Letter inside My KJV Bible for those who are left behind

The Following pages attached below are in my King James Bible that stays on my dining room table. After the soon coming Rapture, taking away, gathering of God's children, many of those lost will be running over to my home to find lots of stored water, food, and survival supplies, including weapons and ammunition they'll need to survive for weeks before basic service is restored.

But the most important thing they will discover will be the KJV  Bible which will soon be considered contraband by the New World Beast system of the Antichrist.  In the front of the Bible are clear imperative words that desperate souls must know.

Be warned, the end of time is here. Soon, millions of true Christians will disappear.  Those left will be looking for answers. Before you buy into the lies you'll hear, know the truth here in these pages.


(Note: To magnfy pages, download image and open on your photo gallery.)


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