Acceptance of Gays in the Military; The Beginning of The End of the American Fighting Force

Preface by Andrew L. Sheets,  Lieutenant Commander,  SC, U.S. Navy Retired

I'm a retired U.S. Naval Officer, I served my great country as both an enlisted man in Navy Intel and as a Commissioned Officer for over 20 years. A substantial portion of my career on Nuclear Submarines. 

 Try to imagine living for months at a time submerged deep beneath the surface of the vast oceans of the world in a steel pipe 360 feet long, 35 feet wide with 120 other men and machinery for months at a time.  

What maintains high order and discipline in stressful, extremely psychologically challenging situations is  highly trained men committed to a common goal. As I'm sure in the other services, especially the Marines and Army in combat, men fight not so much for their country and the flag which this is a major part, but for each other.  Common bond of a shipmate, a fellow solider, the warrior's code is not understood nor can it be by those who've never served.

Moral discipline is key to Morale.  It can not be overstated of how MORALS and MORALE go hand in hand. If Moral discipline decays, morale is terribly affected.  If a member of a military unit openly expresses their unnatural affection for other members of the unit, morale is greatly affected.

I do not speak without knowledge or experience on this matter.  We had a member of our submarine who was discharged for homosexuality.   His behavior caused immense disruption to crew morale. This is what this member told me as he was being processed out of the submarine force and ultimately the U.S. Navy.

"You know, I really tried to behave myself, to conceal my true identity. But, come on, think about it! Watching all of these awesome naked (graphic profanity) every day, all day and night drives a boy like me crazy. Especially you, sir. Every time I see your (graphic profanity) it makes me (graphic profanity). I can't think of anything else. I really want you so bad. I can't express how bad I want some other of my shipmates and especially the officers. Don't know why but officers really make me. (graphic profanity).  "  end quote.

Now, I ask you this question. "What would happen now in the current environment of open acceptance and even promotion of homosexuality in the U.S. military?"

I don't even want to think about it.  All I can say is Jesus told us that when we see these things to look up because our redemption draws nigh.  Praise God that Jesus is coming to take his saints home soon.  I pray the evil world repents now before it's too late.   Jesus is coming soon. This is another sign of the times. But before Jesus does take his children home, we are to stand in the gap and speak out against these things.  Amen. May God give us strength.

BELOW IS AN OUTSTANDING  COMMENTARY BY Pastor Frances Riley and Lt. Colonel John Lewis Cook, USA (ret.)

