The Prophetic Hope of Annise Parker, President and CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund

My Brother in Christ sent me this news article in link above titled, "Massachusetts just elected the nation's first openly lesbian governor."

My first reaction was: "In today's fallen world, this is just more proof we are going home soon! I could not care less about politics, or someone bolstering - exploiting their sexual preference through politics.

Paul warns us in 2 Timothy 2:4: "No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. And if a man also strive for masteries, yet he be not crowned, except he strive lawfully."  

 See my studies on striving lawfully and being a good soldier for Christ.

Fight the Good Fight Dear Christian - Strive Lawfully to Gain your Crown. Amen! (

The Path of a good Christian Soldier... #Endtimes #StrivingLawfully (

As I read the quote in the article from Annise Parker, president and CEO of the LGBTQ victory fund who helps queer candidates get elected to public office, I had a powerful flash back to a day when I was a high school teacher.

 flash back

intransitive verb 

to vividly remember a past incident 
The incident:

One morning as I unlocked the door to my classroom, I found a rainbow-colored pyramid shaped sticker about the size of my hand glued on the window of my door. At the base of the pyramid were the prominent black letters:  G S A.  My first reaction was to pull it off thinking some kids were tagging graffiti on doors. To my surprise the sticker was galvanized to the window and wasn't coming off easily.

In a hurry I bypassed the notion and assumed more pressing matters of the morning.

During my class I was informed by one of my straight "A" students who happened to be a very outspoken lesbian and member of the JROTC program that I had been unilaterally honored as a safe space for the student body's Gay - Straight - Alliance GSA.   I didn't have any say in this but was told by my dean that the students decide where they have their meeting places and my space had been designated.  I figured I had more pressing issues to concern myself with than worry about this.

A few days later I was asked by one of my gay students about my military career in the US Navy submarine force and IF at the time of my service IF the Navy allowed gays to serve. I told the student that at the time I served, "openly gay" personnel were not allowed to serve on active duty.  I noticed several of my students standing and listening intently, including the lesbian student. Another student asked IF I agreed with this policy or not. 

Of course, I realized I was being set up because the students knew I was a Christian and proclaimed my love and faith in Jesus Christ every time the occasion arose.  I also was aware of school policy forbidding these types of discussions and told the students to take their seats.

The students demanded I answer on both my moral convictions regarding homosexuals and homosexuals in the military service.

I finally had enough and said that I agreed with the Navy's policy during my service IF the gay person was openly flaunting their lifestyle and pushing their lifestyle on others. I also believe the Bible when God says that homosexuality is a sin.

The classroom exploded. The lesbian girl ran up to my desk and literally started to scream and cry - real tears - telling me that I "used to be" her favorite teacher in the entire school, how she "used to" love coming to my class, etc. BUT NOW... I was a bigot, a hater, an evil, foul, terrible man, full of hate for her and other gays and I needed to be fired.

I told her that I didn't hate her and gays, but rather I loved them, and she was still my best student. I told her that her and the other students that Jesus loved them too and that he died to save us from our sins.  And that we have choices in our life.  Their lifestyle is her choice, and I was only telling her what I personally know from my perspective and that she and the GSA members must respect my opinion and allow me to speak freely just as I allowed her and others to speak freely.

Nope!  Nothing doing... I had no right to express my thoughts IF my thinking was not precisely in line with their thinking. I was shamed into silence... No actually, I was intimidated and threatened into silence and that's how we left it from there.

Back to the quote from Annise Parker, president and CEO of the LGBTQ victory fund who helps queer candidates get elected to public office...

The Holy Spirit made it clear to me that this woman's quote is indeed prophetic because this will only grow as this world grows darker and darker before the Saints go home to be with our Lord.  This is what we will witness in these waning days:

When the "Queer" candidates are in complete power they will completely shut down any thought contrary to their lifestyle as hate speech.  The Bible and any "true Christian" will be vilified as public enemy number one.  FREE SPEECH is only an ideal but never a reality.

This all goes back to square one for the Saint.  Please do NOT get tangled up with the affairs of this life. Spend your time sharing the GOSPEL and LOVE of Christ Jesus. 

The Gospel is found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJB


Find Jesus Now!  Time is Short! The End is Near!



  1. Brother, a powerful testimony; I salute you for standing up to your students. I also agree with your thoughts about Parker and what her election win portends for hate speech.

  2. Amen Brother, We must proclaim the Truth. 📖🙏🏽


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