ABC Salvation Equation AKA Romans Road is NOT scriptural... Understanding Romans 10... Salvation Requirement? No! Here's why...

The ABC Salvation plan is not biblical. It is works based, Lordship Salvation.  

Back during my journey through the desert of attending church buildings (please see my Blog on attending Church note 1 below)   I heard the pastor of one of the many churches I had attended teach the Roman's Road to Salvation also known as the ABC PLAN.

At first I felt embarrassed that as an adult who'd attended church since childhood I hadn't been familiar with this term.  I opened my Bible and began marking up my book of Romans to understand the Romans Road and understanding the ABC Plan   Note 2.

But I was always bothered by the end of the road  Romans 10:9, 10 which seemed to be a complete contradiction to salvation by grace through faith alone and not by works.  Compare scripture with scripture. Read Ephesians 2:8,9 KJV next to Romans 10:9,10 and hopefully you'll see a problem. To see that as far as eternal salvation- redemption is concerned,  Romans 10:9,10 is actually the cliff to salvation. If you don't understand,  please keep reading.    Please see Note 3 on what is Bible based Salvation.  

Unfortunately, not wanting to be a weak Christian and to find lost souls to save, I memorized the Romans Road ABC Salvation plan  and employed it for more than 15 years. 

It wasn't until recently, I  pulled out my King James Bible and really started to research this issue fully and now confess that I was in error in following and teaching the ABC Salvation plan also the Romans Road.   Please study the links below to prove that the ABC plan is not based on the scripture of salvation which is clearly given to us in Ephesians 2:8,9 which by belief in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross and is NOT of works but in belief and faith alone.   

 NOTE:  There are thousands of professing Bible teachers out there today preaching a false salvation of faith plus works.  These are ravenous wolves. Please pray and be a good Berean (ACTS 17) and not fall for their added works teaching which is damnable heresy and they will be judged of God for teaching another gospel than the true gospel given to Paul to the church which is the body of Christ .

In my research I've found that the reason the Romans Road ABC Salvation plan is so misleading is because it is based on truth in that it is based on solid Bible scripture not related to our eternal salvation because immediately it starts preconditioning a person to start a mental task of work; i.e., doing a series of tasks to make ourselves saved.  

When in reality it is God who draws us to him, we don't come to him.  He called us as clearly written in John 15:16 and Ephesians 1:4. and by the power of the Holy Spirit convicts us of our need for redemption to salvation. Simply by understanding the simple gospel message found in 1 Corinthians 15: Jesus coming to earth and dying on the cross for us and by his shed blood we stand righteous before God and Jesus was resurrected on the 3rd day and ascended to heaven and believing on this we are saved. 

Please research for yourself and understand that Romans Chapters 9 - 11 are not addressing the Church age directly and that confession of faith is not related to our eternal salvation. Also,  please don't fall prey to hyper-dispensationalism and think Romans chapters 9-11 can't be used by Christians for insight and application in our daily lives as Christians.  If you have questions please email me:

Links below:  Thank you.  God Bless your study in being a good Berean .   



1.  I don't go to church and here's why   

2.  The Romans Road to Salvation explained by the ABC plan.   LINK

3.  Biblical Salvation  


4.  King James Bible  1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV... There is no admitting or calling on Jesus here. Only BELIEF. 

5.  Free Grace Theology on trial by Anthony B. Badger, ThD, Soteriologist : The Pothole in the Roman Road Appendix 7 .   This study is a comprehensive bible based study to prove that Romans chapters 9, 10, and 11 are not related in any way directly to the church age but rather to National Israel and God's plan to save Israel. This is a must read for all Christians.  I have taken a small excerpt and printed it out below at end of footnotes directly related to Romans
Road  salvation fallacy.

6.  What about Romans 10:9,10?  Must I audibly confess "Jesus is Lord" to be saved?

7. Urgent is Romans 10 AKA The ABC Salvation our Gospel for today ?   LINK

8.  Should Romans 10:9,10 be used for Witnessing?   LINK

Quote taken from Dr. Badger Appendix 7 on Romans Road: page 332 beginning:  quote:
The context of Romans 9 through 11:

The Chart below represents a categorical overview of Romans. The first and second columns focus on Paul's overall intention to bring about the obedience of faith among the Gentiles. They need to avoid God's residual wrath both now and at the future day of judgement.  The third and  fourth columns of this table show how God can justify or declare righteous those who believe in His Son for eternal life and ow He is available to sanctify or cleanse those so justified and regenerated trough faith. The sixth section is Paul's practical exhortation section giving specific instructions on how believers ought to live by faith.

