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"The following is a brilliant synopsis of this study by Brother Jon Lutz. This work by Brother Jon, has been undoubtedly inspired by the unction of the Holy Spirit. To God be the Glory Forever, Amen, Maranatha! I pray the reader's eyes be opened to the truth spoken here which is based on the infallible word of God, King James Bible:


“No man hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him (John 1:18)

The word of God is deep within Him and no man can know it until He speaks. He spoke from his bosom. The bosom signifies where all spoken words come from, the lungs, deep within the person. The bosom also signifies the heart which runs deeper yet and is more mysterious than the lungs.

In John, when the Word was made flesh in Jesus, He was a container for the Father and was one with the Father. Though the Son was distinct from the Father, He was not separate from the Father because He was His Word containing His essential and exact spirit. The Father was abiding in the Son (John 14:10,11). Those who do not believe the deity of Christ have made a tragic under sight.

Wait, if Jesus Christ as the Father’s Word containing His essential and exact spirit, how is this any different than this, from your blog Defending The Godhead against the Trinity?

Look carefully at this context of verses 6 through 9. The Holy Spirit is not a person but Spirit of whom both The Father and Jesus Christ are that Spirit. Harmonize numerous scriptures beginning with creation (we are in His Image (Jesus, hands, feet, face) and after the likeness of the Godhead (plural 3 parts) Genesis 1:26. We are not 3 bodies or persons walking around but rather one body comprised of 3 parts: Body, Soul, Spirit 1 Thessalonians 5:23. Continue with essential scripture to harmonize, to wit: Romans 8:9, John 6:46, Colossians 1:15, 2:9, John 14:9, John 8:58, Exodus 3:14, Matthew 10:20, ETC. (Take the necessary time to read each scripture and harmonize these with 1 John 5:7,8. They can't be harmonized with 3 individual persons.

Therefore, we see clearly that there is only one body Jesus Christ, and the FATHER resides within Jesus Christ as the HOLY SPIRIT functioning as THE SOUL (will - I came not to do my will, but the will of the father, John 6:38-40). Three Parts = Body, Soul, and Spirit. We are made after His Likeness Genesis 1:26, same essence - body, soul, spirit. See 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Looking closely at 1 John 5:5-8 KJV using context we see clearly the biblical truth of 3 witnesses bear record as one witness - or in other words - 3 bear witness in one accord that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. We have to look in the context of verses 5 - 8 to see that in accordance with Deuteronomy 17:6 KJV and Matthew 18:16 KJV etc. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and The Spirit bears witness of this. In heaven 3 bear witness of this and on earth 3 bear witness of this. Verse 7 proves Jesus is the Visible image of God and possesses the Holy Spirit to witness He is come as the Son of God. Verse 8 proves Jesus Christ came to earth as the Son of God by Spirit - Water - Blood and all of these are a testimony of this truth. Amen!

Therefore, we see clearly that there is only one body Jesus Christ, and the FATHER resides within Jesus Christ as the HOLY SPIRIT functioning as THE SOUL (will - I came not to do my will, but the will of the father, John 6:38-40). Three Parts = Body, Soul, and Spirit. We are made after His Likeness Genesis 1:26, same essence - body, soul, spirit. See 1 Thessalonians 5:23

If one did not properly harmonize 1 Thessalonians 5:23 with 1 John 5:7 we would have to conclude that I am actually three distinct people living in one person. We bear the image of Jesus Christ - face, hands, legs - in His image (Genesis 1:26). Jesus is the ONLY BODY PERSON. The Father is Spirit in witness as the Soul within Jesus Christ.

Critical study here:

Trinitarians Mock Jesus Christ by PERSONATING him as 1 of 3 Persons - The Second Person (

This following author mentions the vesicae piscis symbol being common in Rome (the home of the Catholic Church) as well as Greece: Allison Sledge, The Quintessential Jesus of Nazareth, AuthorHouse, 2011, p. 133, ISBN: 978146347419

Trinity Knot

"The word 'triquetra' originally meant simply triangle or any three-cornered shape, but it has come to refer exclusively to a three-pointed figure composed of three overlapping 'vesicae piscis' (the shapes formed by the intersection of two circles with the same radius), sometimes with an added circle in or around it. The triquetra has been found on runestones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins... It was later used by Christians [i.e. Catholics] as a symbol of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)."

