Please Jesus Protect me from your followers.

Please Jesus protect me from your followers.

Don't know where they found this, but it is sooo true.   In the past 10 years I've endured more headaches, problems, persecutions, insults, ridicule, harassment and even threats from so called "good Christians".

I did a previous Blog titled:  "The Anointing is Under Attack>"   Please check it out for details. But in short, in short period of time I was getting hit from all sides by spiritual attacks. The Holy Spirit kept refreshing me with scriptures like, "The weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but...   and We fight not against flesh and blood, but... and it kept on going for a season until I came upon a new set of challenges and trials.

Please know and understand that we as the true believers, the remnant, the true bride of Christ are anxiously awaiting our Lord Jesus to come and take us home. Meanwhile we occupy until this day knowing we are in this world but NOT OF it.   The heathen mostly abuse us and we expect this, but the attack that hurts most is from our brethren.  No wonder Jesus said, "your enemies will be those of your own household, and I came not to bring peace but a sword....  

How do we get through this?  By God's great grace which means his blessings that come in a multitude of ways.  Whatever mountain that stands before you, just cry and shout to the top of your lungs, GRACE, GRACE, GRACE unto you, (Who are you, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain: and he shall bring forth its headstone with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it. Zech 4:7)
By the blood of my risen Lord Jesus Christ I am more than a conqueror. (Romans 8:37)  Amen.


  1. Isn't that the truth Randy! Because of attacks from other Christians I have learned to just keep my mouth shut when it comes to offering correction to others. Unless the Holy Spirit leads me to say something, I do not debate with other Christians. Many of them are so convinced that they are right and you are wrong that nothing I could say could change their mind anyway. I guess it boils down to this, Christians need to be led by the Spirit of God and not their flesh and we need to stop being the Holy Ghost for everyone else.
    In Christ, Sarah

  2. Amen, Sarah. I know, you for one have had more than a fair share of criticism and mean attacks. I agree with you. If a Christian is not led by the Spirit of God and they're in their flesh then, what else should we expect... and Wow! so true... glad you made this point that we should STOP being the Holy Ghost and let God be God... Thank you sister. God bless you.


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