My Letter to Ask Dr. Brown

I sent the following Blog to Dr. Brown to dispute his errant teaching. 

Messianic Jews suffer from a major identity crisis. 

  • A few days later his staff emailed me and informed me Dr. Brown did not have an identity issue.

  • I then responded and asked to be allowed to debate Dr. Brown in the spirit of the love of Jesus. To address these issues.

  • Dr. Brown's staff asked me to send my credentials to see if they would invite me to debate.

  • I sent my credentials of being a university graduate Bachelor's degree.  Retired US Naval officer.  Retired Licensed School teacher.  Added a lifetime of Christian Bible study and serious Bible student.

  • They came back and said I'm not a recognized representer of my position but invited me to call into their live call in chat.

Here is my final response:  


Thank you for your response. Please pass along the following to Dr Brown from A Christian aka follower of Jesus Christ who sends this message in the love of Christ. 

I'm only documenting this as a witness and testimony that Dr. Brown was given the truth and it was rejected. 

Your statement:  Quote:

 "must limit the debaters to those that are recognized as representers of their positions. "

speaks volumes..

OF course I understand your situation and knew you'd respond accordingly. It's the same predicament as a title fighter being defeated by a "nobody". And the appearance of degradation of why a PhD would seriously debate a nobody.

Interesting Dr. Brown only engages those that give him a large social media venue even those who lack credible educational credentials or Bible knowledge to contest. Case in point, Adam Green. 

I'm not interested in your kind offer to call into your program.. Ironically your number is 866-34TRUTH or 866-348-7884.  

Let's be honest.  Call in programs are nothing more than a propaganda STRAWMAN. straw man
/ˌstrô ˈman/

  1. an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument.

 Here's how the call in scam works. A caller calls in with a question or comment. Dr. Brown answers without giving the caller the ample time to debate which makes Dr Brown answer the question.  

Read here how all snake oil salesmen use the call in with your question to manipulate content to the listening audience.   Here's quote for effective call in management:

The paradigm is:


Listen: The call in host listens carefully even repeats the callers question or concern. 

Synthesize:  The call in host literally processes the information given by the caller and adds information in light of their own bias without being challenged as would normally be in an open debate guidelines. Simplified the call host muddies the water.


Frame. Fashion anew.. Taking raw information from the caller and adding your own synthesized data and fashion an entirely unique question or concern and then answers the reframed question or concern that supports the call host.

Your job is to give a platform to the differences but to ensure that no singular perspective is promoted as ‘right’, (OTHER THAN YOURS )and no-one is insulted. 

If the caller tries to correct, skilled talk hosts immediately use Left Brain questioning that is extremely effective in bringing the caller back to the reframed question/comment and ultimate answer.  At that point the host says okay, great... thank you. Let's get to our next call...

Link of one of many others below:

"Host Tip of the Week: Taking Callers with Ease"

"De-escalation Training for Customer Service & Soft Skills Training Customized Engaging Online Customers

I experienced this recently with a call in to a radio station promoting false teaching in scripture.  The radio host took my challenge and twisted it into a STRAWMAN and made a 10 minute rant to make it look like I was confused regarding theological doctrine. I was given no opportunity to respond. 

Enough said. Thank you for your time. I won't take any more of your time. Now, Time for me  to shake the dust off my sandals and move on...

Andrew Sheets 


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