-WiseWitch, "Witchcraft Terms and Tools - Symbols," Wise Witches and Witchcraft, retrieved Oct 26, 2019, []

Pagan Trinity began in Christianity in the 3rd Century with the explosion of false teaching that had crept into the church as ravenous wolves. 

29 Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device.

Moses was called by my Kinsman Redeemer from the burning bush, saying, "Moses, Moses, ...Here am I. . I am the God of they father the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.  When Moses asked my Kinsman Redeemer what he should call him, God said, "Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you." and over one thousand years later, my Kinsman Redeemer told the Pharisees, "Before Abraham was, I AM.

Quote from John Bunyon:

" How a young or shaken Christian should demean himself under the weighty thoughts of the doctrine of the Trinity, or plurality of persons in the eternal Godhead."

For the past several years as a mature Christian I've been deeply bothered by the fact that the word "Trinity" is not in the King James Bible. Worse is believers like me are branded as heretics for teaching the truth in that the Godhead is Biblical and Trinity and Modalism are NOT. I've spent a great deal of time studying this and have a few Blogs I will place in links here that discuss this in detail.

Update:  January 2022:  I recently have come to the conclusion that this Trinity vs Godhead is an essential doctrinal issue based on the following study:

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Read the truth about Tertullian- the creator of the Pagan Philosophy theory of Trinity

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Rebuttal of bible verses used by Trinitarians by Daryl Gass

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Back to Matthew 3:16 and 17 proving Godhead. Let's begin:

Let's begin with the grammar of verse 16: ... and he (Jesus) saw the Spirit of God (this does not say The Holy Spirit, this says the Spirit of God. John didn't see this Spirit - Jesus saw it.

Here the word "Spirit" is a noun in the neuter form. This simply means it is not a distinct "person"... NOT distinct but rather following the preposition OF =

of PREPOSITION: expressing the relationship between a part and a whole --- to whom? God. Strongs: G4154 God's Spirit.

And speaking of the Preposition OF -  Let's look at Colossians 1:15 KJV...

Jesus Christ IS (verb to be = exists) The Image (that is LITERALLY) OF (Of expresses the relationship of a part of something to its whole.) the invisible God.....

Trinitarians have a major problem here. They must concede that the King James Bible is using Modalist language here by calling the Spirit of God - God's spirit is NOT a separate person but rather a part of the Godhead. Read it again please.

Heed to Trinitarians who stand before Romans 1:18-23 KJV 

Godhead proven by Scripture and Heed to the Trinitarians (

Part 2

Part 2. Using Preposition and OF to prove Godhead and Dispel Trinity (

 when Paul wrote to the Colossians he was in prison in Rome and although he had never met the assembly at Colosse he was writing primarily out of grave concern Greek Philosophers GNOSTICS (gnosis- wisdom) was creeping into the believers to get them to question GODHEAD... And the central attack was denying that Christ was  of the Godhead. The central belief was BODY > (we could also apply Person)  was human and the word or Idea that the human body form being of Jesus Christ could be no part of Spiritual nature of God. A corporal body was considered inferior to spirit of God. So Paul had to teach them that THE BODY OF JESUS CHRIST IS THE  IMAGE OF INVISIBLE GOD and that the fulness of The Godhead dwelled in Christ BODILY.

Satan tried to attack with the word body and today the reverse is in play. The word body - PERSON is used to represent 3 identities of GOD. 

Recently I was again called out by a false teacher for following a false Christ for teaching the Godhead and accused for not following the "HOLY TRINITY".

I've been compelled to update my blogs on this subject with some updated notes here: 

Chaplain Bill Walker makes it simple GODHEAD

The Oneness of the Godhead (The Mighty God is JESUS)

The Godhead is best visually imaged as your hand inside a glove. You can only see the glove but yet your invisible hand exists but is only visually seen by the glove.

Here are but a few of many quotes proving the word Trinity as well as the concepts of 3 distinct persons are really one God is not in the Bible nor was the concept used in the early church before the 4th century.

The Doctrine of the Trinity Christianity's Self-Inflicted Wound 1994 Anthony F. Buzzard, Charles F. Hunting

"Eberhard Griesebach, in an acedemic lecture on "Christianity and humanism" delivered in 1938, observed that in its encounter with Greek philosophy Christianity became theology. That was the fall of Christianity. The Problem thus highlighted stems from the fact that traditional orthodoxy, while it claims to find its origins in scripture, in fact contains elements drawn from a synthesis of Scripture and Neo-Platonism. The mingling of Hebrew and Greek thinking set in motion first in the second century by an influx of Hellenism through the Church Fathers, whose theology was colored by the Platonists Plotinus and Porphyry. The effects of the Greek influence are widely recognized by theologians, though they go largely unnoticed by many believers."

