The Truth about Racism The Black Hebrew Israelite Movement and the Covington Confrontation

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The Truth about Racism  The BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITE MOVEMENT BMI and the Covington confrontation 

We've heard a lot about a small incident that is sending shock waves throughout the world.  Here's a video by a black man who is a born again Christian regarding the incident and putting it in its correct place.   


Here's my comment regarding:

Amen Brother. Truth Spoken Here.  Thank you for standing up for the truth. By the way that Indian dude has been exposed as a liar and fraud. He was thrown out of the USMC in 1975 after multiple infractions and never served in Vietnam. And you’re absolutely correct:  Surely any group, movement doctrine that is not biblical will fail. Amen!!! Reminds me of the day a white supremacist was trying to recruit me into his cause and get me signed up. Told me I had all the qualifications they were looking for, especially my education and military background.  I told him that I was a born again, blood bought Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ and if that would be a problem in his organization. “Absolutely not!” he replied, “most of our members are Christians.” “Oh really,” I replied, “So what about my dear Frankie D, my very dear brother from the military. He’s black and I still hang out with him. Saw him a few days ago. Would this be a problem?”  The white supremacist was very quiet. As he sat there thinking of a response, I told him I’d help him out and quoted him this scripture: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: ye are all one in Christ Jesus” Amen!    Galatians 3:28

I told the guy that I wouldn’t want to do anything Jesus wouldn’t approve of and said “good bye”...Satan loves to cause division and strife through racism.  I had witnessed many of my black high school students in my class tell me lies they’re hearing and believing that 1st the Bible is not the inspired word of God and that the Bible was written by the white man to enslave the black man.   Even one of my favorite students a young man who had his grandma take him to church as a young child tell me that the Bible was written by and for the white man. He couldn’t answer me about why Jesus Christ was not a white man and quoted him parts of Isaiah 53 to show he was not this handsome white effeminate dude with long flowing hair, but rather a dark skinned, ugly dude that you wouldn’t even take a second look at. (Isaiah 53:2)/ I wanted to take him aside and read him the Bible and counsel him to erase all the lies that were being pumped into him.  You’re right. Many of all people are leaving these apostate churches. Instead of running after the traditions of man, they need to do what I did. Get into the word with a group of Bible believers reading the King James Bible. Here’s my testimony of 50 years of attending church:


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