Leah Schade, self proclaimed Eco Preacher, proves herself a Reprobate

 Turned over to a Reprobate Mind


And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.Romans 1:28 (KJV)

In Romans 1, Paul refers to something known as a reprobate mind. If you're not familiar with the term reprobate, the literal definition in the Greek is failing to pass the test, unapproved, counterfeit.
The Reprobate False Teacher Eco Preacher Leah Schade has doubled down as a true Heretic that exceeds the boundaries of blasphemy. 

Read other Blogs where I've exposed her outrageous apostasy. 

Leah Schade's Eco Theology is the doctrine of Demons

Why Leah Schade is wrong about the church being political 

Racial Justice is pathological altruism and is NOT the Gospel. Teachers of Social Gospel are teaching another Gospel. Read Galatians 1:8,9 KJV.

Christians get out there and vote as your Christian duty.  Really?

And today I came across another shocking Leah Schade false teaching.  In her disgusting article below she - a woman who is unbiblical posing as a preacher (1 Timothy 2:12-14 KJV) - is telling biblical preachers and Christians what God wants them to do in dealing with this current election mess.   She takes all of her false Gospel teaching and bears down on Christians with a heavy handed liberal social gospel which embraces every other evil including Dominion Theology, Ecumenism, Gnosticism among other heresies, and actually exposes herself as a socialist and racist out to condemn whites and promote white guilt.  If Leah were some social advocate I couldn't care less on her views, but to promote her garbage as Biblical Doctrine is BLASPHEMY.  She is no different from the neo con Evangelicals who worship President Trump who stand on the other end of the spectrum.

 Please read it for yourself,  if you can get through it without vomiting. 

I usually address each line of a false teacher's article with sound biblical doctrine and scripture evidence.  However I shall treat Leah Schade's latest with one stern rebuke as follows:

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in accordance with the word of God I rebuke Leah Schade as a Heretic. Her outrageous teaching proves that God has turned her over to a reprobate mind.

Amen! Maranatha!
For the record, I am neither a Republican or Democrat or Independent and certainly not a Trump MAGA Zombie.  I am a Christian who reads his Bible.


Post Election Preaching Article by Leah Schade

Post-Election Messaging & Preaching: Red, Blue & Purple Church Tactics


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