". . . the Trinity is an unintelligible proposition of platonic mysticisms that three are one and one is three" [quote from Thomas Jefferson]

The Greek mythology and pagan religious beliefs were derived from Babylon.

New Bible Dictionary 1982

"The word trinity is not found in the Bible . . ."

". . . it did not find a place formally in the theology of the church till the 4th century."

". . . it is not a biblical doctrine in the sense that any formation of it can be found in the Bible, . . ."

"Scripture does not give us a formulated doctrine of the trinity, . . ."

The HarperCollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism 1995

". . . scholars generally agree that there is no doctrine of the trinity as such in either the Old Testament or the New Testament."

If the trinity is the cornerstone of Christianity then how did the church of the first three centuries get along so well without it? If the trinity is the cornerstone of Christianity then why is it not mentioned in the Bible? *** NOTE: This is from the Catholics even admitting the term that began with their teaching is not even in the Bible.

Dictionary of The Bible 1995 John L. Mckenzie

"The trinity of God is defined by the church as the belief that in God are three persons who subsist in one nature. The belief as so defined was reached only in the 4th and 5th centuries AD and hence is not explicitly and formally a biblical belief."

Why You Should Believe In The Trinity 1989 Robert M. Bowman Jr.

"The New Testament does not contain a formalized explanation of the trinity that uses such words as trinity, three persons, one substance, and the like."

The Rise of Christianity W.H.C. Frend 1985

"we find Christianity tending to absorb Greek philosophical values, until by the end of the third century the line between the beliefs of educated Christian and educated pagan in the east would often be hard to draw."

The early Christians began mixing Greek and pagan and Babylonian philosophical and religious trinitarian concepts with their Christian doctrine which lead them to begin considering the trinity, and after three centuries that thinking finally took hold. Acts 17:22 says that the Greeks were too superstitious, and I Corinthians 1:22 says that the Jews require a sign and the Greeks seek after wisdom. The Greeks were too intellectual in their approach to God's Word. They became wise in their own eyes and the truth of God’s Word became foolishness to them, so they grafted their own superstitious philosophical wisdom into God’s Word and changed the truth into a lie; they changed Son of God to God the Son.

Catholic Encyclopedia 1991

"The term 'Trinity' does not appear in scripture"

"(The Doctrine of the Trinity) - hammered out over the course of three centuries of doctrinal controversy against modalism and subordinationism"

Why You Should Believe In The Trinity 1989 Robert M. Bowman Jr.

"Roman Catholics . . often claim that the trinity is not a biblical doctrine and was first revealed through the ministry of the church centuries after the Bible was written. This is in keeping with the Roman Catholic belief that Christian doctrine may be based either on the Bible or on church tradition."

The Roman Catholic Church did not get the doctrine of the trinity from the Bible, they hammered out their own theology of what they wanted God to be over several hundred years, and mixed Greek philosophy with Babylonian mystery religion, and their own private interpretations of the Bible.

I Peter 1:20, 21 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

II Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

People don't respect God's Word, they are more interested in inventing their own theology by the will of man instead of believing the word of God, they are not interested in rightly dividing God's word of truth. The trinity is private interpretation and wrong dividing of God's word.

A Statement of Reasons for Not Believing the Doctrine of the Trinitarians Concerning the Nature of God and the Person of Christ 1833 Andrews Norton

"When we look back through the long ages of the reign of the Trinity . . . we shall perceive that few doctrines have produced more unmixed evil."

The Bible does not give us a doctrine of a trinity, the historical record shows that modern Christian trinitarian beliefs were not formulated until about 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ, but in pagan religions trinitarian beliefs date back to ancient Babylon, thousands of years before Jesus Christ. The coequal, coeternal, one substance, three in one trinity is not a Christian Biblical doctrine; yet there are those who insist that it is the cornerstone of Christianity.

In our day and time the doctrine of the trinity is a cornerstone of idolatry.