ROMANS by Chapter and Verse
          1          2          3
1:1 - 17
1:18 - 3:20
3:21 – 4:24
5 – 8
9 - 11
12 - 16
Wrath on Jew
& Gentile

How God
Justifies by
How God
By faith
How God
How to live by

Now give attention to the fifth column in the table,  namely, that section involving Paul's /God's desire for the salvation of Israel as a nation.  This section transitions one's thought from the universally applicable sanctification section of Romans 5-8 to the instructions for experiential Christian living in Romans 12-16. It also serves as the nearer context for Romans 10:9-13, which text is under primary consideration.

Rene Lopez suggests that "Paul's purpose of writing chapters 9-11 is two-fold:  To vindicate God for temporarily excluding national Israel from His present plan in light of  His promises in 8:28-39 to the Church, and to curb Gentile arrogance after having received God's mercy as represented in the gospel, since Israel in the future will again be grafted into God's plan (Rene A. Lopez, Romans's Unlocked: Power to Deliver, (Springfield, MO; 21st Century Press, 2005, 188) "  Any way one cuts it, this section speaks of Israel as a nation in the context of Gentile nations having been included in God's plan. Failure to understand the national implications of Paul's argument in this section will certainly lead to a misunderstanding of the soteriological effect of confessing Christ as Lord and calling on His name.

Romans 10:9,10 is found, of course, within the larger context of Romans 9 - 11 involving national Israel, her failure, and God's intended restoration of the nation. Contrary to what some refer to as Replacement Theology (which teaches that the Church replaces Israel in God's plan and promises) this section of Romans leaves no doubt that God is not through with the nation nor has he permanently set it aside. Lopez asks rhetorically, "If God loves the elect (i.e, the chosen people, Israel) and his promises cannot be thwarted, how can he forget His chosen people and promises made to them in the Old Testament ? "  ***

Paul gives the reason for the temporary exclusion of national Israel in Romans 9:30-10:4. They had rejected the Messiah and failed to attain the righteousness which only Christ could supply.  This allowed for the inclusion of Gentiles in His plan until the time Israel would turn to the Lord. Paul later uses the image of a cultivated olive tree with branches that are either broken off or grafted in. The whole olive tree metaphor indicates the state of things in the present Dispensation of Grace (cf. (Romans) 11:17-24).

Israel had rejected their Messiah, so God temporarily set them aside as a nation. He then brought Gentiles to Himself through the gospel. Since Paul's goal of Gentile obedience to the gospel was possible, they became obliged to turn to the Lord as well, just as in Israel's case.

Further more in Romans 9 1-9 the Apostle expresses his extreme concern for the nation consisting of his brothers, his Kinsmen according to the Flesh and indicates he would sacrifice himself and die for them (9:3 )he recognizes and realizes that Israel as a nation had been selected as the means through which Messiah would come that they had failed to accept the Messiah and that despite this there would be a future Remnant that (shall be saved (9:27) Paul uses Isaiah 10:22 support to support this for though your people o Israel be as the sand of the sea a remnant of them will return the destruction decreed shall overflow with righteousness Isaiah uses the Hebrew word shub which is translated returned, but Paul interprets this word by using Sodzo ( to be saved ) when he quotes the verse. Thus Paul understands the salvation of Israel to be equated with the return of Israel to the Lord as a nation in the latter days and this understanding supplies the pattern for Romans 10: 9 and 10 . In Romans 9:28 Paul enlarges on the predicted time of Wrath the decree destruction and the overflow of righteousness quoting Isaiah "for the Lord will execute his word on the earth thoroughly and quickly Isaiah 10:23; Romans 9:28. This of course places Israel's return to the land within the time frame of God's Wrath on Earth as he deals with that nation and is identified as the last days or the final 70th week of years prophesied by Daniel 9:24 - 27 IE the seven years of tribulation prior to the initiation of the Messianic Kingdom. The tribulation will of course be a time of Wrath on Israel as God restores the nation i e by providing for the Salvation of all Israel as believing Israel Remnant will live through the period of Wrath and be physically saved Romans 11:26 Matthew 10:22 Matthew 24: 9 through 14 Matthew 21 - 22. It is also called the time of Jacob's trouble or distress this is in Jeremiah 30:7, the indignation Isaiah 26:20 - Daniel 8:19 11:36 and the wrath to come Matthew 3:7 Luke 3:7 Ezekiel 24 : 8 . Jesus spoke of his second coming as after the tribulation of those days Matthew 24: 29-31 and the Apostle Paul later assured the church at Thessaloniki that they the church age Believers will be rescued from the Wrath to come 1st Thessalonians 1:10 additionally 1st Thessalonians 5:9 indicates that God did not appoint us the church to wrath but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul here equates the Salvation as Deliverance of the church as a corporate body which the future Rapture of the church will be caught up or saved from the time of Wrath this will occur when Jesus returns for Christians at the beginning of the 7 year tribulation at the Rapture the catching away of the church Jesus himself referred to the time following the physical Rapture salvation the church. etc....

