Obama attacks Israel: US can no longer protect #Israel

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Obama attacks Israel: "U.S. can no longer protect" Jews, says Washington Post

President Obama is openly opposing Israel's right to keep an undivided Jerusalem, and strategically appears to be setting up Israel to fail, reports the Washington Post.

"In advance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to the United States, President Obama gave an interview in which he viciously attacked Israel, suggesting that Israel was the cause of the peace process failure, that the United States could no longer protect Israel if the peace process failed and that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was a man of peace," writes Jennifer Rubin.

Surprisingly, Obama praised Abbas as peaceful and criticized Netanyahu as not doing enough, when factually, the opposite is true.  Here are three examples:

Watch!  Dr. Chaps' 7-minute TV commentary on why President Obama is setting up Israel to fail, and the Muslim Brotherhood to win.

1) "Abbas rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand that he recognize Israel as a Jewish state."

)  Abbas "also refused to abandon the Palestinian demand for a 'right of return' for millions of Palestinians and their descendants — a demand that, if implemented, would drastically alter Israel’s demographic balance and which no conceivable Israeli government would accept."

Abbas "refused to commit to an 'end of conflict,' under which a peace deal would represent the termination of any further Palestinian demands of Israel."

[Dr. Chaps' comment:  There is something anti-semitic inside Mr. Obama, that he would dare pressure Israel to divide Jerusalem, but even worse that he would support as 'peaceful' anybody who refused the above three conditions of peace.]


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