Why is the word Trinity so important to the Vatican? The answer lies with the Babylonian practice of many gods that has carried forward. See detailed study in link below:

The Pagan Origins of the Trinity

More quotes regarding the pagan and newly derived term trinity in the church:

“The Alexandria catechetical school, which revered Clement of Alexandria and Origen, the greatest theologian of the Greek Church, as its heads, applied the allegorical method to the explanation of Scripture. Its thought was influenced by Plato: its strong point was [pagan] theological speculations. Athanasius and the three Cappadocians [the men whose Trinitarian views were adopted by the Catholic Church at the Councils of Nicaea and Constantinople] had been included among its members.” — (Hubert Jedin, Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church: an Historical Outline, 1960, p. 28)

There is an explosion of new Bibles today. However, very few use the Textus Receptus as the basis for their translations as the King James Version has. These modern translations come from the Greek text produced by Wescott and Hort who used the Codex Sinaiticus, which has 14800 edits which is more than any other manuscript in Biblical history. The other is the Codex Vaticanus which comes from the Vatican and is claimed to be older than what was used by the reformers. However, it is said that most of it has been overwritten by a fifteenth century scribe, and we know what that means when it comes from the Papacy! Satan is doing everything he can to lead people away from God and has found a very clever way to give us something that looks like Scripture but actually contains some of his lies in place of God's truths.

History is very clear and leaves no doubt that God used Lucian of Antioch for many very important works and that he played a major role in keeping God's true Church alive, though it was eventually driven underground. But Clement of Alexandria, Origen and Athanasius are major figures in the origins of the Apostate Church that persecuted the Christian saints through the dark ages. God calls this Apostate Church Babylon with very good reason. What are two of the biggest errors they introduced in opposition to the Word of God? Sunday worship and the trinity doctrine that both originated from sun and Satan worship in Babylon. It is clear that Lucian was part of God's true Church and those who studied under him and called him master were no doubt also. This as you have seen includes Arius.

So Arius who studied under the Biblical teachings of Lucian of Antioch who was opposed to Greek philosophy is almost certainly the one who had Biblical truth and was deliberately discredited just as Trinitarians do to non-Trinitarians today. Origen on the other hand who Athanasius learned from was definitely influenced by Greek and Platonic philosophy and reinterpreted Christian doctrine through the philosophy of Neoplatonism. So these facts also verify that the trinity doctrine came from paganism and Greek philosophy. The weight of evidence is overwhelming.

Those who understand Bible prophecy also know from history and the following verse that God's true Church was hiding in the wilderness from Papal persecution for 1260 years called the dark ages. “And the woman [God's true Church] fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days [1260 years on the day for a year rule].” Revelation 12:6. Parentheses are added. The Papal Church ruling instituted and enforced the trinity doctrine, but the true Church hiding in the wilderness was non-Trinitarian. So Scripture and history reveal the non-Trinitarian view is correct. You cannot be the true Church if you are teaching serious error on the Godhead!

“No wonder that the Celtic, the Gothic, the Waldensian, the Armenian Churches, and the great Church of the East, as well as other bodies, differed profoundly from the papacy in its metaphysical conceptions of the Trinity and consequently in the importance of the Ten Commandments.” — (Truth Triumphant, Church in the Wilderness, B.G. Wilkinson, Ch. 7, pp. 87, 88

The Trinity is a Pagan concept proof: By Creation Liberty:  (Disclaimer: Although Creation Liberty has excellent teaching on Godhead vs Trinity and strict adherence to the King James Bible, this person believes that salvation requires repentance.  I believe the gospel for salvation is found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV which is BELIEF ALONE.  I believe that repentance happens automatically when a person is convicted of their need for a savior which happens by the work of the Holy Spirit.)

Tertullian did not start using the word 'trinity' because he found it in Scripture, but rather, he adopted it from the pagans, as they have used the term to describe their triple-goddess. This is why the term was so attractive to the Roman Catholic Church, because the pagans were already familiar with it, and by adopting the term 'Trinity' as a so-called "Christian" term, it immediately made a connection with pagans, which also made the Catholic Church more appealing to pagans, that they might be drawn into the ecumenical (i.e. universal) umbrella of Rome, and most church buildings are modeling themselves after the Catholic Church more and more every year, which is why so many people now use the word 'Trinity' instead of the Biblical term 'Godhead' to describe Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Please read my detailed study on the creator of the THEORY OF THE TRINITY and its Philosopher Heretic TERTULLIAN

Why did it take two centuries after Christ for a corrupt teacher to introduce the word 'Trinity' for it to become a supposedly "Biblical" doctrine? The word of God existed in the days of Christ's apostles a century before Tertullian, so why did the apostles, under inspiration of the Holy Ghost, not call God a 'Trinity' in their writing? Again, we were given the Biblical term 'Godhead', so we should use that term, just as Christ's apostles used it in the New Testament:

Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device.

