Most Short Term Mission Trips are a Scam. Do not be deceived.

This Blog is not directed to Saints who've truly been called by God to go out into the mission fields,  wherever that may be. I myself was personally called to go to Vietnam in 2005 and in 2008 I moved there and lived among the people for 73 months. Where God calls he provides. I did not ask for any funds. Although I received $2,000 from an individual who told me the Lord told them to send me the money immediately. I supported myself entirely for the entire time.
What I want to address here are the sickening number of short mission scams run by charlatan reprobates. wolves fleecing the flock, mostly young people on fire for Jesus.
I am a retired military officer and have travelled all over the world.  I have worked and traveled as both a civilian as well as military. When I was only 18 years old I traveled to Germany and backpacked all over by myself. When my funds ran low, I worked. I never asked people to crowd fund me.
Here's how the scam works.
A fake 501c3 corporation called a church run by apostate Jesuit trained CEOs called pastors work with scam artists or by themselves and collect about $3,000. USD from innocent people. The scammers pocket most of this money, paying out only a small portion for the expenses. (They pay only a few hundred dollars for a group charter flight on an air carrier to fly anywhere in the world.
They only pay a few hundred for a host family to care for the missionary. Sometimes they pay nothing for food and lodging.)
The young missionaries go through mostly useless activity and call upon mostly rigged souls for false conversions.
Please stay away from these overpriced scams. Please read the links below regarding actual experiences.
If you truly are called,  God will show you a way. Do not use a scammer. but rely on God by praying of wisdom from the Holy Spirit to lead you.


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