Debunking more Flat Earth nonsense

Another zoned out flat earth insanity video I debunk
Here's the video
You, dear lady, are absolutely wrong on this. I like your channel because of your bold approach against so much evil today, but I have to alert people that this idea of a flat earth is craziness. The Earth as well as ALL celestial BODIES (research the word body, i.e. 3 dimensional object) is a sphere. Educated people are stunned by you and your kind actually believe this.  I and other educated clear thinking people can prove on the 3  accounts of 1. Observation of the obvious known as horizon measured. 2 . Actual Experience and Experiment i.e. tested as Pilots and Sailors as I am both,  can prove by both navigation (celestial, ocean charts, Aviation etc, piloting at sea both surface and global submarine service in the US Navy using charts, using communications dealing with global sphere issues, etc. 3. The Bible, scripture proves celestial BODY and our earth. The word firmament has been hijacked. Please read scientific evidence and KJV  Bible and Oxford English dictionary evidence in this link


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