-Acts 17:29

The Catholic Church, being the Roman beast that it is, has always attempted to bring as many false religions around the world under its umbrella (which, as I stated earlier, is also known today as the ecumenical, or one-world, movement) as possible, and by using the pagan term 'Trinity', which represents the pagan triune goddess of witchcraft, it was one more step in merging pagans into the Roman Catholic Church by convincing them they should all be under Roman authority. (Sadly, this backfired, as most pagans today see the Catholic Church as a branch of paganism, formed out of pagan roots.) Please do not misunderstand, this is not a statement against government, but against a government claiming it is the head of the Christian faith (declaring the seat of Christ as his own), as Constantine had done in 325 AD. As we just read, the use of art and man's devices to represent the Godhead is something Christians ought NOT to do, but today, it is quite common for churchgoers to do exactly what the Bible instructs us not to do, and to provide an example, (whose authors hide their names in cowardice) begins their teaching on the subject of the Trinity with the following:

"All Christians believe the doctrine of the Trinity. If you do not believe this—that is, if you have come to a settled conclusion that the doctrine of the Trinity is not true—you are not a Christian at all."

-Anonymous Author, "God in Three Persons: A Doctrine We Barely Understand,", retrieved Nov 21, 2019, []

The interesting thing about so-called "Christian" teachings that use the word 'Trinity' is that they often use a symbol called the Triquetra (try-khet-rah), and not only did we just read from Acts 17:29 in which the church was instructed not to do that, but like the word 'Trinity', this symbol is found nowhere in Scripture. The image on the left was taken from's article. Many readers may be familiar with this symbol, but it's important to note that witches are even more familiar with it because they understand its full meaning. Little does the average churchgoer know that this is a symbol of the goddess of the pagans, and is a symmetrical representation of three women with interlocking vaginas.

Some readers might find this farfetched, but it is not a joke. The following quote is taken from a website dedicated to witchcraft:

"The word 'triquetra' originally meant simply triangle or any three-cornered shape, but it has come to refer exclusively to a three-pointed figure composed of three overlapping 'vesicae piscis' (the shapes formed by the intersection of two circles with the same radius), sometimes with an added circle in or around it. The triquetra has been found on runestones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins... It was later used by Christians [i.e. Catholics] as a symbol of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)."

-WiseWitch, "Witchcraft Terms and Tools - Symbols," Wise Witches and Witchcraft, retrieved Oct 26, 2019, []

As a side note, those runestones in Northern Europe were developed by druids in those regions. As indicated by much evidence in recent years, the druids were performing sacrifices of men, women, and children, and I discuss that in more detail in another teaching called "Halloween: Are Christians Lovers of Death?"

The term 'Trinity', its meaning, and its symbol come from witchcraft, but few churchgoers are willing to face the facts because it can be quite disturbing once we understand the full meaning of them. For example, the so-called "Jesus Fish" is absolutely not a Christian symbol.

As you can see, the fish symbol you see created from the two joining circles represents the female genitals. I know it's not pleasant to discuss these things, but these are the facts, and we need to expose the dark traditions of churchgoers and leavened preachers who remain willingly ignorant of the truth.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.

-Ephesians 5:11-14

The above author mentions the word "yoni," and in Wicca, this means the vagina:

"A magical pass is a hand gesture that a Witch uses to symbolize and therefore invoke specific spiritual energies... Open the thumbs so that they are at a 90-degree angle with the forefinger. Bring the hands together so that the tips of both thumbs and forefingers touch. The hands should meet in front of the body at the genital area. The opening that the two hands create represent the cosmic yoni, a term that refers to the vulva of the goddess. It is the personification of the female principle in nature."

-Timothy Roderick, Wicca, Llewellyn Worldwide, 2005, p. 26, ISBN: 9780738706214; Image from same source; Roderick is a psychologist and experienced witch who founded the EarthDance Collective, a group that promotes feminist witches.

"Witches often depict the Goddess in three stages that represent the three phases of a woman's life: maiden, mother, and crone. Celtic art illustrates this tripart nature as three interlocking pointed loops called vesica piscis, which symbolize the opening to the womb."

