YOGA is not Christian it is Satanic Get out of it now!

I'm shocked and saddened by the marked increase of YOGA spreading into our American culture and especially in churches.

If you call yourself a Christian and practice YOGA STOP IT! and WAKE UP!

Let me begin by saying that I worked for a devout Hindu for over 1 year and got to know a lot about YOGA by talking to him. Here's a quote from him as he was disappointed I wouldn't join him in YOGA stretches one morning in the gym.

QUOTE from this gentleman: "Well, I understand you won't do these stretches with me. Actually, I'm surprised you're that aware of what YOGA actual is. I know you're a devout Christian and this is probably why you also know about my religion and that YOGA is an integral part. It's funny actually, to see these silly Westerners thinking that YOGA is a exercise - which I fully agree it is fantastic for the body - but you understand which is the truth that YOGA is actually prayer positions and it is actually quite in depth into postures of very reverent positions and is a very religious exercise to the gods, etc."

Here are a few other links if you don't believe my 1st hand encounter:




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