JUDAIZERS OF TODAY The False Gospel of Messianic Jews and Their Evangelical Accomplices


Galatians 4:25, 26 KJV 

The Messianic Jews are modern day Judaizers and their fellow Evangelical false teachers are guilty as well and also stand before Galatians 1:8,9 KJV

Galatians 4:25 is the Judaizers.  They are in bondage under the law.

  Galatians 4:26 is the body of Christ who knows they belong to the promises of Abraham under the NEW COVENANT and know they are not jew or gentile or male or female but are ONE IN CHRIST JESUS. 

The church has been in deep spiritual battle with the Judaizers for the past 2,000 years. Read Acts and throughout the Pauline Epistles you'll clearly see this battle. What did Paul hammer on so vividly in Galatians?  I could literally list books chapters and verses to fill this page proving how vivid this battle. Satan is still using this paradigm because it works so effectively.  

Paul even had to get in Peter's face in Antioch and rebuke and correct him for partaking in the Judaizer FALSE GOSPEL.   Read Galatians 2:11 KJV and Acts 11:2 KJV

I was compelled to write a blog and post a YOUTUBE Video titled: Few Know the Gospel. Please watch or read the Blog here:

Most do NOT know the GOSPEL #EndTimes (thethirdheaventraveler.com)

In this study I need to write as both a witness and a testimony of how dangerous and real this is still today as part of the MANY FALSE GOSPELS that are spread out today.  

Just as then, today we find spiritually ignorant, non bible reading Christians falling for the likes of Amir Tsarfati, Steven Ben Nun, Ask Dr. Brown, Jacob Prasch,  Joel Rosenberg, and Jonathon Cahn the Con Man,  plus many, many other Messianic Jews including their Evangelical allies like the reprobate false teacher John  Hagee and other Evangelical Kingdom Builders and Zionists like Jack Hibbs. These foul birds who not only suffer from a major ID Problem - not understanding truly that Galatians 3:29 KJV (there is no jew, gentile male, female BUT ALL 1 IN CHRIST,) means exactly what it says - they proclaim a false Gospel.

No wonder Amir Tsarfati was trying to tell his young tour group to stop calling themselves Christians. No wonder him and others either say or heavily imply that if you don't speak Hebrew you're unable to fully understand scripture, so they - therefore - must translate what scripture is telling you. This is why they use the pagan star of remphan the so called star of david and why they use the symbol of the jewish menorah with the fish which is NOT biblical whatsoever.  

But worse they preach a different gospel by skirting around the true Gospel found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV adding works as I have exposed in my studies - see links in notes below. However by simply taking the JEWISH LANGUAGE, TRADITION, HISTORY coupled with not rightly dividing the word (Dispensations) to instill with the Gospel is exactly the subtle crafty satanic way the Judaizers crept into the church.   NOTE:  I am not against the Jewish history or the culture... I am against using this in the Gospel. If you can NOT see this I pray for you. 

This is also why these false prophets and teachers of JEWISH faith try mixing the ideals of Christianity to their JEWISH ROOTS and very carefully sprinkle in their leaven.  

On the other side of the coin are the false teachers of REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY - false belief unbiblical teaching that the church has replaced Israel and actually border on antisemitism -  like Chuck Baldwin leading flock astray up there in Montana and others like John Piper who has mislead so many young people astray.  See notes below. 

A super slick and crafty false teacher is Steven Ben-Nun who speaks out boldly against Zionism and how it is destroying the world BUT goes back door and leads his followers to to be led into a soft sell of replacement theology and eschatology that literally has his followers preparing for the antichrist. He also has his followers believe he is a "Hebrew Scholar" and knows what the Bible says better than the English Speaker.   See study on Ben-Nun and his wife with alias names in notes below. 

I love Israel and our Jewish Messianic believers and pray they may be saved. For those who are I pray their eyes be opened as was Peters. 

 I DO NOT pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  I pray as Paul did that Israel might be saved.. Romans 10:1KJV please read further down.. 

Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem is taken from Psalm 122:6 KJV and is NOT referring to the Zionist Government and unrepentant National Israel as discussed in Galatians 4:25 KJV. But rather Psalm is pointing the the future when the Millennial Kingdom is established and which is now realized in the spiritual realm proven by Galatians 4:26 KJV.  Sadly, this is so vastly misunderstood and misapplied. Zionist shills love to use this verse to fleece the flock.  They add, Send us your money to bless Israel. Ask who is getting your money?  The people of Israel OR the wolves that take up your collection.  

Look at the likes of Joel Rosenberg teaching his Evangelicals: Pray for the Peace and Safety of Israel... YOU CAN NOT MAKE THIS UP...(Abraham PEACE Accord 1 Thessalonians 5:3 KJV etc. see detailed notes below) because their quest for peace and safety will only come under the covenant with death (Daniel 9:27KJV). 

Every or almost every Evangelical shouts from their pulpit: Pray for the PEACE OF JERUSALEM. John Hagee has taken this to an art form. The Zionists LOVE HIM. And so do the NEO CON ZIONIST Hawks who spill our blood for...  I will stop here because this is not the purpose - scope - or intention of the blog. Additionally there are many issues - regarding that I'm not at liberty to discuss in both authority or spiritually speaking. Amen!

Note to prove the Zionist agenda in its evil political evangelical dominionism: I will only mention briefly you read my study on the Neo Cons pushing for war with Iran and how the Zionist coalition is fully behind it. Compare this with General Wesley Clarks speech on 7 Countries in 5 years, compare with Amir Tsarfati explaining why a US Navy nuclear fast attack submarine, in the Mediterranean port Souda Bay Crete,  is a guest of Israel. He also had all of his information regarding the mission incorrect. I have information in my Blog link in notes below: Who are you Amir Tsarfati?   

 The Neo Neo Con Agenda in full swing: Objective number 7: Iran (thethirdheaventraveler.com)

I am retired US Navy served in submarines.  I therefore speak with authority that US Naval vessels on deployment in international waters in the 6th fleet - or any fleet for that matter - do not operate as "guests of Israel" or guests of a neighboring country.   To show an example how blind are misinformed Amir's followers are:  A lady sent me a blast saying her father served in the navy and would never say such mean things as me.  NO COMMENT...Other than this speaks volumes...  Again this is not a political statement but rather connecting the dots of how these Zionists are using political - military - issues to bring in their "agenda".  

Before submarine service I spent an extended 6th fleet deployment in support of US Marines in Beirut Lebanon.  All I will say from the perspective as a boat officer, Israel was out of the equation completely - they had a most vested interest and was always in the background. We fully understood that if Israel decided to make an air strike we would get NO WARNING.  I used to ask myself outload: "Why am I more concerned about being an Israeli "collateral damage statistic" than a stray round from Hezbollah? This seriously included standing next to a US Marine Gunny Sergeant in the Beirut Airport Marine bunker and asking him what those snap-crack sounds were. He casually informed me they were stray AK 47 rounds from the neighborhood. 

  Compare this with the USS LIBERTY incident and I will leave it here...

Note: Although I never watched his videos on the USS LIBERTY Steven Ben Nun supposedly exposes the ZIONIST agenda behind this.  Another reason why it's shocking to me why Steven Ben Nun would throw Israel under the bus.  This seriously deserves more study.  See my notes on exposing Ben Nun below. 

September 9 -11.  Compare Amir Tsarfati with 9-11 commentary and other links in my study to prove Amir and his kind are extremely politically charged and activated.  Tell me where in scripture is this harmonized with 2 Timothy 2:4-8 KJV (do not be entangled with the affairs of this world and to strive LAWFULLY.)

 We must certainly ponder the question: Why did God allow the Zionist evil Luciferion elite Rothschilds to establish the Zionist state of Israel? To make ISRAEL GREAT AGAIN? NO... Answer with scripture: To bring them back to for the Time of Jacob's Trouble and to bring out his remnant. Jeremiah 30 KJV and Micah 2 KJV Romans 9:27 KJV, Daniel 9:24-27 KJV; Zechariah 13:9 KJV.

Side note: I wish that instead of fleecing low informed, non bible reading Evangelicals with news updates laced with heavy laden Zionist propaganda and false gospel sprinkled in - why doesn't Amir Tsarfati and his kind spend their time preaching to their people?  I know why... Because they wouldn't make millions of dollars and would get shut down... 