-Skye Alexander, The Everything Wicca and Witchcraft Book: Rituals, Spells, and Sacred Objects for Everyday Magick, Everything Books, 2008, p. 35, ISBN: 9781440524196; Alexander is an internationally published author with over thirty books on paganism and witchcraft.

And this was not just a symbol used in paganism, but in Islam as well:

"The sign of the fish in the Age of Pisces has been adopted as the symbol of Jesus and Christianity. In history it has appeared in Islamic references and coins, though after centuries of religious wars between Christians [i.e. Catholics] and Muslims, one can understand it is unwelcome in Arab societies. The fish symbol is actually the vesica piscis, which is an almond shaped oval defined by two arcs and symbolizes the vagina."

-Dorothy L. Abrams, Identity and the Quartered Circle: Studies in Applied Wicca, John Hunt Publishing, 2013, ISBN: 9781780992808

What churchgoers typically call the "Trinity Knot," or "three Jesus Fishes combined," is actually three 'vesicae piscis' (vie-sek-ah-pie-sees), which is a feminine symbol because its shape represents the female sexual organ. Just from that information alone, do you believe it's appropriate to use this as a symbol of the Godhead? If your answer was not a resounding "No!" then I would say you have no discernment between good and evil. (Heb 5:14) The vesicae piscis is also where the concept of the so-called "Jesus Fish" comes from, in which it is claimed the symbol represents eternity, but again, it is a symbol adopted from witches and pagans, and has a very corrupt and lewd meaning.

(Read "Christian Symbols Are Not Christian" here at for more details; even the traditional cross symbol commonly used by churchgoers is a pagan symbol, and should NOT be used to represent Christ or Christian doctrine.)

The following image is taken from another teaching at called Why I Use The King James Bible, which demonstrates the use of this symbol by many corrupt sources (bottom row), and also shows the same use in the production of the corrupt NKJV:

The triquetra is three vesicae piscis interlocked, and those three vaginal symbols represent the three forms of the goddess of witchcraft. The following quote is from a 30-year veteran Wiccan author, who describes the "triune god or goddess" of her pagan religion:

"Sometimes, you'll see deities referred to with the word triune here at About Paganism/Wicca. A triune god or goddess is simply a deity with three different but connected aspects. An example of this would be Brighid, the Celtic hearth goddess. In addition to being a goddess of the home and domesticity, she is also a goddess of the smith's fire and artisanship, and of healing and diving [sic] inspiration. In Brighid's case, each of these three aspects are still called Brighid. Some triune deities, however, have three uniquely named aspects that comprise the whole. In Greek legend, although they are individual entities, Artemis and Selene form a triad with Hecate, representative of the maiden, mother and crone."

-Patti Wigington, "What is a Triune Diety?" Religion, Oct 12, 2015, retrieved Aug 9, 2016, []; Wigington is a witch high priestess (licensed Pagan clergy in the state of Ohio) and has had her writings published across many popular pagan platforms over the past ten years; rebranded itself as Dotdash in 2017 and now the old link redirects to a place called Learn Religions, but you can still view the original source here: []

Let's talk about the Waldenses:

BLOODY EASTER INSPIRED MILTON'S POWERFUL SONNET. —It was the horrors of this spot that impelled the blind John Milton, Latin secretary to Oliver Cromwell, and then at the peak of his poetical achievements, to write the lines of his grip-ping sonnet titled "On the Late Massacher in Piemont." This sublime protest was heard where nothing else made any im-pression. It has been described as one of the most powerful sonnets ever written: "Avenge 0 Lord thy slaughter'd Saints, whose bones

Avenge 0 Lord thy slaughter'd Saints, whose bones Lie scatter'd on the Alpine mountains cold, Ev'n them who kept thy truth so pure of old, When all our Fathers worship't Stocks and Stones, Forget not: in thy book record their groanes Who were thy Sheep, and in their ancient Fold Slayn by the bloody Piemontese that roll'd Mother with Infant down the Rocks. The moans The Vales redoubl'd to the Hills, and they To Heav'n. Their martyr'd blood and ashes so O're all the Italian fields where still doth sway The triple tyrant: that from these may grow A hunder'd-fold, who having learned thy way, Early may fly the Babylonian wo." "

Waldensian confession of faith 1120

2. We believe that there is one God – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Waldensian confession of faith 1544

2. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son and image of the Father - that in Him all the fullness of the Godhead dwells, and that by Him alone we know the Father. He is our Mediator and advocate; nor is there any other name given under heaven by which we can be saved. In His name alone we call upon the Father, using no other prayers than those contained in the Holy Scriptures, or such as are in substance agreeable thereunto.

