Beware The Noahide Laws: Off with their heads!


* disclaimer: although I agree with the ultimate aim of the Luciferion Elite's use of the Noahide Laws and the need to expose their plan, this shaking my head production has used some contributors like Dr Madej who is a new ager and false teacher. 

Asking Dr. Brown is telling Dr. Brown that the Noahide Law Agenda is real.


Note: Interesting that by the publishing of this Blog, Adam Green, an outspoken critic of the Noahide Laws and Zionism in America has been banned from YouTube. However, Dr. Green is free to continue posting his belief that the Noahide Law conspiracy is a myth, the same Santa Claus.

Dr. Brown. Anytime we Bible reading Christians correctly refer to the NOAHIDE LAWS we are talking about the enforcement of these laws after the Rapture of the Church when the AntiChrist comes to power. For you to call the Noahide Agenda Santa Claus proves you're either an unwitting tool of the Zionists or you're a part of the agenda to lull Christians into a false sense of security. Like most Messianic Jews, you have a difficult time believing in PreMillinialism and The Rapture of the Body of Christ. You also have a difficult time believing many of your Jewish Brethren come from the Pharisaical bloodlines. I realize you are all about stopping AntiSemitism which you should, and there is a growing movement in the Evangelicals and wrongly believe in Replacement Theology. However, you and your followers must understand that AntiZionism is NOT AntiSemitism. Please do not mix up AntiSemitism and AntiZionism.


 Noahide Law Agenda

Adam Green debate with Dr. Brown

The Noahide Agenda investigated

  Messianic Jews have a major  Identity Problem


  1. I went and found more information on the Noah Laws.
    Remember, Congress just passed a law where we cannot find fault with Jewish or Muslim people - but they did not include the fact that they couldn't find fault with Christians.
    This all seems to have ugly side effects. Will all this come at us - who knows. But it is interesting how Christians and the church doesn't bark about this big time. Thea

    1. Yes agree. We see it every day... the media, comedy, social commentary can denigrate Jesus Christ all day long. However, say something against other religions and it's hell to pay. It's interesting that this Dr. Brown is still fully active on YouTube calling Noahide laws Santa Claus , yet Adam Greene, the strongest critic of the Noahide Law agenda has been banned from a YouTube .

    2. And Praise God we have the blessed word of God that tells us we win in the end. The Lamb becomes the Lion. Can we really imagine with our minds eye The Tribulation sequencing into the 2nd Advent, especially Revelation 19:11-16 KJV and the fulfillment of Psalms 2 and Revelation 12:5??? Hallelujah! Maranatha!


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