Curses returned back upon Bryan Denlinger and his agents and accomplices

My Brother in Christ Philip and I do not agree on the Trinity doctrine,  but when he was exposing Bryan Denlinger here in the attached video, I found Bryan Denlinger making imprecations on God's children.
Please see video and my comment:

Brother Philip thank you for your continued work to expose Bryan Denlinger.  Amen on Bryan Denlinger  and Steven Anderson both being 2 sides of the same coin.  The Pslams imprecations that Bryan uses to curse those who are of the Body of Christ will return upon him and his household a hundred fold. Please study Psalms 7:16: In the name of Jesus I pray Bryan Denlinger and all his agents have their mischief returned back upon them.  Study Deuteronomy 23:5... I pray the Lord take Bryan's groundless curses against God's children and bless us, Amen! Pslams 17 and 35 also apply.  I ask the Saints to join me in prayer Amen! Titus 1:9-16 applies to him. He hates and curses anyone who rebukes him. He is an evil, wicked, hateful reprobate.  We laugh at him, we rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!  Although I disagree with you and Brother Ed on your Trinity semantics, and the more I try to explain my understanding of the Godhead (updated my study found in link below) afterwards having to have found myself trying to pound a square peg into a round hole, you have never blocked me. I have learned a great deal from you in understanding that you truly understand that there is only 1 God. The differences comes in how He is manifested and we will probably never agree 100%.  According to Denlinger that means that since we don't agree with his Satanic Works based salvation and his Twisted Godhead Teaching - that is really more Vatican Trinity than most Trinitarians -  We are going to hell. Well, Paul calls Bryan a Dog.  Dogs (people called dogs) go to hell. 


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