Rebuking Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship

Chuck Baldwin in this interview with Adam Green in above link is very good. Chuck has an excellent grasp on the fallacies of Christian Evangelical Zionism. Sadly Chuck completely misses 3 key points, listed below. I also got the impression that Chuck is trying to merchandise his preaching. How could a true man of God denounce these fundamental principles?

Here's my open letter to him:

Dear Dr. Baldwin,

Subject:  The Christian Zionist Deception Interview with Adam Green @  Know More News last night May 23, 2019

Dear Dr. Chuck Baldwin,

Sir,  I watched your entire subject interview last night.  I'm very happy that you're awake and are awakening others about the great deception of the Christian Zionist agenda and their misguided agenda which amounts to and linked to Dominion - Kingdom Now Theology.

You have an excellent grasp on the fallacies of Christian Evangelical Zionism. Sadly you've completely missed 3 key - critical points, listed below. I'm concluding here that you're a Replacement Theologist which frankly is just as delusional as Dominion Theology.  I also got the impression that you're trying to merchandise your preaching like many of the charlatan preachers of today.  Tragically, you were led for 30 years in deception and came out of the frying pan and jumped into the fire.

My question to you is: How could a true man of God denounce these fundamental principles listed below?

1. God's covenant with Abraham is eternal and will be fulfilled. In your interview with Adam you were based true scripture on Galatians 3, but you completely throw out the old Testament and lead us to believe God's promises have no meaning. You are teaching Replacement Theology. This Sir is as damnable heresy as the Dominion Theologists. This is a major flaw of foolish men who disregard Dispensational Truth and don't know how to rightly divide the word of God.  You never mention 2 Timothy 2:15.  I have links in my Blogs below on Dispensationalism and the evils of replacemnt theology as well as domion theology which you call out.

2.  God is not finished with Israel and Israel (The Remnant of God's chosen).  After the church age is concluded at the Rapture (Dispensational truth which you negate and disregard) God will turn his attention back on Israel.  This is the main reason for the Time of Jacob's Trouble known as the Tribulation.    You talked about Galatians 3 last night in your interview with Adam but you completely left out Romans 9 - 11.  I wonder why???

3. Scripture is very clear there is a Catching Away (Rapture) of the Body of Christ.  1 Corinthians 15:51-57; 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17; 2 Thessalonians 2:3, etc... You are clearly not a believer of this which is baffling and sad, but I find most if not all of Replacement Theologists are of this belief.  After the Church (the body of Christ) has been removed the Jews and gentiles will go the time of Jacob's Trouble to purge, punish and refine the remnant of Israel.  See my time line in anti zionism is not anti semitism...

My prognosis: You may very well be leading the Tribulation Saints through the Tribulation… Please pray and repent from your errant teaching.

Please do not ask me to read your literature.  Your 1 hour interview made your theology quite clear.


Sadly,  Chuck Baldwin has doubled down. Today he called the Rapture the false Rapture. He speaks out against the absolute solid doctrine of the Rapture of the Church. You also promote Tithing which is NOT scripture for the church age.  I STRONGLY REBUKE YOU CHUCK BALDWIN.

In accordance with Titus 1:13, 2:15 and 2 Timothy 3:16 KJV  I rebuke you Chuck Baldwin.  You deny the Rapture, 1st time I heard you say it was today 3/7/2021.  You are deceived.  You also teach heretical Replacement Theology.  You do NOT HAVE Spiritual insight. Satan has manipulated you, your mouth and you speak against this. Sadly you are solid in your stand against Zionism, 501C3 operations, and your stand in support of the 2nd Amendment. Read John 8:42-47 KJV. The reason you cannot see the truth is because the truth is NOT in you.  I pray your eyes be opened. .  

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  1. Amen!!! That Pastor is using apple's to justify his hatred of oranges. Using the truth to justify his lie. Gods Covenant with Abraham is forever. Israel belongs to the Father. We are going after the synagogue of Satan. That Pastor is using the Synagogue of Satan to justify his hatred of Gods Covenant


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