3. We believe in the Holy Spirit as the Comforter, proceeding from the Father, and from the Son; by whose inspiration we are taught to pray; being by Him renewed in the spirit of our minds; who creates us anew unto good works, and from whom we receive the knowledge of the truth.

Waldensian confession of faith 1655

I. That there is one only God, who is a spiritual essence, eternal, infinite, all-wise, all merciful, and all-just, in one word, all-perfect; and that there are three persons in that one only and simple essence: the Father, Sonand Holy Spirit.

Proof of Catholic intervention to the original 1120 confession of faith to change it to the trinity look at the Catholic explanation of the doctrine of the Waldenses in this link. The Catholic encyclopedia states the Waldenses statement of faith was written in 1655 and never mentions the original 1120.

The Ancient Confession of the Faith of the Waldenses,

copied out of manuscripts, bearing date, 1120

found in History of the Old Waldenses

Anterior to the Reformation

by Jean Paul Perrin (1619).

History Falsified What a shame that history has to record a fail in trust on the part of some who were given the Waldensian literature and what subsequently happened to it. To defraud such an honest and moral people is really a giant travesty in justice. Both Catholic and Protestant, as well as secular historians, record such injustice. Since the sixteenth century, unsuccessful attempts have been made, by those who regard the Waldenses as the legitimate forerunners of Protestantism, to trace their origin back to the Apostolic age, or at least to the time of the iconoclast, Claudius of Qurin, and for this purpose their history has been falsified and their doctrines misrepresented. These efforts to pervert the truth of history have been ably refuted by Herzog, Friedrich, and Melia. According to Catholic authorities, whose honesty cannot be fairly called in question, they derive their origin from Peter Waldo (Peter of Vaux, or Valdum--English, "Wood"). ll ---- 10v. Raymond Edman, Light in the Dark Ages, p. 303. 11John Alzog, Manual of Univeral Church History, Vol. II, p. 658

The Protestant writer, Perrin, who quotes many of the Waldensian documents verbatim in his history, bears witness to the lost literature: In the year 1658, Samuel Morland, whom Oliver Cromwell had sent as ambassador to the Duke of Savoy on behalf of the persecuted Waldenses, carried from Piedmont to Britain several ancient manuscripts, which were represented to be works of the primitive Christians among the Cottian Alps. These he deposited in the University Library at Cambridge, whence most of them have since disappeared. (Faber's Inquiry, 369, 370)

Old Writings Collected The Waldensian Pastor, Leger, had collected these pieces personally, as is related by the following testimony: Jon Leger, one of the Waldensian pastors, in the seventeenth century, carefully collected a number of ancient documents of the Waldensian doctrine. In the persecution, 1655, the plunderers of the Waldenses deprived him of every leaf of manuscript in order to bury in oblivion all knowledge of their former existence, or long continued principles. With incredible diligence he commenced a new search in the Valleys on the French side of the Alps, where the destruction had not been so severe, and found authentic copies of the same treatises. A number of these he has published in his valuable history of the Waldenses. The originals he delivered to Sir Samuel Morland, who presented them in 1q58 to the library of the University of Cambridge. Twenty-one volumes were there deposited, but the first seven are now missing, though Allix quoted from one of these seven in 1690. Copies of some of these are preserved in Geneva. The remaining fourteen volumes, from H to W, are still to be seen at Cambridge. 13

Perrin, Jean Paul. Historie of th~ Waldenses and Albingenses. n.p., 1624, (Trans. by Samson Lennard).

