Why is Joel Rosenberg Peddling the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement? #EndTimes

Prophetic End Times 

The Judas Goat waiting for the Sheep to follow him to the slaughter -
these sheep are not the sheep that belong to Jesus Christ.

Reader make no mistake we're watching a major end times prophetic event build before our very eyes. 

The Abraham Accords Peace Agreement  is a part of the ever ongoing - elusive PEACE PLAN that Israel yearns for and falls into as the COVENANT WITH DEATH Isaiah 28:18 KJV . The same which will be signed and later broken by the AntiChrist during the 7 year Tribulation. Daniel Chapter 9 verse 27 KJV . 

There is false teaching out there claiming that the "he" in Daniel 9:27 KJV is Jesus Christ.  This is absolutely false.  The "he" is the AntiChrist.  Please read:

 This ongoing Abraham Accord Peace Plan has words clearly spoken of in the end times prophetic warning of 1 Thessalonians 5:3 KJV .." For when they shall say, PEACE AND SAFETY; then sudden destruction cometh upon them...  

Language directly taken from the Abraham Accords: PEACE & STABILITY (SAFETY/SECURITY).

 Note: The Peace the word stability is see synonyms for safety and Security and is directly written as 1. stability meaning secure  in the G803 Strong's  Thayer Definition of the Greek word:  άσφαλτο   asphaleia.  Also note that stability and security are words used in perverted language Bibles.

True Christians realize the PEACE AGREEMENT is NOT a good thing.  Not a good - end result for Israel and there will BE NO Permanent true peace in this world for Israel and it will not be until Jesus Christ comes in the 2nd Advent after the time of Jacob's Trouble - The Tribulation will true everlasting peace come.

Therefore we can see clearly who Joel Rosenberg is.    If you see my previous Blogs exposing Joel Rosenberg in multiple documented reports you will see that this all part of his NWO compliant plan and the continual peddling of this wicked agreement - while seeming so good and pure and noble on the surface - gives more proof Joel is a wolf in sheep's clothing and more accurately A JUDAS GOAT.  See all previous Blogs I've written on Joel Rosenberg in notes below.

Why is Joel Rosenberg pumping this Abraham Accord so hard? Read his latest exclusive article promoting the Abraham Accords promotion in new movie

EXCLUSIVE: Why did Amb. David Friedman, a modern Orthodox Jew, choose the Trinity Broadcasting Network to co-produce a ground-breaking series on the Abraham Accords?

By Joel Rosenberg 14 November 2021

Beginning with a quote by Rosenberg 

That said, what I love is that you really inject – and unashamedly – is that there is a biblical narrative that is important here, not just a geopolitical narrative.   Read full article in Link.  Instead of critiquing line by line of this article, I simply enclose this as an overall warning of what's going on here.  Note: Of course there are direct true biblical connections to what this article expresses, however, this article proves God's sense of humor - read Psalms 2 - in the irony of this is paying in directly to the AntiChist and the soon coming Time of Jacob's Trouble.


Note:  I can't pass up the tremendous irony here.  I had just finished a complete study on the Godhead VS Trinity - exposing the pagan polytheism of Trinity when I see TRINITY BROADCASTING has been chosen to promote this Abraham Accords initiative.  See my blog exposing the pagan origins of Trinity and where the philosophical term came from and why today's churches promote Godhead as Trinity. Especially ironic is Trinity Broadcasting is perhaps one of the most apostate so called Christian organizations, probably beyond the likes of Kenneth Copeland that is in existence today.   ECUMENISM being the Hallmark.  

 We are in the last days.  For those who have eyes to see and ears to ear.

Even so Come Lord Jesus!  Maranatha!  Amen!

Other than Joel proving himself to be the King Daddy Z Propagandist  (Z for Zionist) -  Perhaps an even more accurate depiction is the quintessential Judas Goat.

Study the true meaning of a Judas Goat and its usage for yourself.

 Why King Daddy Z Propagandist   - Z - for Zionism ?

Please read my Blog: AntiZionism is NOT AntiSemitism

Also, because of the language in this latest article by Rosenberg, added onto the entire purpose and title of the Abraham Accords, I offer this peace initiative in a covenant binding all religions under the religion of  Judaism and Islam and Christianity - I submit we take a connection to the NOAHIDE LAWS which I firmly believe will be the NWO AntiChrist laws and false Religion. 

For readers not familiar with the The NOAHIDE LAWS specifically the New World Order by means of the soon coming AntiChrist that will promise not only peace to Israel - especially with her most mortal enemies, but to the world.   See Noahide Law Agenda.  Off with their heads.

The essence of Noahide Laws is uniting the world under the supposed - non biblical - laws that God supposedly gave to Noah as the supposed "law giver" like Moses that are applicable to all mankind. 




Joel Rosenberg exposed:

Abraham Accords Peace Agreement 

Noahide Laws - Off with Their Heads

Anti-Zionism is NOT AntiSemitism

FOLLOW THE DOTS From the Fall to The Pharisees to Zionism to the Synagogue of Satan

News reports about a new religion called Abrahamia to be implemented globally, has caused consternation amongst the people and also raised questions about its validity and designs behind it.

Consider this your Now The End Begins PSA on the coming One World Religion of Chrislam. What one Middle East website has started calling ‘Abrahamia’, astute NTEB readers will instantly recognize as Chrislam that stands on the firm foundation of the Abraham Accords. The UAE is pulling out all the stops to celebrate their 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee in 2022, and the  Abraham Family House will be its glittering centerpiece.