But on the subject of Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem - This will be a major update on previous Blogs to make this a separate study but for the sake of brevity let me ask you to study diligently these verses in context with Pslam 122:6 KJV:  Galatians 4:25,26 KJV,  Matthew 13 KJV, Luke 13:34 KJV, Luke 19:41,42 KJV, Isaiah 22:4 KJV, John 8:42-47 KJV and top it off with Romans 10:1 KJV...    Why didn't Paul pray for the Peace of Jerusalem in the Romans 9-11 interlude?  But he prayed:  I pray that Israel might be SAVED.... compare this with Romans 9:27 KJV.

 Note:  Why did Paul set Romans 9-11 as interlude for only Israel? This is for the Time of Jacob's Trouble... See my ABC Salvation teaching is not correct Bible teaching for Salvation in this dispensation and NOT the Gospel. Another reason why false teachers do not like Dispensational Truth and KJV Bible translations.  See notes below. 

I pray as did the Apostle Paul in Romans 10:1 KJV: That Israel will be SAVED.    (but remember only a remnant will be saved and this is NOT all of national Israel the ZIONIST government READ Romans 9:27KJV Zechariah 13:9 KJV, Isaiah 10;22... Please If you have not read my detailed studies on why Messianic Jews have a major ID problem and are modern day Judaizers please read links below.  To fully understand why ZIONISM is the modern form of Judaism and why it is NOT Biblical and why Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism please read links in notes below.

HOWEVER IS THIS LOVING ISRAEL?  Read this exposure of John Hagee which Ari Flesher post in the Jerusalem post article: CUFI’s John Hagee, face of Christian Zionism, grows movement despite skeptics (jns.org)

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, however, breaks the mold of Jewish Americans. He was born and raised in New York and is a conservative who has worked in the south for many years for and with Evangelical Christians, including former President George W. Bush.

Fleischer, a close friend of Hagee who was master of ceremonies at the Nov. 7 dinner, told JNS.org that his Jewish friends constantly express their skepticism of Evangelicals.

Fleischer added, “When they [Evangelicals] say they are praying for you, it doesn’t mean they are praying for you to convert. It is a heartfelt gesture that truly shows how deeply they care about your well-being.”

Hagee understands Jewish skepticism of Evangelicals, but hopes Jews can also be open-minded."   end quote excerpt from 

JNS.org John Hagee 

What Amir Tsartati and his fellow Messianic Jews along with their Evangelical foul birds of the same feather are doing is giving you ZIONISM, DOMINIONISM, ECUMENISM, NATIONALISM,  (and who knows how many more philosophical ISMS) and mixing this in with their false gospel.  

All and any ISM is of the vain philosophy of man is FORBIDDEN in scripture. REad it for yourself:

Colossians 2:8

“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

King James Version (KJV)

Instead of eating the leaven these false teachers pump out,  Do as did Paul and stand against them, rebuke them and pray for them.

Amen!  Maranatha!


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John Hagee the face of Christian ZIONISM

CUFI’s John Hagee, face of Christian Zionism, grows movement despite skeptics (jns.org)

, "In Defense Of Israel", John Hagee asserts that "Jesus did not come to the earth to be the Messiah". Yes, that's right, John Hagee said that, and John Hagee believes that. But when the book was published, there was such an outcry against his obviously heretical position, that Hagee was forced to re-write his book, and claim that he was "misinterpreted", and that he "used the wrong words" to get his point across.

At the same time he released his book, he also made a television commerical that ran on TBN, with him looking into the camera and saying the very things that he claims people have "misinterpreted" from his book. Maybe you can "misinterpret" a book from the way you read it, but him doing a TV commercial saying exactly what he denies is said is pretty powerful stuff. Things like this are usually referred to as the "smoking gun".

John Hagee Ministries Attacks NTEB In Attempt To Silence Video

Here now is the commercial of John Hagee saying that "Jesus did not come to the earth to be the Messiah." This action taken by John Hagee Ministries, petitioning YouTube to remove this video, has resulted in the permanent deletion of the NTEB YouTube channel.

