Time of the WATCHMAN is now upon us


 .....TIME OF THE WATCHMAN  Micah 7:4

The truth. Most people can't handle or don't even want to  hear the  truth today.  But for those with ears to hear, LISTEN! NOW! 

 The time of the watchman is now.  A watchman is responsible for alerting others of impending disaster. In the Bible Ezekiel 33 talks about the duties and very sobering responsibilities of a watchman.  Some are called to be watchmen and to alert others.  I recently was led by the Holy Spirit to tell my sister in Christ that she was a watchman and to be bold in her duties.  She afterwards received solid confirmation. 

 Shortly afterwards I became increasingly burdened to get the word out and help my sister and it became very obvious to me that I was perhaps also called as a watchman. I don't know for sure, but I know I am compelled to keep saying that Jesus is coming to take his believers home.  If you are not saved, having Jesus as your savior, please do so immediately.  

The reason we're now in the time of the watchman is because the Shepherds who are supposed to be watching over the flock are asleep and tending to their own profit (Isaiah 56:10-11) and lulling their flock into a false hope and perverted ideal that NOW HERE AND NOW is all their prosperity, happiness, and blessings.  While true that God wants his children blessed, we are NOT to consider this our home, but seek the one that is to come. We are to COME OUT of the world ... NOT be OF IT.... 

I've been following the Joseph Prince Ministry Newsletters and watching other prosperity ministries.  God bless them, but I fear and tremble because as the Day of Reckoning draws neigh.. Jesus is standing at the door now, Prince keeps his daily newsletters coming about how God wants his kids to be happy, healthy, victorious, and  prosperous... He's building his empire as are other churches instead of getting his bride ready to meet their Groom, Jesus Christ.

There's a reason I came to this video


please note:  3/13/2009 = 3 + 1 +3 + 2 + 9 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9.  9 = JUDGEMENT


  1. I once was hitchhiking in Nebraska and this guy picked me up. He was listening to a Joseph Prince tape. I wasn't impressed with his preaching. Prince said that he looked all over the Bible to see where it says that the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and he couldn't find it. I don't know any Scriptures right off, but the Holy Spirit DOES convict us of sin.

    The Baptism in the Holy Ghost gives us power to preach, witness and overcome sin in our lives. Taking up our Cross daily and dying to self gives us depth of spirit. Some people overemphasize the power of the Holy Ghost and they are not dying to self. Dying to self is unpleasant, but it needs to happen for us to grow stronger and deeper in Christ.

    Joseph Prince should probably read some of Watchman Nee's works.

  2. Sarah: I should have been more specific about Watchman Nee. Here are some things that people can read about dying to self that Nee teaches well:

    "The Deeper Work of the Cross by Watchman Nee"

    "The Cross of Christ by Watchman Nee"

    I have met many people who read the Bible and reject Christ. They think that if they study the Bible that this means they have eternal life. There is no doubt that Joseph Prince reads the Bible, but it doesn't look like he is truly surrendered to Jesus, so that the Holy Ghost can teach him what Scripture means. Joseph Prince would do well to read Watchman Nee's "The Deeper Work of the Cross".

    The reason why I like Watchman Nee is that he truly suffered for his faith: he spent his last 20 years in prison in China because he was a Christian. People like Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen and Rick Warren are conformed to the world. If Jesus were dynamite, those guys wouldn't have enough Jesus to blow their nose. If someone is shallow, they will only get shallow truth from the Bible; if someone has depth of spirit (dead to self) they will get gold, silver and precious stones from the Bible (implying that we need to dig deep in Scripture to get to the gold, silver and precious stones).

    1. Amen, Sarah. This is the reason I believe the corrupted translations of the Bible are so plentiful today. They fit right into the falling away and apostasy of the church which is now so conformed to the world and corrupted that they're inseparable, inexorably linked, galvanized as ONE. This will NOT STAND.

    2. Tim, Watchman Nee is my favorite after the Bible. I've read "The Spiritual Man" a few times and always keep it around, online now, and refer to it often. You're right on. Today's teaching has completely distanced itself from "The Cross" Their religion is bloodless; i.e., no blood. I once wrote a "prosperity pastor" of a church I attended years back, a letter and told him that he and his wife stand at the pulpit and have removed Jesus and the CROSS from their preaching and spend their time on "worldly" "self-help" "material" things.
      God bless brother.


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