We believe that there is but one God, who is a Spirit--the Creator of all things--the Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in us of who is to be worshipped in spirit and in truth--upon whom we are continually dependent, and to whom we ascribe praise for our life, food, raiment, health, sickness, prosperity, and adversity. We love Him as the source of all goodness; and reverence Him as that sublime being, who searches the reins and trieth the hearts of the children of men. 2. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son and image of the Father--that in Him all the fullness of the Godhead dwells, and that by Him alone we know the Father. Be is our Mediator and advocate; nor is there any other name given under heaven by which we can be saved. In His name alone we call upon the Father, using no other prayers than those contained in the Holy Scriptures or such as are in substance agreeable thereunto. 3. We believe in the Holy Spirit as the Comforter, proceeding from the Father, and from the Son; by whose inspiration we are taught to pray; being by Him renewed in the spirie of our minds; who creates us anew unto good works, and from whom we receive the knowledge of the truth. -74- TV-163a A-24 4. We believe that there is one holy church, comprising the whole assembly of the elect and faithful, that have by Dean C. Blackwell (Evangelist) May 1974

The Catholic Church viewed the Waldensians as unorthodox, and in 1184 at the Synod of Verona, under the auspices of Pope Lucius III, they were excommunicated. Pope Innocent III went even further during the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215, officially denouncing the Waldensians as heretics.[31][32] In 1211 more than 80 Waldensians were burned as heretics at Strasbourg; this action launched several centuries of persecution that nearly destroyed the movement.[33] Waldensians briefly ruled Buda, the capital of Hungary from 1304 to 1307. The Waldensians in turn excommunicated Pope Benedict XI.[34]

In 1487 Pope Innocent VIII issued a bull[35] for the extermination of the heresies of the Vaudois. Alberto de' Capitanei, archdeacon of Cremona, responded to the bull by organizing a crusade to fulfill its order and launched an offensive in the provinces of Dauphiné and PiedmontCharles I, Duke of Savoy, eventually interfered to save his territories from further turmoil and promised the Vaudois peace, but not before the offensive had devastated the area and many of the Vaudois had fled to Provence or south to Italy.

The theologian Angelo Carletti di Chivasso, whom Innocent VIII in 1491 appointed Apostolic Nuncio and Commissary conjointly with the Bishop of Mauriana, was involved in reaching a peaceful agreement between Catholics and Waldensians.[36]

The most outrageous claim that the noble lessons were written in 1120; which claims in parentheses The Holy Trinity.

Then why is there proof this noble lesson was written much later, like 300 years later.l Waldensian belief. It was believed that this poem dated between 1190 and 1240, [16] but there is evidence that it was written in the first part of the fifteenth century. [17]

TO PROVE extraordinary persecution of the Waldenses by the Vatican you can study for yourself. Here are some excerpts:

By mid-April, when it became clear that the Duke's efforts to force the Vaudois to conform to Catholicism had failed, he tried another approach. Under the guise of false reports of Vaudois uprisings, the Duke sent troops into the upper valleys to quell the local populace. He required that the local populace quarter the troops in their homes, which the local populace complied with. But the quartering order was a ruse to allow the troops easy access to the populace. On 24 April 1655, at 4 a.m., the signal was given for a general massacre.

Print illustrating the 1655 massacre in La Torre, from Samuel Moreland's History of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piedmont, published in London in 1658

The Duke's forces did not simply slaughter the inhabitants. They are reported to have unleashed an unprovoked campaign of looting, rape, torture, and murder. According to one report by a Peter Liegé:

Little children were torn from the arms of their mothers, clasped by their tiny feet, and their heads dashed against the rocks; or were held between two soldiers and their quivering limbs torn up by main force. Their mangled bodies were then thrown on the highways or fields, to be devoured by beasts. The sick and the aged were burned alive in their dwellings. Some had their hands and arms and legs lopped off, and fire applied to the severed parts to staunch the bleeding and prolong their suffering. Some were flayed alive, some were roasted alive, some disemboweled; or tied to trees in their own orchards, and their hearts cut out. Some were horribly mutilated, and of others the brains were boiled and eaten by these cannibals. Some were fastened down into the furrows of their own fields, and ploughed into the soil as men plough manure into it. Others were buried alive. Fathers were marched to death with the heads of their sons suspended round their necks. Parents were compelled to look on while their children were first outraged [raped], then massacred, before being themselves permitted to die.[40]

To prove how powerfully wicked the polytheistic meaning of Trinity saying that there is only one God but in reality there are 3 separate distinct persons who are this one God. Note how the term Trinity does not exist in the early Waldensian statement of faith. Yet nearly 500 years later, after extensive persecution from the Vatican we find the word Trinity appear but at the same time there still remains traces of strong speech against the Catholic doctrine. The speech is not as strong as it was in the 12 century but it still exists. The word Trinity has replaced Godhead. Thus the prize has been achieved by the Vatican.


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