Going Home SOON

I received this Email from a brother in Christ. 

 Dear  Brother Andrew ,

Thank you very much for your help.Yes ,I need for a host.I thank you very much that you pray for me,I pray for you;We need to pray
each other ,because we are a family.we are God's family.I know brother Andrew that Jesus Christ ,is very near to take the church up;We need to pray very much 
for this too and we need to pray for peace in world,and we need for people of Israel too.Every second,every minit,every hour,day,week etc,what passing ,will brings us,will near us to the great event of rapture,when we will be taken up in high,in the light,in the light of God,and will be with He ,with Jesus Christ,with Havenly Father ,with The Holy Spirit,with angels,with all brothers and sisters forever.Amen

My dear brother brother Andrew,I wish you that God bless you,your family,your friends,all church,and people of Israel
See you soon there dear brother Andrew in the great family of God,there in the light.Amen
I wish you much health.Amen
your brother Vasile


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