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Vol: 151 Issue: 11 - Friday, April 11, 2014

Focus on Israel Sometimes, it must appear as if the Omega Letter is really the Israeli Letter, given our focus on the Middle East, in particular, Israel.
Such is not our intent.  But Israel is the linchpin in studying Bible prophecy.  Jesus' description of the signs of His Return [Matt 24:3] are given from the perspective of someone standing on the Mount of Olives.

Without Israel, Bible prophecy doesn't make sense.

That is one reason that Christians who believe Israel was replaced by the Church have no use for prophecy.  See "What is Preterism"?

Center of Global Attention

In addition, Israel is at the top of the world's agenda, and the mission of the Omega Letter Digest is to document the world's slide toward the Tribulation using secular resources to demonstrate the accuracy of Bible prophecy.

Since Bible prophecy for the last days and through the Tribulation is centered around Israel [see Daniel's 70th Week].  Israel serves as a mile marker.  The closer it appears to come to extinction, the closer the Return of Christ, Who, according to Scripture, prevents that from happening.

The Eternal Generation

In a very real sense, what we are witnessing is not the actual fulfillment of prophecy for the last days.  The next prophetic event to be fulfilled in the Church Age is the Rapture.  Then the events of the Tribulation follow.  Both remain future -- near future, we would argue.

So instead, we are eyewitnesses to the staging process.  The Bible says that there are a number of seemingly unrelated events that take place all in a single generation, somewhere in time.

Bible Prophecy Demands A Jewish State

Bible prophecy makes numerous references to the existence of a Jewish state called Israel in the last days [Ezekiel 37].  It also demands that Israel be in disputed possession of the city of Jerusalem [Zechariah 12].

It demands a conflict between Israel and her neighbors [Daniel 9].  The conflict is so intractable it will require supernatural intervention to resolve it [Dan 9:27Zech 12:2-3].

Israel's rebirth even took the Jews by surprise.  Abba Eban, one of Israel's Founding Fathers, wrote in his book, Personal Witness, that on the day David Ben Gurion composed the telegram asking Harry Truman to recognize the Jewish state, it was still unnamed.

The name 'Israel' wasn't selected until the following day.
"Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children." (Isaiah 66:8).
Bible Prophecy Demands A Global Government

Throughout history, men have sought to rule the world.  And throughout history, other men have resisted the attempt.  In the last two global wars, the effort began with the conquest of Europe.

Following the last attempt, the Benelux Treaty brought together the first six European states, forming the nucleus of the modern European Union.  Wars couldn't unite them.  Peace did [Daniel 8:25].

The same global war was responsible for the creation of the United Nations.  The UN created the template for a global government.  But the UN is an organism with 191 heads and no brain.  It doesn't take a political scientist to see it is a failed experiment.

How Europe will eventually replace the UN is unclear, but it is the most likely candidate -- the world would never accept the US or Russia. Europe would be far more acceptable.  The Bible says it will happen [Daniel 9Rev 13].

Bible Prophecy Demands a Global Economy

The global economy is a reality.  The prophecy of the Mark of the Beast [Rev 13:17] demands a system whereby the buying and selling of individuals will be tracked and monitored.  Those outside the economic system of antichrist will be 'unable to buy or sell'.

Entry into the system requires some kind of mark of allegiance to the antichrist.  Tracking sales is a reality.  Nobody can function in today's economy unless they are in the 'system'.  If you doubt it, get a bank account without a Social Security number or try and buy a new car using cash.

Bible Prophecy Demands a Global Religion

The Mark of the Beast is an economic system, but also a system of worship.  The false prophet [Rev 13:11] has two horns like a lamb [symbolic of Christianity - the Lamb of God] but speaks as a dragon [Satan].  A counterfeit Christianity preaching another Jesus and a different gospel [2 Cor 11:4].  That is already well entrenched in mainstream Christian denominations that teach salvation by works, church membership or ritual.

The war on terror has also created a global suspicion of fundamental anything.

What is a Fundamentalist?

To a Christian, a fundamentalist is one who practices the fundamentals of Christian faith, eschewing traditions of men and preferring the Word of God.

The world has a different perspective.

Fundamentalists, Jewish, Christian, Muslim -- they're all bombers.  Christian fundamentalists blow up abortion clinics, Jewish fundamentalists blow up Arabs and Muslim fundamentalists blow up anybody.  That is the prevailing propaganda, is it not?

It isn't a stretch to expect that the sudden legitimization of 'faith' [whether in Jehovah, Jesus or Allah] will eventually blend together into a kind of global ecumenical belief in one 'god' for all.  Those who hold to the 'old ways' would be, well, fundamentalists.

We get lots of email asking where we are in Bible prophecy right now.  Israel was reborn in 1948.  The Benelux Treaty was signed in 1948.  The World Council of Churches was created in Amsterdam in 1948.  The transistor -- the invention credited as giving birth to the Computer Age [making possible a global economy] was invented in 1948.

The General Agreement on Tarrifs and Trades [forerunner to the World Trade Organization] was signed in 1948.  Where are we in Bible prophecy right now?  Jesus said 'when these things begin to come to pass, look up' [Luke 21:28] because 'this generation shall not pass, til all be fulfilled' [Matthew 24:34].

Although no man knows the day or hour, [Matt 24:33] 'when ye shall see these things come to pass, know that it is nigh, even at the doors' [Mark 13:29].

Where are we in Bible prophecy right now?
Near.  Even at the doors.
Today's Letter was originally published April 18, 2002

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