The truth about being Catholic by Tom Gaston

The article and link below which I sent should be no surprise to you nor to anyone else who knows the Lord and Scripture. The Roman Church is NOT christianity, but rather it is a counterfeit. Romanism only has a "veneer" of religious practice and posturing on the "outside" that parades itself as christianity, but underneath this phony veneer of christianity is nothing more than pagan Babylonianism in its practice. It is another one of the devil's religions in this world which is no different than any other false religious system or "cult" which requires and demands "religious duty, human sacrifice of works, and obedience to their creed." Not only are those who practice Romanism ignorant of what they are practicing, but sadly many in the evangelical world today are just as ignorant if not more as they think that there are tons and tons of christians in the Roman church. What igonorance, what a lie, and what deception! The Roman Church and its false teaching is just another one of devils' pagan religious systems of "works" unto salvation. It does NOT teach the true gospel of Jesus Christ and its message of grace, but it teaches a "different gospel" ( Gal. 1:6 ). As an X Catholic myself I am appauled at how many so called pastors and teachers and christians in general who accept, embrace, romance, and entertain the idea that many practicing Catholics are christians, and that the Roman church is just full of Christians. As one who truly knows Christ and who understands the true gospel of Jesus Christ I therefore cannot phathom such stupidity and blindness on the part of those who enteratin this idea that Romanism is christianity! It is one thing to "acknowledge" Christ and his work, but it is another to "fully trust" in the work of Christ unto salvation "apart" from their own religious works and duty. The acknowledging of God and His Son is not salvation as such "intellectual assent" saves no one. This is the blunderous mistake many deceived christians are sadly making. I found a good example what "intellectual assent" means online below, and so I thought I would share it here. Quote:...intellectual assent is a decision made in our head that lacks the commitment of our heart. There are lots of things people believe in theory, but wouldn’t entrust their life to. For example, people might agree that a bridge made of rope and planks appears to be strong enough to allow them to cross a deep chasm, but until they’re willing to step on the bridge and walk across it’s only intellectual assent. It’s the same with salvation. Many people understand ( not truly believe with the heart ) that the Lord died to pay for the sins of the world, but until they’re willing to fully trust their own eternal destiny to him ( apart from their religious duty and works ) by becoming born again it’s only intellectual assent. And Jesus said no one can enter the kingdom without being born again (John 3:3). Knowledge resides in our head, but belief is a matter of the heart. That’s why Paul said, “If you confess with your mouth ‘Jesus is Lord’ and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9)....end quote. So what we have going on today is the inability of many so called christians who are not able ( for whatever reason? ) to descern between someone giving "intellectual assent " from truly and fully trusting in the finished work of Christ with their whole heart unto salvation. And therefore this is why may christians today are deceived in thinking that the "Romanism" and those who practice it are christians. This is why they are embracing them as believers. My parents are practicing Catholics. I could take any mature Christian to my mom and dad's house and introduce them to my parents, and after some time had passed in their visit they would begin to notice that my parents act "like" Christians, talk "like" Christians, and perform religiously "like" Christians. On the "outside" they would swear that my parents who are practicing Roman Catholics were authentic Christians. But I can tell you as "their son" who knows them intimately ( and what they believe ) that they fall into the category of those who give "intellectual assent" to God and to Christ, but they have NOT truly and fully trusted in the finished and complete work of Christ "apart" from their religious duty and practice. And why is that? It is because they have been "brainwashed" into a religious system which has captivated their minds, and of which has instilled and created within them "fear" and "uncertainty" through their false religious teaching which "keeps them trapped and enslaved" to what they have committed themselves too, a big lie! The global one world ecumenical movement of today is alive and well, and the Roman Church is leading the way! God bless sister! In Christ, Tom G. ----- Original Message ----- From: To: gaston, tom Sent: Monday, November 10, 2014 8:30 PM Subject: Re: Pope Francis And The Emerging One World Religion - Breaking Christian News and Opinion Monday, November 10, 2014 7:22:11 PM Subject: Pope Francis And The Emerging One World Religion - by Tom Gaston 


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