Alert! Obama's plan to be Sec Gen of #UN

By Tom Gaston  
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Obama Privately Campaigning to Take Over as Secretary-General of United Nations.

( Special thanks to Bruce on my mail list who sent me the following link above ).

 Listen folks!  Very few bible teachers, preachers, prophecy scholars, and the layity at large areNOT paying any attention to what God has so clearly stated in Isaiah chapter 10.  This chapter is speaking about "the antichrist" whom God calls "TheAssyrian." I beleive that this man is going to become the "head of the United Nations."  The United Nationsis made up largely of "Islamic member states."  And also the U.N. has been seriously considering changing the length of the term of the Secretary General from a 5 year term to a 7 year term. 


 Below you will see that there is serious consideration within the United Nations and its leadership for changing the duration of the Secretary General's leadership role from a "five year term" to a "seven year" term. This could easily take placeAFTER the Rapture of the Church as dramatic political world changes will be taking place at that time.  World leaders have been trying to negotiate and establish a "permanent peace" for the region of the middle east for many years, but to no avail.  And many political heads of state have voiced their concerns for many decades in how a long and lasting "permanent peace" needs to be established in that region of the world.



 It appears to me therefore that there is NO other logical or rational explanation as to "why" theantichrist would make a covenant for only "one week" ( seven years ) except for the fact this is how long "his term" will be as head of the "World body."  And I believe that this man antichrist is going to "rise up out of " this organization called the United Nations" as his country will obviously be represented there as one of the member nation states.   And so there is no doubt in my mind that theU.N. is going to take on some major changes as thegoverning world body which will play a major leading role in this "Covenant " of Daniel 9:27 following theRapture of the Church. 



  Now I have to say that Barack Obama is no doubt a "candidate" for the A.C. as he has many of the "characteristics" and "attributes" which Scripture depicts of this man who will come onto the world stage. Obama was born in Kenya which was at one time under under both the old Assyrian empire and the Roman empire ( the eastern leg of it ).  He is totally narcissistic in personality as "all dictators" ( such as Hitler...etc..etc..) are narcissistic.  Again, I am not saying that Obama is the antichrist, but only that he appears to be a candidate for such a man? The departure of the Church ( Holy Spirit restraining removed - 2Thess. 2 ) is what will allow him to step forward and be revealed. As always time will tell who this man will be?



Obama the man of "Change.".....Slogan..."Change you can believe in."


...{..Charismatic leader...}....{..Narccisistic, full of arrogance, pride, and self elevation.}...{ Fierce Countenance}


 Obama carries himself with his "chin in the air" and demonstrates "arrogant body language" and "cockiness" in his walk and step.


 Daniel 8:23.......And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.....( Take a look the last picture of Obama on the far right and see if he has a "fierce countenance" ).


Daniel 11:36-37..........“Then the king will do as he pleases, and he will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will speak monstrous things against the God of gods; and he will prosper until theindignation is finished, for that which is decreed will be done.  He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all.



2Thess. 2:4.......who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God,displaying himself as being God.



Now, Bashar Al - Assad of Syria is also a strong candidate for the antichrist.  And the length of the Syrian presidential term is also a "seven year term." He also has a "fierce countenance."  Plus, he also is a "military man."  We are already seeing the "prelude events" leading up to the destruction of Damascus ( Is. 17:1,2 ).



Bashar Assad has a fierce countenance!







I don't know who the antichrist is?  And neither does anyone else. Bashar Assad and Barack Obama at this time are to us just possible candidates.  It really doesn't matter to me who the antichrist is becausethe Church will not be here to witness his coming onto the world stage as head of the world body. This man obviously has to already be alive and involved with "politics" and in power, and therefore is already well known in the geo-political world, but of which he has NOT been revealed to the world, nor to world leaders as of yet.



Check out these quotes below for a "seven year term" for the Secretary General of the United Nations.



Financial Times Edition March of 2006 


( Quote ) "....The new secretary-general should be appointed to a single, seven-year, non-renewable term. That is probably about the right duration for the tenure of what is a punishing office; and it would do away with the mid-course temptation to curry favour in the attempt to secure asecond five-year term.....( end quote )



Notice that it states....."non-renewable term. This is why this man antichrist makes a convenant "with the many" ( Dan. 9:27 ) for the duration of "one week / seven years."  He can only uphold and guarantee that which he has commissioned and committed himself to during hisseven year term as head of the world body.




Changing the U.N. Secetary Generalterm of " five years" to a non-renewable term of "seven year term."



“The General Assembly and the Security Council are free to modify the term of office of future Secretaries-General in the light of experience.”

Quote:......."A term of five years has become customary, but this is entirely discretionary. The power of modification has been used. Trygve Lie was reappointed in 1950 for three years, and U Thant was appointed for only four years after he served for one year as Acting Secretary-General. In October 1966, U Thant’s term was briefly extended by two months pending a final decision on whether he would be granted a second full term.

In practice, the term of office for most Secretaries-General has actually been determined by the Council rather than the General Assembly. The Council has done this by including defined dates in its recommendation to the General Assembly. For example, Council resolution 1358 of 27 June 2001, established the second term of the current Secretary-General by recommending concretely that the term of office run “from 1 January 2002 to 31 December 2006.”

For the future, a different term of office is a possibility. The General Assembly could adopt a decision on the matter, or the Council could address it in an ad hoc manner by specifying a different term of office in its recommendation.

....( quote ).....In 1996/97 the general question of the Secretary-General’s term of office was the subject of detailed discussion and negotiations by the Working Group on the Strengthening of the United Nations System. There was strong support in the Working Group in early 1996 for establishing a maximum ofseven years for any individual to serve asSecretary-General. Options canvassed included a single non-renewable term of seven years and an initial term of four years with a possibility of renewal for three years.........( end quote ).



November 26, 2014 – Edward Mortimer is an ardent believer in the need to change the way in which the Secretary-General of the United Nations is selected, and he is hopeful that this can happen.

Edward Mortimer (left) speaks at a lecture held at UN Headquarters in New York in 2003 to mark the centenary birth of UN diplomat and Noble Laureate Ralph Bunche. UN Photo/Mark Garten

....( quote)......"I think also it doesn’t say in the Charter that the Secretary-General should serve any particular term of years, or whether he or she should be re-eligible. I think there’s a lot to be said for,instead of having a renewable five-year term, a non-renewable seven year term so that theSecretary-General can then get on with the job without the constant suspicion that he’s currying favour with the great powers in order to try to ensure his re-election.....( end quote )."


 It is obvious that what is taking place in this world and the middle east right now at lightning speed is ahuge indicator that we are rapidly approaching the time of the "tribulation period."  God is most certainly "lining up the prophetic players" in order to play out their prophetic roles. And soon the "curtain will go up" ( Rapture of the Church ) and the "End of days for Israel and the rest of the world " will then unfold and run its course which will climax with Christ's second advent to the earth.


Until He comes!


In Christ, Tom Gaston



Great study Tom.

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