Sign of The Antichrist. This is video Trump showed Kim Jong Un

When They say Peace and Safety,  then sudden destruction comes... 1 Thessalonians 5:3

This meeting between Trump and Kim is extremely Prophetic.  Trump supposedly showed this video to Kim


Please note the 3 important elements of the Antichrist in this video.

1. In the beginning are the points of light. This is connected to Former President  HR BUSH New World Order and the Luciferion Light to the Antichrist.  See Link related to movie let there be light.


2.  Note  Time 2:40 in the White House video above which is The White Horse of The Antichrist 1st Seal of Revelation chapter 6 verse 2.

3. Note Time 3:31 skiers wearing 4 and 5 for 45 President. Time 3:32 Trump wearing the illumaniti Black and White.  Time 0:57  Trump flashing The Vesica Piscis Occult Sign 666 of the Antichrist before bringing his hand up.

Here is a clear image of Trump using the Antichrist sign in this video in time 7:25: LINK

Even so come Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen!



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