Are God's 7 Feasts ONLY for the Jews?

As a watcher, waiting for our Lord Jesus, I've been overzealous, overanxious and thrilled waiting for each and any possible sign of our Lord calling us home.  But recently,  I am keeping an open mind and heart while Dr. Jimmy DeYoung , Prophecy Today, and others like Dr. Ice, who believe that the Rapture is NOT linked to Feast of Trumpets and that if we really study scripture carefully, we realize that the Rapture will happen at any moment.  Pre Tribulation Rapture...

Question:  Are The Feasts of God given to the Jews.  Repeat:  The Feasts Belong to God no question, but is God using these convocations (rehearsals)  of His Feasts, to teach the Jews?  

I wasn't  sure.. Of course we clearly see the fulfilling of the 4 spring feasts directly fulfilled by Jesus which of course affects the church (death and resurrection and the church age of pentacost), but is this a sign for the Jews?   Especially now looking carefully at the remaining 3 unfilled feasts, specifically the Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah which many, including myself believed was directly linked to the Rapture.  I personally believe there's compelling bible evidence that shows the Feast of Trumpets is linked directly to the Rapture.  HOWEVER,.....since 2011 *which was a very high rapture watch year* passed and then 2012, has come and gone,  I must ask the question.

 Also, it has dawned on me that if we only wait every year for Rosh Hashanah to be "Rapture Ready"  then we are clearly not listening to scripture that clearly tells us to be ready and watch.  (quote:  "Christ,upon instructing His disciples on how citizens of the kingdom should conduct themselves after His departure until His return, counseled a posture of"readiness," "alertness," "waiting and watching," faithfully engaged in performing the tasks He left His followers to do (Matt. 24:45-47; Luke12:35-40; Mark 13:33-37). While itis true that these passages from the Gospels refer to the coming of the Messianic Kingdom at the second coming following the Tribulation, it appearsthat the posture of readiness, alertness, watching, and waiting is also Christ's will for His church as commanded in the Epistles. Nowhere is there even a hint that signs will relate to the rapture." Dr. Ice in articles.)

I don't apologize for getting too excited waiting with great anticipation for our Lord, BUT I do apologize if I've misled some into thinking I'm a date setter and that Rosh Hashana is a for sure Date. Please forgive me, and may God forgive me.  God bless you.

NOTWITHSTANDING..... PLEASE KNOW THIS Bottom line:  We Must Be ready, be vigilant, Time has run out.  Jesus will truly come and take his people home.  It could literally happen at any second.  Don't be left behind.


  1. Thank you Sarah for taking the time to explain this. I will check this out. I understand how we're grafted into the branch of Abraham etc, but also, I understand that the 7 year tribulation is the time of "Jacob's trouble" a time for God to deal with the Jews until they finally open their eyes to the Jesus as their Messiah. Amen. But I know you've done so much research on this. God bless you.

    1. I understand what you're saying Sarah. I will check out the video.


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