High Rapture Watch for Passover 2019 through Pentecost

We know the Rapture is Imminent and could happen any moment Amen! I'm not saying "this saith the Lord" God forbid. I don't know if the Rapture will happen today or on Passover. We know it will be soon. Amen! Hallelujah! Maranatha!
As a personal opinion I am super excited about this Passover through Pentecost 2019 April 20 through June 8th.
* Several Prominent Rabbis have said that this Israeli election in April 9 2019 will be the ushering in of the building of the 3rd temple and the Messiah would be revealed. > This is also time frame the Peace plan is to be revealed which many believe will have details for a 3rd temple.
*Powerful Rapture videos about Passover 2019 that connect the dots with current events and scripture Heres a few you've probably seen
* That terrible vision I had 6 years ago about the young man running out of a city like a wild man after having witnessed the Rapture and being left behind. I made a video about it here below:
* Also video child of Promise April 2013 before her 1st birthday
*42 years ago 1977 - 2019 the old widow who dedicated her life to fasting and prayer staying all her waking hours in the church told me in 1977, I would have a special child and child would be of a very profound significance. Note: The old woman was so emphatic on this she made me repeat what I heard. This woman died a few months later on April 21 which would be on my first daughter's birthday April 21, 1982. 5 Years later. 5 means Grace and Redemption. The woman's vision was validated and she stands redeemed by fulfillment. The number 42 is significant in Matthew 1:17: there were 42 Generations from Abraham to Jesus.
/See April 21 significance Daughters birthdate below in comment and how 30 connects with 42./
On April 18, 2014 I returned to the United States on good Friday and celebrated Easter Sunday 2 days later.
In April 2014 I purchased a 2014 Ford ESCAPE. This April 2019 our Ford Escape will be 5 years old. 5 Is Grace and Redemption. We used that Escape to "escape" conditions I'm not at liberty to discuss in Virginia and we certainly escaped the jaws of the lion in Texas leaving Texas in that Escape on 7-11-2015 when my daughter was 3 years old.
We arrived and are living on ENCLAVE (study meaning of Enclave) waiting for our Redemption. Amen!
Samey will turn 7 (number of perfection) on Passover 2019. Could the old Prophetess' vision be referring to our Rapture of the church?
God bless you and your family abundantly Brother.
Andrew Sheets
March 3, 2019
April 21. first daughter was born on April 21, 1982. She turned her back on God and renounced Jesus Christ as the Messiah the only Savior in scripture. My second daughter Samey was born on April 21, 2012 exactly 30 years later. Samey has an indepth love for Jesus. When my sister emailed me that my oldest daughter wanted to remove my last name from her identity, the Holy Spirit led me to read Genesis Chapter 4 and Chapter 21... 4/21 . I understood my oldest daughter was the child of flesh (I disobeyed my parents and married the mother of my oldest daughter and that wife who proved unfaithful). I also understood clearly that my second daughter was the child of promise. She came to be born to me and her mother through extraordinary circumstances of which the international clinic in Vietnam had planned to illegally abort my child of promise, before I could intervene. The number 30 means a dedication to a specific purpose dealing with the Kingdom of God. thirty can also be connected to the 3rd day fulfillment https://www.whatsaiththescripture.com/Timeline/Fulfillment.Prophecy.html


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    1. Wow! Amen! Thank you Brother! With God there is no such thing as a maverick molecule. Praise God! Looking with you Brother. All glory and honor and power to our Lord Jesus Christ. Maranatha!


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