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Pre Tribulation Rapture a self evident promise

THE PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE A SELF-EVIDENT PROMISE TABLE OF CONTENTS (QUICK LINKS) I.  Introduction II.  Israel's role:  keys to understanding prophecy and world history Rapture: 1.  Clarifying the confusion of Matthew 24:29-31 and Mark 13:24-27 2.  Clarifying the confusion of Matthew 24:9-13 3.  Clarifying the confusion of Acts 3:21 4.  Clarifying the confusion of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 5.  Clarifying the confusion of the teaching of the rapture before the Reformation 6.  Clarifying the confusion of the word "rapture" being found in the Bible III.  Conclusion __________________________________________________________________________ Introduction Bible prophecy is not a prediction of the future, rather a promise about the future.   The Bible contains hundreds of specific prophecies that have been fulfilled in specific ways, all with 100% accuracy.  There is no denying that truth.  Prophecies of Jesus Christ, Israel and world empires a

Rapture Watch 2015

Something very important to consider folks! The date "Nisan 10" ( biblical name - Abib 10 ) was the day that Israel crossed the Jordan river and entered into the land of promise and blessing.  It was also the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey fulfilling the prophecy of Zech. 9:9.  And I am sure if you reasearch this date online on "This day in Jewish history" you will find more things associated with this date. Now, I went to an online date calculator and I went from March 31rst, 2015 ( Nisan 11  ) to September 10th / First Tishri 5779 in 2018 and it is a whopping 1260 days exactly.  This span of time could be associated with the first half of the tribulation period ( ? ), and it would make the date of Monday September 10th, 2018 , the Jewish day and date of First Tishri / Rosh HaShanah/ Feast of trumpets" fall right in the EXACT MIDDLE of the tribulation period.  Remember that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a do

The Political Reality of Israel

Analysis by STRATFOR The Israelis have held another election and the outcome is what is expected. No one has the ability to form a government without building a coalition, any coalition will require the inclusion of some parties opposed to the core policies of the main winner, and therefore the prime activity of the Israeli prime minister will be to pamper his coalition partners, the smallest parties as much as the biggest. The Israelis have created the situation that the French had before and after World War II. It was called "immobilisme": systemic paralysis. There is no doubt that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes in his policies, but if he did not, or if he wanted to modify them, it would be difficult to maintain his coalition. Similarly, were his challenger, Isaac Herzog, able to form a government, he would be as dependent on smaller parties, and to

Time has run out

TIME HAS RUN OUT; Imminent Rapture. Those left behind await unimaginable terror. Find Jesus now. John 3:16 Vision:

The book of Acts and Joel's Prophecy

By Tom Gaston                       The Book of Acts and Joel's prophecy                                       "A closer look at Joel's prophecy"                                                         Was Joel's prophecy fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost?  And is the lunar eclipse on April 4, 1015 the fulfillment of Joel's prophecy? ( Attention:  If any you want to skip my commentary here on Acts ( and read it later ), then you can scroll down to the title "Joel's prophecy" which is about 3/4's of the way down ). Acts 2:12.13 ....."And they continued in amazement and great perplexity, saying to one another, "What does this mean?"  But others were were mocking and saying, "They are full of sweet wine."    Those devout Jews who were living in Jerusalem from "every nation under heaven" witnessed one of the most incredible divine phenomenons ever displayed in their time. They heard the