an allegory.  Just as The Rich Man and Lazarus was an actual account of 2 real people, a  real story. (link on Lazarus was not a parable click here:  LAZARUS ) , so is the unjust steward an actual story that gives instruction to the Jews in the soon coming tribulation and a practice application to the church (body of Christ not to be confused with a 501c3 brick and mortar building) The actual literal applications for the Jews and some interesting insight  are described in the link below: Link Now to our understanding and practical use as Christians.  I was always taught from Sunday school through adulthood that the love of money is evil which is absolutely correct.  But what happened was the proverbial baby has been thrown out with the bath water. If we carefully read Luke 16 account of the unjust steward, we can see where the church age must learn to USE   the world's systems to acc

Our Planet Earth is a sphere, a 3 dimensional globe. please stop this flat earth nonsense

Like all educated people on planet earth. I'm tired of hearing all this flat earth or we are dirt on water nonsense. To all FLAT EARTH believers: I ask you to please take the time and email me with the following information. I am doing an independent study and working with people to evaluate the social, economic, educational background and psychological profile of flat earth believers. Would you please email me: vietrandy@  with the following information: Please tell me in all honesty your highest level of education. Please be honest. Also, when you were in school did you struggle with math and science? If I may ask, what grades did you get in math and science? I would be especially interested to know if you were bullied at school and picked on by students and even teachers for your academic performance. I am compiling a study of flat earthers and it's really disturbing to see a trend here where recently I had a long talk with a flat earther as part of my study, and