John Hagee in his own words

"Jesus did not come to the earth to be the Messiah" - from John Hagee's book, 'In Defense of Israel"

John Hagee Tells the Jews They Don't Need Jesus | The Harpazo Forum (proboards.com)

Chuck Baldwin has it 100 % correct in teaching Zionism is destroying America and is NOT biblical - Sadly he throws the baby out the bath water as he dives into Replacement Theology

Rebuking Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship (thethirdheaventraveler.com)


Study the List of many links exposing his false teaching


On June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli forces. During the attack 34 American men lost their lives and 174 were injured, some of those near death. Many of those who survived have told their story of how their own government left them to be murdered on the high seas by Israeli forces in what they believe to be a false flag operation to draw the united States into the Six Day War. Phil Tourney, Ron Kukal, Mickey Lemay and Larry Bowen join me in this riveting interview about what happened that day and the coverup that ensued and has continued for 55 years. This is real history from the mouths of those who lived it.

Visit the USS Liberty Veterans Association

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  1. I’ve seen many Jews and some "Christians" argue that anything short of dual covenant theology (the belief that Jews don’t need to believe in Jesus to be saved) is “replacement theology,” and that simply trying to convert Jews is “antisemitic.”

    1. Thank you for your comment JE. I truly appreciate you. This is John Hagee and what Ari Fleischer was assuring his Jewish audience. I didn't know it was so prevalent.

    2. Speaking of Dr. Brown, a couple of years ago he had a debate with a rabbi who says the New Testament cannot be trusted, and that Christians should be more in line with the teachings of Judaism:


      I tried to post this article on FreeRepublic.com and got banned for it.

    3. Incredible. Why am I not surprised. Thank you JE. I am eternally thankful for your comments and information. read and post in links. Dr. Brown appeared on my radar the day he debated Adam Greene about what Dr Brown claimed the myth of the Noahide Laws.Shortly after Adam Greene was yanked from YouTube. And AskDr Brown mission is to stamp out AntiZionism falsely coined as Antisemitism. He thrives daily on his YouTube unchallenged now that major critics like Adam Greene have been silenced. He almosr daily pumps his STRAWMAN Episides titled ask me hard questions. And his heavy propaganda messages of Zionism Messianic Judaizer mix of Evangelical Gospel of the Kingdom with traces of Grace. I sent him 2 emails with my Blogs begging him to debate me online but he has refused claiming I lack the scholarly credentials and expertise. My bachelor degree is inadequate. I need a PhD in Theology. Notwithstanding My Blogs and videos will stand as an eternal witness and testimony against him and his kind. Amen!

    4. Okay. I read the article JE. I have heard of this guys book
      2012 Kosher Jesus, that fostered great debate.

      I will study it very carefully.

      I am trying to find a record either video or transcript of the 2019 debate between Dr. BROWN and this author SHMULEY BOTEACH   

      I believe with all my heart that Dr Brown is knowingly playing the role of the bad guy (antithesis- thesis- synthesis) to portray the perfect Hegelian Dialectic STRAWMAN DEBATE.

      Note BOTEACH claims Dr Brown is his friend. Trust me, a good Rabbi would never refer to a sold out blood bought born again Christian as a friend and open debate with them. The only way they gave thus debate is if the questions and answers are all rigged to make Brown look foolish. I have seen this over and over again in these farce fake debates. I have a blog on this. Included with a video as evidence. I will send

    5. JE

      Please give me your thoughts on this:

      Here are the links of how these false teachers use the STRAWMAN argument - False Narrative - I believe this paradigm was precisely what was used and planned by Dr. Brown and this Rabbi Boteach. It's their Saturday night pro wrestling fakery. both sides are working together in a Hegelian dialectic: thesis-antithesis-synthesis.



    6. Yeah. I’ve heard lots of criticism against Dr. Brown. Pulpit & Pen published many articles against him for promoting false teachers and movements.

    7. I will check it out. I was also alarmed by Dr Brown's Friends.

      Dr Cathy Burns wrote in BILLY GRAHAM & HIS FRIENDS "You can tell a lot about a person by the friends they keep."

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