Comparing the Religion of the King James Bible Translators with The Doctrine of Paul

 Comparing the Religion of the King James Bible with The Doctrine of Paul

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- Comparing the Religion of the translators with the Doctrine given to Paul from Jesus Christ


Good you use the king James Bible those translators were sound trinitarians. King James himself was not one for tolerating heresy in his realm. Oh what wicked days we live in.

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They that Observe Lying Vanities Forsake Their own Mercy (

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Comparing the Religion of the King James Bible Translators with The Doctrine of Paul

The Lord willing this work will prove how God uses the FOOLISH things of this world to CONFOUND the Wise and His Tremendous Sense of Humor - Indeed He looks down from Heaven and LAUGHS. 

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Comparing the Religion of the King James Bible with The Doctrine of Paul (

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You have foolishly opened yourself to derision, thinking yourself clever, proving yourself a fool.

Here’s your homework.  Part I:

Please email me back after you’ve finished this assignment. I should be finished with the new Blog study by the time you email me back with your completion of reading and studying this Blog: Trinity is Pagan Polytheism and its History. 

I Read the following Blog - which is in the links to the video you in no way watched and certainly have NOT read the study that goes over your folly.

Hint: Focus on the History of the Trinity and find the battle that raged as the early church changed from Godhead (what the Trinitarians call Modalism - Without even examining what Tertulian- the creator of Trinity - called Sabellianism - Modalistic Monarchianism, all primarily stemming from Monarchianism. 

  Also focus on when the word Trinity popped up in the 2nd CE from Tertulian and the likes of Philo the Jew calling himself a Christian who hated Christ, but loved Greek Philosophy, especially the STOICS.  

Focus on also why the Catholic Encyclopedia even acknowledges the word and doctrine of Trinity is not in scriptures BUT church tradition and teaching  must be taken into account to understand Trinity. 

Hopefully you’ll see that “they” the Vatican along after 325 AD from the work of Tertullian weren’t stupid enough to attack the doctrine of the GODHEAD, but rather in the fashion of ALL false teachers, built a philosophical STRAWMAN and coined the enemies of their STOIC PAGAN PHILOSOPHY of Trinity. 

Why would this Trinitarian apologist state: 

“modalism* might be the best expression of orthodoxy in the second and third centuries.”

*Note: the word Modalism as I state above was coined for

any teaching against the Trinity.

You will find in the Blog links how I display the change in statement of faith from the Waldenses on Godhead and where the word Godhead disappears by the 14th century.  Answer: The Vatican’s relentless onslaught. Read the History of the Waldenses brilliantly written by J. Wylie in the 1800s (another Trinitarian) with deep ties to the Baptist Creed and Tradition of man and NOT after Christ. 

For homework assignment 2:

Take what you’ve learned from Part I and compare the tragedy of the RELIGION of Lancelot Andrews one of the leaders of the King James Bible Translators.

Lancelot Andrews was among the greatest minds of the Kingdom in the 16th Century and also one of the men of the clergy and academia accepted by The Church of England in the 16th century  under heavy influence of the Vatican. 

Complete an essay on how the Reformation in England was more political and not based on doctrine. Discuss the true Theology of Erasmus and Martin Luther (focus on the word Lutheran).  Why did Erasmus demand the Church return to its foundation (Catholicism). 

Why did Erasmus a Trinitarian hate Tyndale who I can find no teaching of his supporting the Trinity?

Why did Erasmus and Luther escape death but Tyndale did NOT?

Focus on the Council of Nicea 325  (Nicean Creed) and the Council of Athanasian Chalcedon 451 (Athanasian Creed). What is at the heart of these Creeds.  

Now compare these Creeds with what Paul taught: The DOCTRINE of Paul who warned in Colossians 2:8,9, Romans 1:18-24 what happens when man’s philosophy takes the place of Jesus Christ. Read and study the importance with understanding The Mystery given to Paul

The Church of Laodicea does NOT understand the Mystery given to Paul by Jesus Christ

The Shock and Awe of Hebrews

Yes, Poster Boy  Discuss the brilliant Lancelot Andrews, the esteemed dean of Jerusalem Chamber at Westminster’s Popish language in his study of Confession and Remission of Sin. 

Yes, the great Lancelot Andrews who Thomas Fuller (founder of an apostate Seminary) states was: “an inimitable preacher in his way; and such plagiarists as have stolen his sermons could never steal his preaching, and could make nothing of that, whereof he made all things as he desired.”  Who it was said that when Lancelot Andres was near, King James, “desisted from mirth and frivolity in his presence.” 

Dare we examine the lives of the genius of Oxford and Cambridge’s great minds who were sought out by the King?

It would be interesting. But in the end DO NOT confuse or mix up the brilliant work of TRANSLATION with the theological DOCTRINE of a person.

Stay focused on Christ and always compare with Paul who was given the MYSTERY. THE LAODICEAN CHURCH DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE MYSTERY.

Oxford University’s  John Harding 

Cambridge University’s John Bois

Your final assignment:  

Study the Apostle Paul who it is widely accepted to have had a photographic memory, was educated by the great teacher of LAW Gamaliel.  Paul who was chosen by God to reveal the Mystery which in great part was in Paul’s SHOCK and AWE of the book of Hebrews God is Jesus Christ and He is the fullness of the Godhead BODILY.

Your final assignment is to examine the life of the Apostle Paul who gave us the full explanation of the Godhead and revealed. 

King James Bible Translators

The Bible does not give us a doctrine of a trinity, the historical record shows that modern Christian trinitarian beliefs were not formulated until about 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ, but in pagan religions trinitarian beliefs date back to ancient Babylon, thousands of years before Jesus Christ. The coequal, coeternal, one substance, three in one trinity is not a Christian Biblical doctrine; yet there are those who insist that it is the cornerstone of Christianity.

In our day and time the doctrine of the trinity is a cornerstone of idolatry.

Why is the word Trinity so important to the Vatican? The answer lies with the Babylonian practice of many gods that has carried forward. See detailed study in link below:

The Pagan Origins of the Trinity

Trinity is Pagan Practice of Polytheism in Mainstream Christianity #EndTimes #Apostasy (


Although I'm addressing the RELIGION of one of the King James Bible Translators, I am in no way by any means casting doubt on the ACCURACY and FINAL AUTHORITY of the TRANSLATION.

SCOFFERS AND PHARISEES will try to use this teaching against the KING JAMES BIBLE

Share short story of a brilliant man with his Trinity hang up. 


Which King James Bible Version would I recommend? (


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