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 Bible Code..."Start the Battle."


 In the Book of Esther the term "Pur" means "lot ."  And so the term Purim is the plural form of the word "Pur."  This festival is called Purim because of thelots cast by Haman.  The word Pur is also related to the Hebrew word `porer' which means to dismantle,break, destroy, break into crumbs.



 The Hebrew letters which spell the term "Pur" ( Pe - Vav - Resh ) are the same letters which spells the Hebrew term "start" which is the first word of this phrase in this Bible Code.  Since the Hebrew term "Pur" and "start" are both spelled with the same letters and in the same order, then I decided to run the phrase "Start the Battle" through the Bible Codes program.  Therefore it could also be read as "Pur the Battle."


The term "Battle" which is spelled ( Koph - Resh - Beth ) when spelled in "reverse" spells the name "Barack."  Look below.



ב   ר   ק



ק   ר   ב


Wait until you see page 1. of this Bible Code.  The phrase "For Purim" comes right up to the search term ( on page 2. ). This Bible Code is self explanatory, and so I am not going to spend my time commenting on it.  Just observe it and it will speak to you as it has to me. 


 I personally believe that we are going to see a "ramping up" of events in the middle east this year as we approach the month of March / Adar 1 and Adar 2 and the Jewish festival of "Purim."  Just like the story in the book of Esther involved Israel and ancient "Persia", so once again in our time I believe that this coming festival of Purim could possibly be a "repeat" of the story line in the book of Estherwhich will involve Iran ( Ancient Persia )?   The "sanctions" against Iran have now been lifted and they are now going to run "full steam ahead" with their nuclear program and continue their "terror campaign" against Israel.  Therefore it is my "opinion" that the Jewish festival of "Purim" this year could very well be the time that God could begin another conflict and war in the middle east just like the two Gulf Wars were related to the festival of Purim.  If so ( ? ), then it could mean that God is now going to use this "window of time" in order to line up the "prophetic players" for thetribulation period.  This also means then that theRapture of the Church has to be more imminent than ever, and could even possibly take place around the time of the Jewish festival of Purim.  As always time will tell one way or the other!


 I will be watching world and middle east events very closely between "now" and the coming month of  March, that's if the Lord should tarry His coming for His Bride.


In Christ, Tom Gaston













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