“Wherefore hear the word of the LORD, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem. Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:” Isaiah 28:14,15 (KJB)

Whoever would have thought we would ever see the day where Islam, Judaism and Catholicism would live side-by-side in blissful interreligious harmony? I mean, what a thing, man, what a thing! Why it’s like something lifted right out of the Bible if you know your Bible. You know that Antichrist is close when you see his ‘advance team’ putting up the platforms for the coming parade. Abrahamia, Chrislam, the One World Religion, whatever you call it, it’s coming. It’s here.

Abrahamia: A New Religion On The Horizon?

FROM AHMEDABAD MIRROR: Recently in this era of conspiracy theories, in vogue particularly after the onset of the Covid pandemic, I recently received a message on WhatsApp. The message gave a link to a report published by the BBC Hindi with details about a new religion to be introduced soon in the world and which will be called ‘Abrahamia’. According to reports the new religion will likely appear in the Middle East.

Further research revealed that this not a new phenomenon but a project, and as described by the BBC was set in motion soon after the signing of Abraham Accord between Israel and the UAE, Morocco, Sudan and Bahrain normalising relations with Israel.

This new religion was purportedly denounced by the Grand Imam of Al Azhar Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayyab at the recent 10th anniversary celebrations of the Egypt Family House, an organisation devoted to promote interfaith relations and coexistence. The Grand Imam described the new religion as one, which will not have any soul, sense or guidance. Many people are still wondering that why did the Sheikh raised this issue when most of the people even don’t have a clue about it?

What is Abrahamia?

As per unverified reports, Abrahamia will combine the core principles of the three-monotheistic religions- Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The name of the alleged religion is taken from Prophet Ibrahim, the father of the prophets” from whose family all other religions of the book have flowed. Egyptian General Khairat Shukri in an interview with RT Arabic has warned that the Abrahamia will allegedly unify all the religions in the Middle East and is an evil plan made by the US and Israel.

He further revealed to RT Arabic that the Abrahamia is a new schema that is ‘not less dangerous’ than Henry Campbell’s document of 1907, which resulted in the forming of the Zionist state; saying that the new religion might be a follow up plan to the ancient Campbell’s document to force people to acquiesce and normalise relations with Israel, and it purports to solve all ‘the Middle Eastern crises’. On social media too, the new religion has been slammed, some described the possible ideas of the Abrahamia as more of an evil plan to benefit Israel and the US as well as to force more Arab countries to normalise relations with the occupying nation.

On social media many religious personalities also have voiced their concern and called on people to stick to their faith and not be tricked into such ‘fake’ propagandas. In addition many people have pointed out the conspiracy theories angle, like establishment of a New World Religious Order- under which there will only be one major religion throughout the world, with major portions borrowed from the Judaism.

A person has linked the Abrahamia to an under construction project in Abu Dhabi which will be ready by 2022, claiming it will be the first place for the new worshippers to pray in. While another user has linked the new religion with devil worshipping claiming that it is already found among the Freemasons’ beliefs.

Abrahamic Family House

This new cultural landmark in the UAE capital, which includes a synagogue, a church and a mosque, and is meant to be a beacon of understanding and peaceful coexistence, inspired by the Document on Human Fraternity will be opened to the public in 2022.

As reported by the Vatican News website, constructed on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi the project is closely followed by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam Ahmed Al Tayyab of Al Azhar, who have also endorsed the design. The names of the three separate iconic houses of worship in the Abrahamic Family House complex were officially unveiled as “Imam Al Tayyeb Mosque,” “St. Francis Church,” and “Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue”.

Besides the three places of worship, the site includes a cultural centre that aims to encourage people to exemplify human fraternity and solidarity within a community that cherishes the values of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence, while the unique character of each faith is preserved. In a statement, Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of the Department of Culture, Government of Abu Dhabi has described the Abrahamic Family House epitomising interfaith harmonious coexistence and preserving the unique character of each religion.

Abrahamic Religions

The Abrahamic religions, most prominently Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are those faiths that trace their origins to the Israelite prophet Abraham and are also called religions of the book.  In the past both Christianity and Islam have been particularly successful at seeding any new religious movement. In Christianity, Protestantism has been an especially fertile ground for new religious movements (NRMs). J. Gordon Melton’s edited Encyclopaedia of Protestantism gives historical and cultural context for Christian-derived NRMs, while displaying the tradition’s heterogeneous nature. Although many Christian offshoots (e.g., Mormonism and Christian Science) have achieved a degree of mainstream acceptance, others, like the Unification Church and the Family International, remain on the cultural fringes.

Islam, like Christianity, is a world religion with a long history, millions of adherents, and many derivative religious sects. The two-volume Encyclopaedia of Islam and the Muslim World, edited by Richard Martin, covers the multifaceted nature of modern Islam, including the convergence of the religion with socialism, NRMs like the mystical Iranian Shaykhiyya, and “anti-cult” movements like the anti-Baha’i Hojjatieh Society.  The Encyclopaedia of Islam in the United States, edited by Jocelyne Cesari, focuses on Islam in the US. It details American NRMs like the Nation of Islam, the Muslim Peace Fellowship, and the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order.

Global Salafism: Islam’s New Religious Movement, edited by Roel Meijer, describes the Islamic NRMs such as the Salafi and Wahhabi Muslims. Modern Islamic movements also include progressive and moderate NRMs, like the Gulen movement, originating in Turkey in the 1980s. Gulenism is a social/civic movement within mainstream Islam that advocates ideas like the separation of church and state and interfaith dialogue. It is also notable for the high level of organisation and commitment found among its members, which has resulted in the epithet “cult” being used against it.

But the moot question remains that how this new religion will be promoted and new adherents converted, as the NRMs have been unable to assert themselves as an option or alternative to any major religion, and historically each religion has labelled NRMs as deviant sects not as separate religions. READ MORE

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