Bryan Denlinger is a closet Jesuit

We have been watching Bryan Denlinger for over a year now. There are several alarming issues regarding this person we've labeled and rebuked as a wolf in sheep's clothing. Here is a comprehensive study on Bryan Denlinger.

Calling out Bryan Denlinger - King James Video Ministries -  as a wolf in sheep’s clothing - A cult leader in search of sheep. (

Recently it has been brought to our attention that Bryan's primary focus is on attacking the Jesuits and the Vatican.  Rightfully so we must not believe Vatican doctrine. 

But when we studied the primary work of the Jesuits was to destroy The Faith alone Doctrine of Salvation, it dawned on me and have to ask this question.  What if Bryan is actually a Jesuit himself.  Using the study of good cop bad cop aka Hegalian Dialectic of Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis, what if Bryan is really hearding his low informed sheeple into the Vatican?

Please consider from your own study of our Blog above openly exposing Bryan Denlinger as a cult leader by his militant behavior and worse for adding works onto salvation by grace through faith alone and reading what Dr. Grady writes in his book:

Here is a most interesting observation taking notes from "Final Authority" by Dr. Grady (pages 195-196) regarding the primary focus of the Jesuits: 1. They were more militant than the military and their obedience is more extensive than the military in that in the Jesuits gets hold of the whole man requiring sacrifice of the will and laying aside of one's own judgment. (The definition of judgment in the oxford dictionary in this context is the exercising of one's mind in discernment and formation of an opinion). Here we clearly see Bryan Denlinger practicing a complete copy of the Jesuit mentality by demanding his followers not question his findings or exercise their opinion or practice logic or discern what he believes, but rather condemns all opposing ideas to burn in the eternal lake of fire.

Also, Most compelling that makes Bryan Denlinger a closet Jesuit is simply this FACT noted by Dr. Grady regarding the Jesuits and their practices is the RULE most important is to destroy any teaching that SALVATION IS by FAITH ALONE without works... (Page 196) Loyola's goal and the council of Trent (1545-1563) quote: "If anyone saith, that by faith alone the impious is justified, in such wise as to mean, that nothing else is required... let him be anathema...If any one saith, that Christ Jesus was given of God to mean, as a redeemer i whom to trust, and not also as a legislator whom to obey: let him be anathema."


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