The false teaching of "Replacement " and "Dominion Theology " Chronicles 7:14 does NOT apply to AMERICA and the Church

By Tom Gaston : begin quote:

Jonathan Cahn and other christians in evangelical cicles do NOT understand that 2 Chron. 7:14 in "context" has NOT ONE THING TO DO WITH THE CHURCH today,  but rather this text which says........"If my people who are called by my name...etc..etc."... has everything to do in context with Israel and the "national repentance of Israel ", which would then be followed with the "healing of her land."  When God stated "My people" in text, He was speaking of Israel who was "under law", and to no one else. 

 The body of Christ is already forgiven for all sin, and for all time ( Past, present, and future ).  This Scripture of2 Chronicles 7:14 cannot be applied to the Church today without causing severe distortion and destruction to the New Testament doctrinal teaching which the Apostle Paul teaches to the Church in His epistles concerning justification, sanctification, redemption of the believer in Christ. This Scripture passage was directly written to Israel while "under the law" ( the old Covenant ) which is no longer operating, neither is it in effect as the Church today is "walking in grace", and is NOT under the law. 

 This "repentance and forgiveness" of Israel's "sin" which is mentioned in this text was for the purpose so that God could spiritually heal His people Israel ( while under the law ), and of which would then bring about the "healing of their land."  Solomn had just "finished the house of God" so that Israel could now offer up "prayers" and "sacrifical offerings" unto the Lord which would "cover their sin under the law through thelevitical system ( 2 Chron. 7:11,12 ).  God was calling Israel unto "national repentance." 

  Jonathan Cahn and others are taking this passage of Scripture "out of context" and trying to apply it to theChristians in America today.  And by doing so they are perverting this text and bringing into "question" theefficacious redemptive work of Christ which was complete and eternal.  Frankly I am actually amazed at how many pastors and evangelical leaders and lay people are "on board" with Jonathan Cahn who are totally misled and deceived into to thinking that 2 Chron. 7:14 is one of those "name it and claim it" passages of Scripture in which the "body of Christ" who dwells in "all nations " around the globe presently today can therefore apply and claim this passage of Scripture for their own country / countries.  This totally ludicrous!  

 So many foolish Christians today think that "the Church" in America possesses the "remedy, ability, the power, and the solution" to "save America" from her coming disaster. Christians everywhere are "the savior" of their own countries don't you know!   And according to these deceived pastors and Christian leaders all theChurch has to do in America today in order to turn her around and "save her" is be willing to come together collectively ( nationally ) and follow the instruction given in 2 Chron. 7:14 which applied specifically ( in context ) to national Israel while under the law. 

 What these ignorant Christians are suggesting and teaching by claiming 2 Chron. 7:14 is that Christ apparently has NOT already forgiven us for all of our sin through His shed blood on the cross, and of which therefore is in direct contradiction to what the New Testament epistles already teach concerning the forgiveness of "all sin" through faith in Christ ( Rom. 8:1 ). Such careless and reckless handling of the word of God and distorted interpretations of Scripture "flies back in the face" of the Apostle Paul and his teaching which was inspired and given to him by the Holy Spirit, and then given to the Church, the body of Christ. 

 You see folks,  when people do NOT know how to "rightly divide" God's word, nor have the proper understanding of God's prophetic program eschatologically, and who do NOT separate nor keep God's program for Israel under the law separate from God's program for the Church under grace, then all this confusion and the misinterpretation of Scripture passages then becomes a "nightmare" of distorted teaching and false claims.  And sadly such distorted teachings and misuse of passages of Scripture will continue until the Church has been completed and raptured home to heaven.

 More importantly, since the Church is already forgiven for all of her sin past, present, and future through the shed blood of Christ according to Scripture, and of which this "forgiveness of sin" was imputed to the believer at the moment of their conversion to Christ ( John 5:24 ),  then WHY hasn't God healed "every nation" where every christian dwells on this planet, Huh? 

  You see, the "healing of the land" in 2 Chron. 7:14 was to "follow" the forgiveness of sins ( In context "Israel's sin" ).  And so if one is going to apply this passage of Scripture to the Church today, then we have a Big problem doctrinally!   Why?  Because God has NOT kept His promise concerning the "healing of the land."  And therefore since God has NOT healed "America" presently today, then this shows ( according to those who want to claim this Scripture passage for the Church today ), that God has NOT yet forgiven all the sins of the Church, has He!  Or else He would have already healed the land of America where Christians dwell.  Do you all see the contradiction and nonsense of all of this here folks!

God is NOT steering, directing, nor determining the "course of history", nor the rise and fall of nations through the "decisions" which the "Church" makes.  God alone is calling the shots, as He has already predetermined in "eternity past" what will be.  God has NOT called the Church to be "the savior" of America, nor of any other nation, nor to be the one to overthrow kindgoms and powers, as this is what Christ is going to do through His judgments during the tribulation period. But the Church is called to take, teach, and preach the gospel of JesusChrist to the nations ( Acts 1:8 ), and do the work of the ministry ( 2 Tim. 4:5 ).

 Many in the Church today have been deceived as they are following the teachings of these false teacherswho lack understanding and spiritual decernment in God's word.  God alone is sovereign over all the affairs in this life. He alone has already predetermined "what will be, and what will not be."  And the decisions of theChurch ( whether  they are decisions in God's will, or out of God's will ) is NOT what isNOT directing God's already predetermined plan which He has already decided in eternity past. 

Therefore in keeping with "sound teaching" the text of 2 Chron. 7:14 does NOT and cannot be applied to theChurch today without taking it out of context .  And to do so brings about destructive manipulation of God's word and creates distorted interpretations which invites contradiction to be found in the New Testament epistles and their teaching.  God does NOT contradict Himself in His word, neither in the Old Testament, nor in the New Testament.


In Christ, Tom Gaston

Below quote from the WND Independent News Network :

"Best-selling author and Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn at his congregation in New Jersey.
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“Before God judges a nation, He sends warnings,” Cahn has said. “But America, like Israel, has not responded with repentance, but with defiance.” 

While an impending judgment hangs over America, Cahn leaves room for hope. He cites 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 

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