The Holy Godhead from an Anonymous Subscriber

The Holy Godhead

By undermining the Lord Jesus Christ's deity as THE God Almighty in reducing Him to a 2nd person

( 2nd is less than 1st ), the Trinity heresy diminishes the gravity of HIS Sacrifice on the cross:

God Almighty Himself having died for humanity!

Not a 2nd person-god in human flesh as the Trinity teaches.

Jesus was born into this world as a Man, but not as a human( i.e. in human flesh).

The spiritual damage the Trinity heresy is doing cannot be overstated!!!

It has reduced Jesus our Almighty God to a semi-god, to a man-made idol of fallen man's vain imagination:

to a god man can relate to much easier; because the human mind subconsciously perceives anything 2nd as something less than the 1st ( by default).

Thus the human mind reasons ( subconsciously )

being 2nd means "less holy".

From this spawns the subconscious reasoning that therefore His Sacrifice cannot be sufficient because He, being the 2nd,

must be less holy than the 1st; therefore works are needed to add to His Sacrifice.

Glory to God, our Father Jesus Christ!!!”

End Quote.


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