You can kiss the Military Goodbye.. With folks like Valerie Jarrett and Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon.   Forget the military as such.
I guess only time will tell whose vision of America is the right one - conservative or liberal.   I don't like the direction we're taking.   I'm sure glad I'm no longer in the military - I wouldn't survive these issues.
Commentary by Lt. Colonel John Lewis Cook, USA (ret.)
Just when you think the Obama administration cannot possibly engage in any more stupid, embarrassing episodes, you suddenly discover that you are wrong.   This administration’s capacity for insanity appears to be limitless.   The latest example of this occurred on Tuesday when the Pentagon hosted something called the Second Annual Gay Appreciation Day.
This tribute to the Lavender Set took place in the Pentagon’s auditorium which is in the basement of the building. Normally, special events such as this take place in the bright sunlight of the center courtyard. In any event, the basement is the perfect place for this venue.
Valerie Jarrett, the president’s all purpose, all weather cheer leader was in charge and she was definitely ready for the challenge.  Ms. Jarrett is famous for other-the-top statements that bear little resemblance to reality and on Tuesday, she did not disappoint.
“Because we repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, our military is stronger and our country is safer now that homosexuals may serve openly,” she told the cheering audience.   This is a most sweeping assertion and it would, under normal circumstances, be accompanied with something in the way of proof to lend it credibility.   After all, she is making the gay soldiers sound like supermen and, without them, the nation would be in grave danger.   However, there is nothing normal about these circumstances we are facing today with this administration.    It’s as if Obama has repealed the requirement for any supporting documentation, on any issue.   In short, if the administration says it, it has to be true.   If the administration decides to make gays in the military the new Golden Boys, then they become Golden Boys.    Period.
Next up was Chuck Hagel, the current Secretary of Defense who was selected to be the fall guy for the loss of Afghanistan.   Unfortunately, he doesn’t know it yet.   Taking his cue from Ms. Jarrett, he fell right in line.   “We’re very proud of everything the gay and lesbian community have contributed and continue to contribute,” he echoed, with the same amount of proof and less enthusiasm that Ms. Jarrett offered, which was none.
Then Eric Fanning, Air Force Secretary, heaped praise on a gay Marine Captain and said when he deploys in August, “he’ll be taking his husband with him.”   (I admit, it will take some of us some time to get used to these odd possessive pronouns, such as “his husband,” and “her wife,” but I suppose we should all make the effort because they are not going away.    However, in the interim, it does appear a bit, well, queer.)
To make the event complete, there was actually a gay General officer in the audience.  Not much of a General, to be sure, only a Brigadier and not active duty but reserve, but technically, a General none the less.   BG Tammy Smith is duly noted as the groundbreaking General officer that actually came out of the closet.   She and her wife were duly recognized.   At next year’s event, I’m sure the organizers are praying for a two or three star active duty General just to give the whole thing a touch of class.
While it is all too easy to make fun of these officials fawning over gays as if they were rock stars or an endangered species, there is a far darker side to gays serving openly in the military and none of these officials have the courage to address it.   The dirty little secret is this.   During 2012, the first full year where gays could serve openly in the military, there were 26,000 sexual assaults across all services.   Of these 26,000, 14,000 were male-on-male assaults.   Yes, you read that correctly.   More men in the military were sexually assaulted than women in 2012.   So who is committing the majority of sexual assaults in the military?   Well, it’s the new hero who “is making our country safer,” according to Ms. Jarrett, the homosexual serving openly.   It’s the same homosexual soldier that Chuck Hagel is “so proud of.”   In fact, Hagel is “proud of everything the homosexuals and lesbians are doing.”   Well, do you think he’s proud of this report that was reluctantly released last month that blamed the “homosexual community” for most sexual assaults in 2012?   And why was there a 35% increase in sexual assaults from 2011 to 2012, most involving male-on-male assault?   Could it be that throughout all of 2012, gays were serving openly and apparently taking full advantage of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, came out of the closet in droves, determined to celebrate their liberation with anyone they encountered, regardless of consent?
When viewed through this lens of cold, hard reality, free from the distortion of political correctness, the whole gay issue quickly ceases to be humorous. In fact, it becomes utterly disgusting.   The truth is, gay soldiers are a real threat to real soldiers and this report bears that out.   Instead of putting them on a pedestal, they should be tried and put in jail. If this is allowed to continue, this virus has the potential of killing the military from the inside.   For anyone who still has doubts about this, then I advise them to read the “Annual Report on Sexual Assault In The Military,” May 2013.   So, what is being done about this epidemic of male rape in the military?   Precious little because if it is forced into the bright light of day, it is an admission that the great gay experiment was a total failure.
Meanwhile, as the military leadership was partying with gays in the basement on Tuesday, the last remaining grownups in the Pentagon, the operational folks who always have to make the hard calls during times like this, were wrestling with the latest orders from the President to cut ten combat brigades from a force that is already too lean.   That will be roughly 45,000 soldiers who will, eventually, lose their jobs and the chance to finish their careers.   Soldiers who have done nothing wrong, raped no one, just doing their job, will be cut loose.    But have no fear. None of those who get cut will be gay.   God knows, in this environment, being gay is being golden and the gays will keep getting a free pass until sanity is restored to the system.   When that will happen is anybody’s guess because there are no George Patton’s on the horizons.   Like those guys at Benghazi, the military right now is on its own.   No help will be coming from this administration.
About the Author
Lieutenant Colonel John Lewis Cook, United States Army (Retired), “served as the Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Interior in Kabul, Afghanistan, with responsibility for developing the force structure for the entire Afghan National Police.   As of 2012, this force totals 157,000.   From March 2008 until August 2012, his access and intimate associations with all levels of the Afghan government and coalition forces have provided him with an unprecedented insight into the policies which will determine the outcome of the war.   It is this insight, coupled with his contacts and associations throughout Afghanistan that form the basis of Afghanistan:   The Perfect Failure."
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