The Handwriting is Again upon the Wall

The Handwriting is Again upon the Wall

Once in a kingdom long ago,
Wickedness a haughty king did sow;
He dared to go where no man had trod,,
As he used the holy vessels to praise his god. 

And in the midst of his drunken brawl,
A hand appeared on his palace wall;
Announcing his doom that very night,
And it came to pass ere morning’s light. 

Now the handwriting is on the wall again,
Death is still the penalty for sin;
This nation today, like Babylon of old,
Revels in sin, wild and bold. 

Nothing can stop America’s imminent demise,
For the truth of God the people despise;
Old Glory has fallen, the flag of the free,
To drag in the mud of sin and of glee. 

The handwriting is again upon the wall,
A few more days and this nation will fall;
Pride and boasted “self esteem,”
Sweeps this nation like a mighty stream. 

     Our enemies look on us with utter delight,
They know America has no will to fight;
And where in the world would Americans flee?
No country is left where the people are free! 

No place to run to, no place to hide,
America is destroyed through sinful pride;
This country has forgotten the warning of God,
Placed in His Word for all to see.
What the Psalmist wrote with love and care,
“The wicked shall be turned into hell,
And all the nations that forget God,” Psalm 9:17. 
This nation has ignored and forgotten,
And as a nation, we don’t have a prayer.

Pastor F. M. Riley

August 25, 2015


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