Let's talk Grammar and Trinity

Let's talk grammar and Trinity vs Godhead vs Modalism

In recent I came across this video by Edward Pfenniger about the Trinity.  Link below:

Please see my comments on the video:

Brother Ed, let's go ahead and delve into some English grammar here.  Amen Brother!

If you want to teach the Trinity then We Saints are also 3 persons, and so are the unregenerated people as well. (see my study on Godhead  vs Trinity  vs Modalism)

Yes, using personal pronouns clearly as one of many examples is:
Ephesians 2:6 King James Version (KJV)

And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

"US" is the first PERSON  plural object pronoun. Clearly we are created in the image of the Godhead. Genesis 1:26, 27.
Interesting to note we are also IN Jesus Christ...
The reason Godhead teachers like myself are opposed to the Vatican catechism of Trinity is because it's pagan and not scripture. Trinity is a twisting of  persons to mean 3 separate persons walking around in 2 human form graven images and 1 graven image dove). They even confused me with the word  Triune (3 in 1 which frankly we cannot see or describe by persons because of semantics ). From Brother Philip's teaching I've been most aware that Sematology is key in understanding why some Saints are stuck into the term Trinity and use complex terms to describe Godhead.  Bryan Denlinger is teaching  Godhead as actually Trinity.   It's quite insane.  He believes Jesus Christ does not possess a soul but rather communicates with the Soul of God the Father in Heaven and in the end all come back together again after being separated. In reality the Godhead is Spirit and complete in 1. The only visible part is our kinsman redeemer Jesus Christ.  Ephesians 2:9.
I've recently found this Brother's teaching of Godhead which is the best I've found yet


People don't do their research. Some Christian still do not understand that the word A  Spirit in John 4:24 is the exact same word for Soul in Greek and the reason the KJV translation is Spirit is because of proper context. The Spirit and The Soul operate in the unseen Spiritual realm. It won't be until we are in our glorified bodies that we like John saw The Godhead in Revelation 4.
For a thorough understanding of a bible based study on Spirit, Soul. and Body please study Watchman Nee "The Spiritual Man" 1968 Edition.  (later editions have been corrupted by newage publisher).


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