Marriage Supper of the Lamb

 I am sorry to have to tell you this, but the person who wrote this article below which you sent me is in a state of confusion and lacks understanding on the subject which they wrote about.  They don't understand "when" and "what time" the "marriage supper of the Lamb" takes place. It does NOT happen at the time of the Rapture of the Church, but at the end of the tribulation periodwhen Christ returns to set up His kingdom upon the earth.


The person who wrote the following article below is taking the following Scripture they quoted "out of context" due to their ignorance on this subject. They quoted the following Scripture passage.


Quote:...."for I say to you, I will no longer eat of it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.” [Luke 22:15,16]


 Jesus In Luke chapter 21 was "outlining" the future "tribulation judgments."  Then in Luke 22 Jesus eats His last and final "Passover meal" with His disciples on the earth in the upper room where He spoke these words on the night before His crucifixion. When Jesus spoke of the "Kingdom of God" in Luke 22:15,16 He was making a reference to the time of His second advent to the earth, at which time He will therefore establish His kingdom on the earth. This is the time frame which Jesus is making reference to in Luke 22.  He was telling His disciples that He would NOT eat again with "them" UNTIL He returns to the earth at the time of His second advent at theEND of the tribulation period.  This is when the "marriage supper of the Lamb" takes place. This passage has no reference to the Church or church age whatsoever.  The Rapture was a "mystery" which was NOT revealed until God revealed it to the Apostle Paul, and then Paul to the Church.  



If I may, I would like to share some material here with you on this Subject from Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost which will set the record straight.


From Dr. Pentecost's book "Things To Come" / Pages 226, 227, 228.






Quote:........"In many New Testament passages the relation between Christ and the church is revealed by the use of the figures of the bridegroom and thebride ( John 3:29;  Rom. 7:4;  2 Cor. 11:2;   Eph. 5:25-33;  Rev. 19:7-8;  21:1;   22:7 ).  At the translation of the Church Christ is appearing as a bridegroom to take His bride unto Himself, so that the relationship that was pledged might be consummated and that the two might become one.



A. The time of the marriage is revealed in Scripture as between the translation of the Church and the second advent.  Prior to the Rapture the church is still anticipating this union.  According to Revelation 19:7 this marriage has taken place at the time of the second advent, for the declaration is:..."The marriage of the Lamb is come."  The aorist tense, elthen, translated "is come," signifies a completed act, showing us that the marriage has been consummated. 


 This marriage is seen to follow the events of the bema of Christ, inasmuch as when the wife appears she appears in the "righteousness of the saints" ( Rev. 19:8 ), which can only refer to those things that have been accepted at the judgment seat of Christ.  Thus the marriage itself must be placed between the judgment seat of Christ and the second advent.



B.  The place of the marriage can only be in heaven.  Inasmuch as this follows the judgment seat of Christ, which has been shown to be in the heavenlies, and it is from the air that the church comes ( to the earth ) when the Lord returns ( Rev. 19:14 ), the marriage must take place in heaven. No other location would fit a heavenly people ( Phil. 3:20 ).


C. The paricipants in the marriage. The marriage of the Lamb is an event which evidently involves only Christ and the church. It will be shown later, according to Daniel 12:1-3 and Isaiah 26:19-21, that the resurrection of Israel and the Old Testament saints will not take place until the second advent of Christ.  Revelation 20:4-6 makes it equally clear that tribulation saints will not be resurrected until that time also. While it would possible to eliminate these groups from the place of observers, they can not be in the position of participants in the event itself.


 In this connetion it seems necessary to distinguish between the marriage of the Lamb and the marriage supper.  The marriage of the Lamb is an event that has particular reference to the church and takes place in heaven.  The "marriage supper" is an event that involves Israel and takes place on the earth. In Matthew 22:1-14;  Luke 14:16-24;  and Matthew 25:1-13, where Israel is awaiting the return of the bridegroom and the bride ( The Church ),  the wedding feast or supper is located on "the earth" and has particular reference to Israel.  The "wedding supper", then, becomes the "parabolic picture" of the entire millennial age, to which Israel will be invited ( called out ) during the tribulation period, which invitation many will reject and so they will be cast out ( not allowed entry in Christ's earthly kingdom ), and many will accept and they will be received in.  Because of the rejection the invitation will likewise go to the Gentiles so that many of them will be included.  Israel, at the second advent, will be waiting for the Bridegroom to come from thewedding ceremony and invite them to that supper ( on the earth ), at which time the Bridegroom will introduce His bride ( the church ) to His friends  Matt. 25:1-13.



........Inasmuch as the Greek text does not distinguish between marriage supper and marriage feast, but uses the same word for both, and since themarriage supper consistently is used in reference to Israel on the earth, ( it is therefore ) best to take the view that the marriage of the Lamb as that event in the heavens in which the church is eternally united to Christ and themarriage feast or supper as a reference to the millennium period,  to which saved Jews and Gentiles will be invited, which takes place on the earth, during which time the bridegroom is honored through the display of the bride( the Church ) to all His friends who are assembled there ( all the saved Jewish remnant and saved Gentiles ).


 The Church, which was God's program for the present age ( Church age ), is now seen to have been translated, resurrected, presented to the Son by the Father, and has become the object through which the eternal glory of God is forever manifested.  The present age will thus witness the inception, development, and completion of God's purpose in..."taking out...a people for His name" ( Acts 15;14 ).



 I hope what I have shared here from Dr. Dwight Pentcost's book "Things To Come" has been helpful and insightful to you.  You might want to pass this information on to others ( minus the article you sent me which is distorted and inaccurate ) who are also confused on this same subject.  Sadly too many christians today are so deficient and ignorant on such prophetic subjects.  This is simply due to the fact that many have never really studied nor sought out good reputable scholars who could teach them volumes in the study of Eschatology / prophecy.  Instead they "pick up bits and pieces" here and there of inaccurate and distorted teachings from others whom they are following, and who are just as confused as they are, and of which continues to confuse others as well.


In Christ, Tom Gaston



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