The Knockout Punch to prove PreTrib Rapture #Maranatha


  1. well, bye, your so wrong on the rapture, nothing else you say, really means anything, adios. ps. good luck with that golf game, exposing others but refusing to see your own errors, and this rapture one is a big deal.

    1. Anonymous: Bye!!! Strike 3 you are out! Know this: Strike 1: You can't see the spiritual truth of God's word because you, as your father Satan cannot know the truth because the truth is NOT in you. Read John 8:42-47 KJV. You will vividly recall your words millions of times, over and over again when the actual Rapture of the Body of Christ does indeed take place. Strike 2: Your Spiritual ignorance also extends to your literary ignorance. You obviously missed some school classes, so some remedial education in basic Spanish and English is in order. In Spanish the word, Adiós, must have a diacritic (accent mark) placed over the O. In English you wrote: "your" instead of the correct word: you're or you are. Your is a possessive pronoun of you used as an attributive adjective, whereas you're is the contraction of the the phrase you are (Subject pronoun 2nd person with 2nd person verb form of to be). Thank you for your well wishes on my golf game. And you're correct about the Rapture. It is big deal and for Strike 3: You shall see yourself on the wrong end of this event when it happens.


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