Page 338: Romans 10:9,10 focuses on (Paul's passion) for Israel's national salvation more pointedly. He (Paul) wanted Israel as a nation-state to be saved from the coming judgemental wrath of God in light of their rejection of the Messiah. So, after he advises that the message or word of God from heaven is not difficult to obtain, but that it is actually near them (Romans 10:5-8), he gives the precise remedy for the people and the nation. etc...

In summary, internal faith in the resurrected Messiah (Romans 1:3-4) with one's heart results in justification-salvation on a personal level. But Paul has the nation of Israel in view for the outward, verbal confession. Such confession of and calling on Jesus as Messiah by the Jewish nation results in their physical salvation or deliverance during the time of God's wrath upon His chosen nation. Verse 9 focuses on salvation for deliverance in a twofold sense: First, national-salvation from their enemies is obtained in the corporate sense by their confession of Jesus as Lord as the nation returns to Him. second, justification-salvation in the individual sense is obtained through internal faith in the Messiah. The nation is saved by confessing Jesus as Lord after Israelis are individually justified by personal faith in Him. Verse 10 reverses the order of this twofold sense of salvation by speaking, first , of belief in Him (which leads to one's individual justification) and, second, of confessing His name for a broader salvation or deliverance from dire national circumstances. Only believers are qualified to call upon him for salvation from harm, danger present situations or, in the case of Israel, God's wrathful dealings with her as a nation under Gentile attack." End Quote...



  1. Edward Pfenninger --there's your problem. The ABCs of Salvation/Romans Road has saved COUNTLESS souls from Hell..At his LATE hour you're going to dismiss a successful way of saving souls because you listen to the heretical Pfennibger (with little to do but attacking others with MOST of his time) that's just depressing. The hour is LATE, the Abcs/Romans Road WORKS. There is nothing wrong with confessing Christ audibly. There isn't enough time to be so "picky"..Somehow, I believe Christ would agree, since a MAJORITY isn't even bothering to TRY to win souls to Christ!!
    Edward IS a heretic, I've proved it. That's on you. Jesus is clear: BEWARE of false teachers. His hardened heart against others alone proves he isn't to be trusted, his theology is just an "extra"..MOST of what he "taught" that I saw was Catholic doctrine AND his insisting that we are NOT "slaves of Christ", that ISN'T what the Greek "doulos" means..My Strong's Lexicon says otherwise and I showed him. He removed my comments. I pray you open your eyes and you also see HOW late the hour indeed IS.

    1. Thank you Meme. Yes, deleted Edward Pfenninger. I had it out with him after repeated attempts for him to change his perverted teaching on TRINITY and other issues, especially his affinity with the Catholic faith, with him. He sent me a nasty comment. Yes, the ABC is works based salvation. This is why I posted this Blog.

    2. Meme. Yes, absolutely I know the hour is late. Take your pick: Which is in accordance with the Gospel as taught by Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV: BELIEVE and be saved or is it ACKNOWLEDGE and CONFESS plus BELIEVE. ??? What does Galatians 1:8,9 KJV clearly tell us??? What does 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV tell us about rightly dividing the word of truth? I pray YOU open YOUR eyes and YOU also see that the Bible and NOT what one thinks is WHAT GUIDES ME...


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