Exposing the Apostate Church of 2019

Video from a former member of Harvest Bible Chapter under James Macdonald
My Response:
These filthy Reprobates who make merchandise of the unlearned. 2 Peter 2:3... I've never been to Harvest but I've seen James Macdonald's disgusting beggar video that screams hypocrisy promoting unbiblical  social gospel and encourages Pathological Altruism. Please see link below. Please take a moment to read Blog of my personal testimony of 50 years of attending church (literally hundreds, Black churches, Korean, Mega, Evangelical,  Baptist, AOG, TV ministries YouTube ,all over the United States and around the world) a thoroughly documented experience in the fraudulent 501C3 building operations, including even the private enterprises and foreign operations calling themselves churches that are run by mostly Jesuit influenced Seminary trained apostate CEOs calling themselves pastors. We have recently completed an 800 page Ebook with over 2,000 source based references to substantiate every detail and we also include solid King James Bible referenced doctrine that has completely been removed from every church operation. We will send a free copy of our Ebook to anyone who requests a copy by emailing us in link attached or people can purchase the $0.99 Ebook on Amazon direct. Or people can simply read through the Blogs attached in links below to glean information that is essential in understanding what's happening today in these churches. I begin with first hand accounts of my days going back to our home church of  Calvary Temple in Denver Colorado when Charles E Blair was arrested on SEC violations in 1975-6, 17 counts of securities fraud and still only a fraction was ever repaid of the millions parishioners lost to Blair's Ponzi scheme. This is only a drop in the ocean of what is going on in churches today. I detail it in my Blog. One of my favorite to date is me on the phone with Kenneth Copeland ministries asking to speak to Kenneth about how my seed faith money of over $80,000. in multiple ministries including his, wasn't working out very well as we were losing our home. Or my years in Viet Nam to learn the extent of the Vatican's infiltration etc. Praise God I have now been homechurching and fellowshipping in small groups the same way I did in the underground church movement while living in Vietnam and visiting China. I'm now retired and have committed my life to exposing the Apostate Church and Charlatans that are fleecing the flock. Thank you.


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