Why all false teachers use the Strawman - False Narrative and never Debate by the Rules


 Think Twice before Calling into Religious Talk Radio 

Pray and seek God's wisdom before confronting a false teacher on Talk Radio. Note: Although addressing call in programs, this also applies to any verbal and even written argument against a false teacher. 

I've watched  ASKDr. Brown a modern day Judaizer who mixes in the leaven of the law, the kingdom gospel and sprinkles in the gospel of grace in his YOUTUBE Video program called ASKDr. Brown.  He uses this paradigm perfectly.

Also look at this dispicable mockery of Jews for Judaism where they beat up on a Messianic Jew using the STRAWMAN FALSE NARRITIVE

 Unfortunately, I experienced this recently with a call in to a nationally syndicated radio station promoting false teaching in scripture.  The radio host took my challenge and twisted it into a STRAWMAN. He then proceeded with a 10-minute rant to make it look like I was pulling out heretical doctrine that had nothing to do with scripture. In other words he got my original argument which was soundly found on scripture and turned it as far fetched heretical doctrine not even related to scripture. And of course, I was not given an opportunity to respond. 

In the end the caller made my challenge into a strawman to super reinforce his heretical and blasphemous teachings.  My intention to rebuke him publicly backfired completely.  I felt afterward that I had done more harm than good. But God knows there may have been a listener in the audience who heard what had happened and started to actually read the Bible for themselves and start asking questions.

Let's be honest. In today's apostate age of false teaching, most Religious Radio Talk Shows are heretical and serve as nothing more than a Propaganda STRAWMAN. 

/ˌstrô ˈman/


an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument.

 Here's how the Talk Show call in scam works.

 An informed caller calls in with the purpose of correcting or questioning the show hosts content.  The Call Host like all good snake oil salesmen never give the caller an opportunity to debate. They quickly employ the following strategy:


Listen: The call in host listens carefully even repeats the callers question or concern. 

Synthesize:  The call in host literally processes the information given by the caller and adds information in light of their own bias without being challenged as would normally be in an open debate guidelines. Simplified the call host muddies the water in a myriad of ways.


Frame. Fashion anew.. Taking raw information from the caller's question or concern and adding their own synthesized data to fashion an entirely unique reframed question or concern that supports the call host.

Remember that the job of the Call host is to give a platform to the differences but to ensure that no singular perspective is promoted as ‘right’ OTHER THAN THE CALL HOST'S PERSPECTIVE...

If the caller tries to correct or debate,  a skilled talk host immediately employs some strategy similar to the Left Brain questioning tactic, an extremely effective way to bring the caller back to the reframed question/concern, and then the  host proudly answers the STRAWMAN. At this point the host says,  " okay thank you. Let's get to our next call..."

Call Host Tactics Links below:

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Left Brain questioning works every time


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