Thank you CJ Pearson. God bless you young man for putting a tyrant Congresswoman in her place

Video of a 16 year old boy named CJ Pearson taking on a reprobate Congresswoman.



Wow! Amen! Powerful! Thank God for this powerful young man. Thank you CJ. I would love to meet you and shake your hand young man. God bless you! Trust me, people living in Communist countries fear the Government greatly and rightfully so.  I speak from first hand experience living in a Communist Country for over 6 years. This foul, what's the name, CongresswoMAN was very serious, trust me.  Yes, Marxism works like this: The State (Government) is Supreme with absolute control over all facets of people's lives.  The people serve the State. In America we by our Constitution work as The State serving the people. The Government fears the people. I used to tell people in these Communist countries that police cars in America actually have words (or at least used to) that say TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE. Yes the Government is the servant of the people. The people would marvel, mostly praying they could maybe someday come to America.

Here's CJ first video at only 12 years old Speaking out against Obama.



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