Our Once Great Land, by James VanPatton

This is an email I received from a dear brother in the Lord who served our country as a US Marine. JAMES VANPATTON:
Begin quote:
"In 1963 we stood eye ball to eye ball with the Russians. Russia blinked and stood down. 2015 our great leader went looking for curtains to hang up. Putin and the Russians took the white towel off the floor from Obama and the USA. The Eagle flew away and America came off the top of the hill. We are no longer a superpower.
                                                          Never in my life, did I think our Country would be brought down and humbled. Never in my life did I think Christians would head down the same road as the Jews in 1938 Nazi Germany. Never in my life did I think the Gays would rule the day. But we who know the word of God, knew deep down inside it would come about. For it is written, it would come about.
                                                                       Prayers to save the USA will most likely go unheard by the Father. For our sins and smell have reached a Holy God. Our Lord has ever lasting Mercy. But He is also a Just Lord. Who can not let sin go on forever. All we can do now is pray for one more hour, one more soul. And when we are done praying, get back down on our face and ask for one more hour, one more soul. We have past the tipping point. Our Courts and wicked people have passed the final abomination. Judgment is now set.  Like Abram, humble ourselves before a Holy Lord, Jesus and ask for one more hour, One more Soul.
                                                                  Football and other cares of this world should stop. We should put sack cloth, fast and be on our face. Asking the Father for one more hour, one more soul. Every thing I write is for me too. The Lord has taken me to the wood shed many a time. Seems like a lot more lately. Some times my mind wanders, and Jesus has to use the Holy spirit to put me back in my place. I am so glad the Lord never gave up on me.
                                                                   So many Prophecy's are coming to past, it is making my head swim. I have them all written down. For it is written that if asked we are to be ready to give a account of our faith in Christ Jesus In season or out of season. It is true only the Father knows of that "hour". But Jesus warned us to know the season. Folks we are in that season the Lord spoke of. We are in the later days. Jesus words are ringing true. Love has waxed cold, so cold it is freezing.
                                                                     May the Lord count us worthy. I am looking up. You can almost see the trumpet going to the lips. We will soon hear the last trump.....

Love all of you dearly and look forward to your e-mails
in Christ James


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