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Thank you. Please know that I used to follow Bryan Denlinger's teaching (mostly retreaded Ruckman (who believes life does not begin at conception among many heresies) and believe me 90% of what Denlinger puts out there is 100% solid Biblical Truth. And that's the problem and what makes the perfect wolf and false teacher... Please see my 50 year testimony on attending church and why I no longer go to church and how today's churches are building the kingdom of the antichrist. I really like Denlinger's solid KJV studies, supporting why church buildings are pagan etc. which is what led to me Denlinger's club house.... Also his PreTrib Rapture studies, his Dispensation teaching, and most of his Godhead teaching... HOWEVER... 1. The grave problem is the remaining 10% he spouts is pure heresy, lies, and deceit. Most egregious is Denglinger stands in judgement of Galatians 1:9 because he has added to scripture namely Eternal Security and Salvation plus works (Lordship Salvation). Inheriting the Kingdom is not the same as entering the kingdom: inherit = BEMA and reigning with Christ, enter = salvation...

Please see

Also please see my link below - exposing Bryan Denlinger - where he has been caught lying about eternal security and salvation and adding to scripture...

2nd: he is a charlatan making merchandise of his sheeple his copyrighted exposed PATREON accounts.

3. he is a weak Ahab and hypocrite over and over again for example teaching women should not teach and then allowing his JEZEBEL wife loose on the internet to teach on witchcraft.

4. Denlinger is a racist, and a liar teaching that if an interracial "married couple"is committing fornication and Denlinger's wife says that this union will be cursed and have unnatural child birth , etc. etc. see my Denlinger misuses scripture to promote racism

5: He has been exposed with a preponderance of evidence that he is a cult leader if you carefully study his activity with the BITE Cult model.

6. As an example of his craft in double bind and double talk, I agree with 95% of Denlinger's GODHEAD vs TRINITY teaching. Amen!!! However, when you very carefully listen to this teaching, watch what he says at the very end.... " At the end of this age (Revelation 22) The Godhead, Father (soul), Son (body), Spirit (Holy Spirit) will all come together and be one again. What? He is now crafting this to match 3 separate identities that resembles the pagan trinity of 3 separate persons. Please see my study on the Biblical Godhead vs the pagan concepts of Trinity and Modalism

I honestly don't know whether Denlinger did this by purpose of his craft or if he honestly made a mistake. 7. Denlinger is a hypocrite to the nth degree. Please see where he breaks the rules on proper dispensational truth, misapplies the context of, rightfully accuses the pharisees of not in need of a physician and then openly indicts himself as a pharisee

9. Denlinger is using Decisional Regeneration and the same tactics that all cult leaders use:
Here is more detailed information that exposes Bryan Denlinger as a ravenous wolf looking for sheep:

May all who read this continue in being good Bereans... To God be the Glory Forever, Amen! Maranatha!!!


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